Welcome to Turnaround Tuesday. Please remember to keep your children, spiritual and natural, in prayer today.

We begin with solemn news of a courageous American daughter, held captive in Syria. The parents of Kayla Mueller have now confirmed that Kayla has been killed by ISIS. “Kayla was a compassionate and devoted humanitarian. She dedicated the whole of her young life to helping those in need of freedom, justice, and peace,” the family said.

Please keep Kayla’s family in prayer. Believe God with us for her legacy of compassion and service to shine on as a witness to this troubled region.

Tomorrow we will have much more to share on this focus. Stay tuned. But on this “Turnaround Tuesday,” I want to share with you a significant key to unlocking a better future for both you and your children. It’s important to deal with family strongholds, gaining healing and deliverance from generational bondages. As you’ll see, it’s time to ascend the whirlwind and gain freedom.

Note: the contents of the word below originally ran on the Elijah List in 2006. 

Wouldn’t it be great to truly ascend—not just to imagine, but to truly ascend—and join the song of elders and angels and living creatures as the Court of Heaven is convened? And to see earth shake as the gavel thunders His decision of speedy justice…

This time is not too far off. I believe God’s new move is here.  It is no longer coming, as if from some far away place. The substance and life of this ‘far away place’ called heaven is now flowing to the earth.

A Fresh Baptism
Malachi prophesied the restoration of the ‘Elijah anointing’ before the coming of the Lord. When Christ came to earth the first time, this anointing was in strong manifestation through John the Baptist. And as the ages have progressed towards His second coming, this anointing has been progressively released to again prepare the way.

John the Baptist is known as a prophet, a ‘friend of the Bridegroom’ given to fasting and prayer. But that’s not the only way John prepared a people to meet the Lord. Zechariah’s son also led a generation into the Jordan to be baptized—to die to the past, and arise cleansed from sin and prepared for the Bridegroom.

Beloved, baptism is a prophetic action that symbolizes a much greater reality. There’s a river flowing from God’s throne that cleanses us from sin—that manifests the power of Christ’s blood in the deliverance of His people.  To be prepared to ‘meet the Bridegroom’ we must have a fresh baptism in this river.  Like a rushing stream, God’s Spirit is about to flow in deliverance to such a magnitude that massive numbers of people will be released from generational bondage.

We’re going to experience deliverance in baptisms, and a baptism of deliverance. And for many ‘John the Baptists’ of this hour, your job description is about to be expanded.

Vision—Ascending the Whirlwind
In a vision, I found myself inside a massive, slowly rotating whirlwind. Through the symbolism of whirlwinds, God has often spoken to me about the restoration of His glory and purposes (see Ezekiel 43).

But this was the first time I was actually inside a whirlwind. It was gold, with layers of what looked like clouds or smoke moving simultaneously with other layers. At the bottom of the whirlwind were vast numbers of infant children—babies. They became enfolded by this whirlwind, and began to ascend.

As they went higher they expanded and grew, but still retained the form of infants.

Then I looked upwards, and to my surprise saw a group of older friends I knew were anointed in deliverance and healing. They were casually dressed, sitting in chairs and laughing together, seemingly unaware of either the wind, their height from the ground, or the young ones moving steadily towards them.

In the vision, I saw how the intervention of these healers was needed for the infants in Christ to grow into full stature and maturity. I heard myself crying, “It’s time to connect the infants with the healers. It’s time to connect this generation of priests with those who will set them free from generational bondage.”

Generational Healing Needed
Many young ‘priests of the Lord’ have already been awakened, with a youth movement of worship and intercession springing forth throughout the nations. They’re giving all for Jesus. But many have also become disheartened, because despite their devotion neither they nor their peers seem able to break free from cycles of significant compromise, sin and despair.

And God’s manifest presence seems at a distance compared to the dream God has sealed in the depths of their hearts—the dream they know to be true.

To a large extent, I’ve lived this story myself. Healing and deliverance from generational sins has made an incredible difference in my life. So I prophesy to you—in this new move, the lid that keeps you down is coming off. The glass ceiling that keeps you from ascending is targeted for removal. And so is your accuser! Ask the Lord for the fullness of His deliverance on your behalf.

Courtroom Scene: Intercessor Accused
The process of deliverance from generational sin is pictured in Zechariah 3. Zechariah was a spiritual father to a massive move of societal restoration. Joshua was set in place as high priest as part of this restoration.

In Zechariah 3, Joshua the priest is pictured before the Throne—in a courtroom scene where he’s being accused. Joshua is standing before the angel of the Lord, with Satan at his right hand to accuse him. In legal terms, this is called an indictment.

If this weren’t enough, Joshua is pictured wearing filthy garments. Joshua’s priestly robes bore witness to the very accusations of the Accuser in this courtroom scene. He was summoned to court while wearing the evidence!

Maybe you can identify with Joshua’s plight. I sure can. But we have an even better covenant than this high priest did—ratified with Blood of Yeshua that’s far more precious, and far more powerful to cleanse of sin and iniquity.

The Verdict: Accuser Rebuked
You can almost hear the passion in God’s voice when he rendered his verdict. “The Lord rebuke you, Satan! Indeed, the Lord who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you!”

Note here that before God can restore a city, He first has to restore the priesthood in that city. And the first step in this restoration process was to deliver Joshua from the Accuser. Many need deliverance in this area—from accusing as well as from being accused.

Step two in Joshua’s restoration was deliverance from ‘filthy garments.’  At God’s direction, those standing before him removed the garments, provoking God to declare that his iniquity—or generational sin—has been removed.

Though seeking to live for God, Joshua was still held captive to the patterns of iniquity and demonic bondage forged by his forefathers. And in the spirit realm, these sins were even visible on his garments. This depiction of generational sin totally applies to every one of Adam’s offspring. And the cycle can only be broken at the River. Through the Blood of Christ alone, the power of generational sin can be broken.

But it’s important to note that Joshua’s deliverance was a group effort. I believe God is depicting here what the process will be like for us. Generational deliverance is often a team ministry, and always a supernatural ministry.

Joshua Remantled
The third step in Joshua’s restoration was to be reclothed in priestly garments. Interceding in his vision, Zechariah said, “let them (angels) put a clean turban on his head.”  In this season, many are now experiencing visions and dreams which are interactive.  Many will prophesy and pray, decree and travail, even in their sleep.

Note also that Joshua’s priestly covering was restored.  As with Joshua, God wants to ‘recover your covering.’ Beloved, lets not tolerate our filthy garments anymore!  They only attract the Accuser.  There’s a better way—one that will not ultimately end in sabotage, reproach and betrayal.  Allow the Lord to strip away your graveclothes.  Take a plunge in His River, and let Him restore to you the mantle of life and favor He intended that you display.

Joshua Recommissioned
The final step in Joshua’s restoration is almost unbelievable. The Lord asks him to walk in His ways and perform His service. In return, Joshua will govern His house and have charge of His courts… and have free access among those standing with him!

Wait a minute—first he is accused in court… and now he has charge of the courts of His justice!  And best of all—Joshua is promised unhindered access, alongside the angels, to the very Throne of God!

Beloved, just ahead on God’s timetable is unprecedented access to intimacy with the Father, and unprecedented release of authority. We will truly join with men and angels in the song of the Lamb, releasing expedited justice from the courts of the Lord.

But to reach this Promised Land, there’s a river to cross—a river of deliverance.  To the intercessors—pray in this rushing stream!  Don’t stop until you yourself are swept away in its strength.

To the priests of this generation—it’s time to cross the threshold, and truly put your past behind you.  Make the commitment to seek healing and deliverance from generational bondage.  And don’t give up hope.  The life you’ve been seeking will come as your healing is walked out.

To moms, dads and other healers–your new assignment is an emerging priesthood.  It’s time to connect.  The destiny of a generation is at stake.