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KEEP VIGILANCE FOR OUR NATION AND ISRAEL! Remember Israel’s discovery this summer of a planned terrorist strike over Rosh Hashanah. Declare God’s hedge of protection at this time for both lands! Please watch and pray in the Spirit. 

Lamplighter Ministries wishes you a great Rosh Hashanah. Jolene and I are in Dallas, one of the few trips we scheduled apart from Davids Tent during the 50 days. Why? Because there’s really nothing like the vibrancy, the sounds, the absolute tumult of Chuck Pierce’s “Head of the Year” gathering. What a great atmosphere to get saturated with the Holy Spirit, connect with friends and set a course for the season ahead.

We suggest you do the same. Set your gaze on Jesus, and please keep watch. Remember the Court of Heaven is accessible in an unusual way these ten days for a better verdict to be received!

Vision—God’s Warrior Mantle
It is interesting that President Obama is speaking at the UN this Rosh Hashanah, rallying the world to take a stand. I believe it’s important to share today an extraordinary prophetic experience the Lord gave me on Saturday. God’s “warrior mantle” was being passed from heaven. It had to do with warfare against ISIS, remaining “one nation under God” and even retaining the sovereignty of our land. 

The Lord is coming to many of you with serious resolve, requesting your service as a Gideon watchman. You might even consider this posting your summons.

Davids Tent—Praying for the President’s Safety
Let me first share some context from this past week. On Wednesday, I experienced a strong burden to pray for the Secret Service while praying at Davids Tent. I initially dismissed this burden as circumstantial, not spiritual. The intensity of being on the White House Ellipse as we face down ISIS has been greater than expected. I had also been rehearsing a recent call from Matt Lockett, who received a very disturbing dream conveying our need to pray for the president’s safety.

All reasons to pray—but not to be confused with a burden initiated directly by the Holy Spirit. That said, I couldn’t shake it. On Thursday night I returned to “pray through” some more. Genuine, knock-down drag out travailing intercession for the Secret Service. We also prayed for our military and intelligence communities.

Fence Jumper
Even with all this focused intercession, I didn’t think much about the news reports afterwards of the White House fence jumper. That is, until hearing about his sniper rifles and the 800 rounds of ammo in his car.

The jumper was a soldier who experienced too much in Iraq, and came home different. Friends, we have no idea what our military goes through on the battlefront—spiritually, emotionally and physically. Please pray for the Lord to touch this guy as only He can—binding up the brokenhearted places, lifting trauma, replacing fear, restoring life.

Revelation & Responsibility
That said, we need to continue interceding for the President’s safety. And I realized that the Lord had been giving many of us real-time prophetic revelation, as well as the responsibility to watch and pray it through.

Revelation and responsibility—that’s at the core of today’s summons. Often we refuse one or the other. But if you want to remain effective, this is no longer an option.

My prophetic experience began Saturday while attending a prophetic conference in Frederick MD. JoAnn McFatter was leading worship. I soon discovered she carries a special grace to launch God’s people into the spirit.

Because all of the sudden, out I went! Washington DC came instantly into view. My first thought was that the Lord was sending me to the White House. But instead I somehow tumbled through the roof of the Pentagon, and into the office of a very important leader.

I saw the Lord was offering this general a portion of His warrior mantle. This was not just to deal the enemies of the hour, but to retain our sovereignty as a nation under God. I was aware that George Washington, despite his flaws, had been granted the same mantle for this same purpose in his hour.

The general’s first reaction was to withdraw and ponder. It was as though he already knew the difficulties of walking out this commitment. He was counting the cost—not to decline, but to gain the resolve necessary to fully follow through.

He then nodded, and simply said “yes.” The word was his bond. I found myself passing this mantle from heaven to him in this awe-inspiring transaction.

And as this general grasped the mantle, draped over his shoulder, I realized I was wearing a portion of it as well. The general then turned to me, looked me soberly in the eye, and spoke words I will never forget. “I cannot do this without you.”

Receiving the Warrior Mantle
Friends, Rosh Hashanah marks a season of promotion for many of you. You are being summoned as a spiritual revolutionary for this hour, and afforded the opportunity to be set in position in a new way.  Some are even being commissioned as generals. I believe all of you are being offered your portion of this same warrior mantle from the Lord.

Based on the general’s wise response, my strong suggestion is that you not say yes too quickly. Our friend and board member Martin Frankena has often cautioned us of the danger of making commitments and following through. Because others will always be impacted, one way or another.

Count the cost. Gain the resolve you need to follow through. And then before the Lord, let your word be your bond.

World War Watch
Let me clarify three points of this experience. First, I believe the Lord is conveying is that military victory in our current engagements is impossible without costly intercession that is both targeted and sustained. We are not first in a battle against flesh and blood, but against global powers seeking the global subservience of human beings. “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:12).

Remember how Rees Howells battled in the Spirit through World War II. His intercession helped turn the tide against the Nazi regime as it warred for global supremacy and subservience. Further, his documented intercession even helped secure the rebirth of the State of Israel. Often Rees would pray through the “headlines” of raging battles… days or even weeks before the headlines actually appeared!

We are being extended the same invitation. As of Rosh Hashanah 2014, I believe we as intercessors are literally becoming engaged in a “World War Watch.” That’s all I’ll say on this for now.

Retaining the Sovereignty of America
Second, the Spirit’s primary emphasis for imparting this warrior mantle was on retaining the sovereignty of our nation under God—under the Lord Jesus Christ. In my vision, it seemed as though the cost of gaining victory on this battlefront is what really gave the general pause.

Beloved, none of us really know what this looks like. I don’t believe radical Islamist armies alone have the capacity to destabilize our national sovereignty. I do believe they can be a catalyst. But based on this vision, it is clear that challenges we face ahead may even have the capacity to destabilize our national sovereignty.

Your Summons—Prayer of Consecration
My third point is simply this. Remember the general’s words, “I cannot do this without you.” Please, by Holy Spirit alone, let the general’s commission now become your summons.

Father God, I present myself before you this Rosh Hoshanah 2014. Into Your hands I commit my spirit. Now before Your Throne, I ask for strength! Breathe Your breath into me, strengthen me with Your warrior anointing (Ezekiel 37).

At this head of the year, make me aware of obstacles on my path that would prevent me from advancing in You. Bring me into Your process of settling past accounts. Lead me with fresh conviction, and forgive me of my sins. Help me to receive a better verdict, and set a better course for my future.

As an act of worship, I now bring before You my offerings of love throughout this past year. May you delight in my love even as I take delight in Yours! Please manifest this year my greatest desire, to grow in intimacy with You, experience Your presence in a greater way, and advance Your kingdom in the earth.

Father, in Jesus’ Name I now receive Your fresh commission to be a spiritual revolutionary. Set me in place as You desire for me to serve. Keep me from every battle I am not supposed to be engaged in. Lead me into the engagement and victory you have ordained for me (Ps 44:4). I now receive my portion of Your warrior’s mantle, fresh and pure—in Jesus’ Name, AMEN.