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Broadcast—DECREE GOD’S TURNAROUND! With Chris Mitchell Jr. Releasing TURNAROUND DECREES, recounting supernatural signs, and praying a “finishing decree” over Supreme Court verdict. To watch CLICK HERE.

Broadcast—DECREE LIFE with Matt Lockett—Turnaround Tuesday.  Powerful! To watch CLICK HERE.

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ON TUESDAY WE CONTENDED FOR LIFE. Matt Lockett joined for a phenomenal broadcast. Not long after, we learned of the horrific massacre at an elementary school in Uvalde, TX. Our hearts, our tears, and our prayers are with the precious parents, students, law enforcement officials, and dear friends in Texas grieving over this unimaginable loss.

More grievous news broke during this time. The lid has literally come off regarding the hidden, horrific legacy of child sexual abuse by more than 400 Southern Baptist clergy. A network of cover-ups similar to the global Roman Catholic Church was exposed. Lets all pray for healing and recovery of the victims as the truth comes to light. 

Turnaround Tuesday has now taken on a renewed urgency. One thing is clear. If there’s any time to press in for the lives of our children, it is now.

One more piece of good news. The story broke yesterday that authorities thwarted an assassination attempt by ISIS against former president George W. Bush. The plan was to smuggle ISIS assassins into Texas, hiding them among the masses of refugees crossing the border from Mexico. 

When we started this vigil from Passover to Pentecost, I knew the enemy would try to attack with unholy fire from without and from within. The warning has proven hauntingly true. Lets continue to pray over our borders. Lets continue to keep vigil!

We are now moving towards Pentecost 2022, where God’s glory, His holy wind and fire, will become an experiential reality once again. Further, His scrolls of redemption will be accessible at an increased level. It’s actually for THIS VERY SEASON that the Lord asked us to write “Turnaround Decrees.” 

And thanks to you, demand for “Turnaround Decrees” is already far ahead of the release of other books, with 100 copies already ordered! 

Can I tell you a secret? Our first shipment is already here. So if you order now you could have your copy by Pentecost! 

As always, we are grateful for your vigilance, your generosity, your hunger for the Lord! So covenant blessings to each of you. Below is a special prayer of protection we want to share with you, an excerpt from Turnaround Decrees. The presence of God was tangible as we prayed through it last night at Home Group. 

The 911 Decree—Securing God’s Protective Covering
By Jon & Jolene Hamill with Tom Harlow, special forces, retired.

WE THE PEOPLE OF GOD do fully and voluntarily choose to dwell in Your secret place, Most High, and station ourselves to abide under Your shadow, God the Almighty. We declare that You are our refuge and our fortress, our God in whom we wholeheartedly put our trust.

We  proclaim the decree of the Lord. Surely You deliver us from the snares and traps of the hunter! We affirm Your deliverance from all trappers, hunters, occult watchers etc, as well as all associated traps, ambushes, and any weapons fabricated to harm, impede, or deter us from our destiny in You. Keep us hidden from their eyes, in both the spiritual and natural realms. Expose any and all enemies now hidden in our midst and deliver us from their hands. We declare their tracking and targeting must now cease, and all eavesdropping devices must now be disempowered and nullified, in Jesus’ Name. 

We also declare Your deliverance from the deadly pestilences and calamities. By the power and authority of Your Word, we entrust Your protection;  the destructive pestilences must be restrained from us as well as every sphere You have entrusted to our dominion. Lord, we stand still and see Your Salvation as You are NOW disempowering both the besetting plague and all demonic forces empowering them, as we come into agreement with Your Word. However and whenever the pestilence has taken hold, we affirm it must dis-integrate and be removed without any further residual or harmful effects to the body. We declare full restoration—spirit, soul and body, in Jesus’ Name. 

And where maligned humanistic or spiritual entities have in any way been targeting us or our families, including through the use of chemical, biological, or malicious spiritual weapons, we declare in the Name of Jesus, that they will now to be exposed and restrained from accomplishing their vile deeds. 

Preserve our lives! And bring Your retaliation against the wicked, for Your glory.

Bring us now into synergy with the move of Your Spirit and the angelic hosts of the Lord Jesus Christ. We decree that Your angels are now released to have charge over us, to watch over us, keep us, protect and defend us in all our ways. Therefore we tread upon the lion, the cobra, the serpent, including the demonic entities symbolically represented. We thank You that You have granted us authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and overcome all the power of the enemy, so that nothing shall by any means harm us (Luke 10:19).

Lord Almighty, El Shaddai, because You love us, and we love You, You will save us. You now set us securely on high, because we have known know Your names, the names conveying Your Character, Power, and Glory. You will hear us as we call on You; You will be with us in trouble. You rescue us and honor us, and with long life You will satisfy us and show us Your salvation!

And Lord for the United States of America, as covenant with You has been restored as validated by Heaven’s Court, we come into agreement with You and decree that You now restore Your covenant covering from region to region. We decree this covering is now extended over the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court and all extensions of these three branches of our government, over our military, diplomatic and intelligence communities, both here and abroad, and over our economic capacities. 

Lord restore Your glory! We declare that Holy Spirit now becomes the spiritual undercurrent and overarching influence of our land, dispossessing all other powers. Concurrent with the restoration of Your covenant covering, we say You are now releasing the next phase of Your Amos 9:11 restoration. Grace Your people to now establish perpetual worship to Yu that releases the atmosphere of Heaven into our spheres. 

And we now decree Your anointing to possess and establish Your covenantal inheritance in this land. 

And as You promised protection from all our enemies according to Your covenant (2 Kings 17:3809), we now release the hand of the Lord to bring deliverance from the hands and weapons of all adversaries of Your covenant, both foreign and domestic. We declare Your protection and deliverance over all our gates, including all our ports. We declare that You now restore America’s gatekeeping capacities while protecting and preserving our foundational freedoms. 

In Jesus’ Name, and for Your glory! AMEN.