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Jolene and I just returned from an amazing journey! From Florida to DC to Plymouth MA, we actually traversed the geographic east gate of our nation, praying and working towards the upcoming “13 Colonies Prayer Journey” this July. Over 2200 miles in the span of one week… all for Jesus!

We were privileged to come alongside Pastor Rick McKinnis for Impact Connecticut, a conference that demarcated how an entire state is entering a new level in Jesus! The sessions drew from the best of evangelical and Spirit-filled streams, imparting fresh vision and equipping God’s people to collaborate together for personal advancement and and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the entire state. I have truly never seen anything like this, and it was such an honor to be part! I will share more from this in the future. Videos of plenary sessions, including our ministry on Heaven’s Court, are available at

From Connecticut we journeyed to Plymouth MA, the land of my Pilgrim forefathers, to work with our dear friend Linda Clark. In all my years of ministry in the region, it was the first time I truly “felt” true breakthrough! Exceptional. Again, such an honor to be a part of God’s work!

And now we are excited to be back in our nation’s Capitol! We are joining today with a multi-state team for preparatory prayer and work towards the “Washington, Man of Prayer” gathering this May 7. Pastor Dan Cummings is hosting the event in Statuary Hall in the US Capitol. Over the next few days we will be praying together and touring the Capitol with Congressional leaders Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert and others. Please keep our team before the Throne!

Which brings us to what I want to focus on today. My friends Judy and Keat Wade from San Diego are leading this intercessory thrust, and Keat recently received a profound vision with extraordinary implications for God’s work today. Keat actually saw the Lord light His menorah in the US Capitol! Further, Holy Spirit cultivated a barely-burning flame into a red-hot blaze.

In Keat’s own words:

During the “Washington Man of Prayer” conference call prayer time on February 4, 2014 the Lord gave me the following vision. I saw the upper portion of a menorah lampstand whose seven branches were glowing red, as if ready to burst into flame. I saw into the further, during the “Washington Man of Prayer” gathering on May 7, and the breath of God came through an open heaven and swept over the menorah, now white hot. It suddenly began to flame with “tongues of fire” like unto what was witnessed at Pentecost.”

I believe Capitol Hill is America’s “Zion.” Remember how the menorah symbolizes covenant with the Lord Jesus Christ. God is restoring His lampstand, the burning witness of His covenant, in our Nation’s Capitol AT THIS VERY HOUR!

It is stunning to me how Keat’s vision directly correlates with the prophetic experience I received this January. While attending “Holy Spirit Over Washington DC,” I awoke to a vision of Jesus dressed in a deep red robe. He was cradling our menorah close to His heart, literally weeping over our lampstand and breathing His life into it. Christ’s own tears and travail caused a barely-burning flame to become fully ablaze again!

Friends, I believe this is the unique “work of the Holy Spirit” being accomplished on Capitol Hill and throughout Washington DC at this very hour!

You may remember how the Lord then spoke to me the phrase “the Usurper.” I knew immediately a Usurper had been released by the enemy to try and knock God’s lampstand out of place, and extinguish the flame. We have been praying together since that time for the Usurper to be exposed and restrained, and for God to protect and cultivate His lampstands of passion for Jesus and ministry effectiveness!

Our last season of prayer largely culminated over Purim, with the HAPN leaders gathering and the issuing of the Purim Decree. That said, I believe a new season of prayer is being called forth by the Spirit of God from Passover to Pentecost. We are planning to specifically engage in a 22 day “Daniel Watch” from Passover, April 14, through May 7.

Mark your calendars now! And please pray for this strategic work this week. And please plan to join us tomorrow evening for some special surprises on our call! Covenant blessings…

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