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Today I feel to share a prophetic encounter from early in the morning on February 15. Much of what occurred was very personal, so I’m going to share just the portion I feel is important as a catalyst for prayer this Purim Campaign.

You might remember that February 14 was the year anniversary of Bob Jones’ passing. And the night of February 14 into February 15, the winds were so strong we could barely sleep. I believe folks UP north actually called it a “snow hurricane.”  I was groggy and actually kind of hostile when I finally got up. In this state, the last thing I expected was to encounter God’s presence. But He was “here” that morning in an unusual way!

From my notes:

Presence of God so strong. Started writing about howling winds. Presence of God became tangible, and I began to weep. Received an upgrade in Holy Spirit… a mantle in the whirlwind! 

Asked for upgrade in seer anointing. Holy Spirit spoke, “You can see Israel right now.” Saw Temple Mount, black dragon with white eyes breathing fire. Though I knew it was a dragon, it was dark like coal and I could not perceive its form against the night sky until it moved. 

I asked the Lord to restrain this beast, to enforce His restraining order. Immediately it became bound with large cords, almost as if captured in a big net. Somehow the dragon was then rotated so that underbelly was exposed. 

It then shrank and became small, sort of like a Komodo dragon. Still very present, just much smaller. I knew this represented the Prince of Persia, encompassing the Iranian nuclear threat and perhaps ISIS.

Prince of Persia
Talk about a vision! Crazy. I have never seen anything like this before, though Rick Ridings and Chuck Pierce have both recently shared visions of a dragon by the Temple Mount. To read their visions click here.

We are in a time similar to the days of Daniel with his seasons of fasting, and days of Esther with Purim. Both contended against forces from Persia, modern Iran, who sought to hold the Jewish people in captivity. And the principalities behind this captivity were ultimately seeking to annihilate them.

In Daniel 10, the prophet fasts and prays for 21 days until an angel of the Lord breaks through. He tells Daniel that his prayers were heard from day one. But “the Prince of Persia was withstanding me for 21 days; then, behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me…” (Daniel 10:13).

From this we can see that Michael the Archangel restrained this force known as the Prince of Persia so another strong angel could “make it through the portal” with the answers to Daniel’s prayers.

In the same vein, I believe the Lord is showing that our combined prayers as the Body of Christ are prevailing. The Lord of hosts is restraining this dragon-like force, which I believe from my vision is at least tied to the Prince of Persia. And not only is He restraining this force, but He is also exposing its underbelly.

Purim—Expose the Underbelly!
And that’s where we need to pray—in the Spirit especially—over the continued binding of the enemy and exposure of his underbelly. This may represent hidden nuclear reactors in Iran, or secret troops near the Golan Heights. Maybe underground alliances with other nations. Maybe ISIS! We don’t really know, but the Lord does. And He is very capable of exposing and overthrowing this dragon-like force as we join together before His Throne. Pray in the Spirit!

Father we decree Your restraining of this enemy, and exposure of the underbelly of this dragon-like beast. Just as in the days of Purim, where Haman’s many plots were exposed, we pray for all of Haman’s work in our day to be fully exposed and overthrown. Lord, according to the vision this dragon spirit no longer loomed, but shrank, though You seemingly permitted its presence to remain. Disempower this force! Deprive it of its capacity to breathe fire and attack. Restrain and Expose! Shrink it down, Lord.

Father, we pray for both divine intelligence and natural intelligence regarding the underbelly of the beast. We ask that you bring exposure before major decisions are solidified either way. We pray for Iran and Israel, and ask that in these nations the Lamb receive the full reward of His suffering. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!