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Can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.

Jolene and I visited Israel’s Tel Megiddo, otherwise known as Armageddon, on December 9 to close out a prayer project focused on delaying World War III. We had such a powerful time. Armageddon, of course, refers to the cataclysmic end-time battle between light and darkness conveyed in the Book of Revelation. We then visited Gideon Springs. More on this in a moment. 

Tel Megiddo gives you a panoramic view of the entirety of the Jezreel Valley. Remember that for thousands of years, Tel Megiddo was a “watchman’s perch” for reconnaissance scouts to keep watch and warn of advancing armies. Note that the battle depicted in Revelation is actually named from this legendary watchman’s perch, not for from conflict occurring in the valley. Another way in which God is emphasizing the clarion call to keep watch through challenges and war! 

For Jolene and me, this hill has become a sacred place for us to step into the “new watch” the Lord is summoning us to for the ensuing season. 

Jolene—Prophetic Word from Armageddon
During a prayer time at Tel Megiddo Jolene was reminded of a recent prophetic word by Chuck Pierce highlighting December 10. In a sobering prophetic experience, Chuck saw a boiling pot tipping over, and warned about challenges during the time period between December 10, 2022 and April 2023. 

As Jolene was praying at Tel Megiddo, she saw a vision of the date “12-10.” The numbers then flipped to form “10 to 12.” And she knew the Lord was conveying that as of 12-10, we are now 10 minutes away from a midnight hour. This is apparently a “time gate” we are entering into. I don’t have a word on it, but I wonder if 12-12-22 becomes an actual midnight hour. 

So TODAY it’s time to pause, consecrate yourself, and set the watch of the Lord. You will see in the video that the Lord directed us to literally set the watch of the Lord for this new season from Tel Megiddo. There will be challenges. But there’s also very good news in the midst of it. 

Boiling Pot Vision—Challenges, Gideon, Elijah
Before we go any farther, here is a very brief synopsis of Chuck’s vision of the boiling pot, in his own words:

“(In the vision) The Lord set a pot on the stove to boil. He said, “The pot will begin to boil—beginning Dec 10th.” Chuck began to ask “What does that mean? What are we watching for?” The Lord warned Chuck, “Beginning Dec. 10—no matter how much poison/death we see about us, remember God already has a plan for healing to come. However the warfare we will be going through will not go away.”

The Lord also showed Chuck how Gideon presented the Angel of the Lord with an offering of a meal in a boiling pot. The Angel responded with fire. Gideon entered into a synergistic partnership with the angel of the Lord in which they delivered the land! 

Here’s another highlight Chuck mentioned. After Elijah was taken to heaven, and Elisha received the double portion mantle he carried, a crisis broke out among the prophetic community. Poison had entered into the stew that was being prepared in a boiling pot. God used Elisha to literally heal the stew so it was safe to eat.  

Friends I want you to remember these three key aspects. First, a warning about challenges ahead between December 10 and April 2023. Second, Gideon’s offering was presented in a boiling pot. Third, Elisha saw the Lord heal the pot of stew after receiving the double portion blessing from Elijah.

Consecration to Receive Mantle
Before I saw Chuck’s word, the Lord gave us a clear directive a few nights ago to visit Tel Megiddo and Ein Harod, otherwise known as Gideon Springs. This was preparation for TODAY, 12-10, when we enter into a prophetic action to pick up the Elijah mantle by the Jordan River, according to the vision the Lord gave me back in July. As most of you already know, back in July the Lord showed me a brief vision where I was picking up a mantle by the Jordan River. Though I wanted to race to Israel in July, Jolene wisely put on the brakes and actually discover God’s timing for the prophetic action. That’s when the Lord focused us on these next few days in December.

I’m sharing this with you so you too can position yourselves to receive a dimension of this mantle. Friends, consecration for this is KEY. As preparation, Holy Spirit spoke to me clearly, “consecrate yourselves as Gideon and I will give you the mantle of Elijah.” 

Gideon of course expressed his to the Lord in the offering, and also in tearing down the altar to Baal and building the altar to the Lord. This is exactly how Elijah moved in his day. I will submit to you the Lord is connecting the “Gideon mantle” with the “Elijah mantle.” At the core it is the same mantle, released to establish God’s covenant and covenantal purposes in each respective season of history.

When the Lord spoke to us to consecrate ourselves as Gideon, we began this consecration immediately. But we were instructed to journey to Tel Megiddo and then to Ein Harod to seal this consecration. As mentioned we prayed at Tel Megiddo, then to Gideon Springs to consecrate ourselves afresh like Gideon at the very place where his “special ops team” was assembled. 

Ed Watts Hears Same Word! Team Assembled
Amazingly, prophet Ed Watts received a similar mandate from the Lord to travel to Israel in December and focus on the release of the Elijah anointing for this new season. To watch over this transition and receive the blessing, Ed also felt strongly to dwell for an extended time of prayer at Carmel.

Jon and Jolene and Ed Watts received a similar mandate for this month in Israel to receive a release of the mantle of Elijah. Can’t make this up! Note that though Ed and I are dear friends, we never communicated about the subject at all, until Jamie Fitt gave us both a heads-up about the convergence. 

Oh and it’s wild that Pastors Jamie and Redonnia Jackson felt to come to Israel this December as well! 

I’m writing all this first to compel you to consecrate yourselves and receive your portion of this grace now being released. Consecrate yourselves as Gideon, and the Lord will give you a dimension of the mantle of Elijah. 

Second, please pray in Jesus’ Name! Please cover the gathering today and the ensuing times of prayer and ministry. Additionally, Jolene, Ed and I will be ministering at Succat Hallel with this focus on 12-12-2022. 

Spirit of Elijah Tour—April 19-May 1!
FINALLY, WE ARE EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE—THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH TOUR! April 20-30 with Ed Watts, James Nesbit, Jamie Fitt, and Jon & Jolene. Featuring a two-day summit on Mt. Carmel followed by an eight day journey through Israel focused on the Spirit of Elijah. You don’t want to miss! For more information CLICK HERE.

Let me finish up by weaving a few more threads together. Remember how Chuck Pierce highlighted December 10 through April 2023 in his prophetic word. He highlighted coming challenges, but also a grace like Gideon and a double portion “Elijah mantle” to bring healing. 

A defining moment is at hand. From December 10 through an April tour on the Spirit of Elijah, from Armageddon to Gideon Springs to the mantle by the Jordan, we have suddenly found ourselves in a supernatural convergence that only Holy Spirit can orchestrate. Forerunner pathways are being created. Keep watch. And please join us for Revolution 2022, followed by the Spirit of Elijah Tour in April 2023!