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“IT’S TIME FOR A WORLD WAR WATCH… AND I MEAN IT!” That’s actually one of the very first governmental directives the Lord gave us when we moved to Washington DC ten years ago! As you’ll see, Jolene received the word in a wild way, with a wild confirmation. It is obviously more meaningful now than ever.

IT IS WITH THIS FOCUS that we are journeying to Wales and Israel in late November and early December. Renown welsh intercessor Rees Howells prayed through WWII, turning the tide of the war in an extraordinary partnership with the Lord and His angels. Often he would see the battles before they occurred, even receiving headlines a week beforehand that would later be published in the London papers.

Most importantly, the antichrist structure hell-bent on global dominion and the annihilation of the Jewish people finally gave way. 

What many do not know is that immediately following WWII, Rees Howells’ prayer assignment shifted to literally birthing Israel in prayer. The rebirth of God’s covenant nation soon followed in 1948. It will be an honor to seek the face of God in both Wales and Israel over the next few months.

Below is an excerpt from two posts more than a decade ago, conveying God’s original commissioning for us into this World War Watch. Again, how amazingly relevant it is for right now!

Commissioning to World War Watch (from posts)
“World war watch… and I mean it!”

At these words from the Lord, Jolene and I cancelled our traveling plans for the summer and followed God’s leading to remain and pray in Washington DC.

God commissioned Jolene and me to His “World War Watch” in spring of 2012. While ministering in Vermont, Jolene awoke to the voice of the Lord declaring, “World War Watch… and I mean it!” The Lord then spoke to her that between September 11, 2012 and September 22, 2012, an event would occur that would change our world. He wasn’t specific about what would happen, He just impressed to Jolene that something would occur which would impact every person in the nation. 

And on September 11, 2012 Benghazi occurred. On the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, terrorists tied to Al Queda struck our US Consulate in Libya. Just as the presidential elections entered the final stretch. Both the terrorist strike and the lessons learned have literally impacted every person in the nation.

As important as Benghazi was, the event itself was not the Lord’s primary point. Instead, the events of 9-11-12 have become a tragic confirmation to the vital importance He is placing on this global World War Watch. You and I have been summoned by the Lord for this watch.

Angelic Visitation—from Jan. 9, 2016 (from post)
On Sunday, January 3, 2016, the Lord granted an angelic visitation. One of three I am cognizant of experiencing during my 30 year journey with the Lord. Amazingly it correlated directly with a prophetic experience Jolene had received.

Just for background, we had quite an interesting week here in Washington DC. After Wednesday’s prayer call, a sudden bout with sickness brought both of our work to an unexpected standstill. Holy Spirit breakthrough gave way to HGTV and the Hallmark Channel. Midnight prayer journeys gave way to midnight journeys to DC grocery stores, in hot pursuit of cold medicine, gluten free soup, cough drops and vapor rub.

My point is that neither of us were at the height of spiritual pursuit or ecstasy during this time. Yet it was actually then that the Lord spoke to Jolene, and I experienced His visitation. Same night. Perhaps in part to nudge us back on track.

It was Sunday evening. Jolene awoke from a nap perceiving that the spiritual wrestling we were engaged in during this season was bigger than we understood. And it had to do with Benghazi.

I looked at Jolene, puzzled. Which I often do until the Lord fills in the blanks, and things she saw transpire before our very eyes. Then invariably I look at her in absolute wonderment. Like, how in the world did you get that from the Lord?

Anyway. Jolene went back to sleep, and I came to the living room to read. Though my Bible was by my side, along with a dog-eared copy of “Rees Howells Intercessor,” a book I’ve been meaning to give full attention to for a while now. But a Daniel Silva novel actually had most of my attention. The Confessor. A brilliant thriller about an Israeli spy discovering a secret society and a massive cover-up of the Holocaust.

While reading, I was suddenly aware of a gaze from across the room. I looked up and “saw” an angelic host, sitting in my prayer chair, eyes directed towards me.

This angel of the Lord said nothing to me. But the Presence of God was suddenly strong in the room, and I sensed very clear perceptions from His Presence. The angel occupied my seat for about an hour. I picked up my Bible and began to read, and when I looked again this angel was on his knees praying, his chest and head over the seat of the chair. I looked again and he was seated again.

And in features and in dress, he looked exactly like Rees Howells. It was as though Rees Howells himself was somehow just beyond the veil of the great cloud of witnesses. And the veil had for a moment had been rolled away.

About Rees Howells
Still processing all this. But one thing was clear, the Lord Jesus Christ was redirecting my attention to Him—and in Him, to the legacy and work of His servant Rees Howells. A humble Welsh intercessor who gave himself fully to the Spirit of God, and in process changed the course of history.

From the harvest fields of Africa to breaking through the greatest evil seen in our time, praying through World War II, to travailing in the birth pangs of Israel’s rebirth, Rees Howells pioneered a legacy barely known in his hour. Prophetic intercession. Crisis intercession. A life lived as a prophetic witness for his hour.