Amos 9:11—In that day I will rebuild the fallen tabernacle of David…
Isaiah 16:15—A throne will even be established in lovingkindness, and a judge will sit on it in faithfulness in the tent of David; moreover, he will seek justice and be prompt in righteousness.

Special 9-11 Prayer Call Wednesday! Jason Hershey joins. 9PM EST. Conference call number: 805-399-1200 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us!

VICTORY! As of today, more than $23,000 has come in for Davids Tent. Thank you Lord Jesus! And thank you all for praying.

The biggest breakthrough came when Jason Hershey, director of Davids Tent, was handed a check yesterday from a personal friend of his, covering almost all of the $20,000. In addition to the rental of the tent, this has covered chair rental and staging. Awesome!

Yesterday I asked you to stop immediately and pray for the funds. Today I am asking you to stop immediately and WORSHIP GOD for His faithfulness! In the midst of shakings, the Lord is truly establishing Davids Tent—the Tabernacle of David—just as He promised.

Key Warnings
Friends, it’s important we launch into this new season from this point of victory. Today through Thursday, 9-11, we’re going focus again on covering America. We’re going to share warnings and establish a new watch.

Below is a brief compilation of key warnings to cover in this season:

  1. During the launch of the Glory Procession, Cindy Jacobs warned the enemy is planning an attack greater than 9-11. Note that this is before ISIS made headlines.
  2. At Glory of Zion this Sunday, Chuck Pierce warned that ISIS is now on American soil. But he also warned against operating in fear, calling intercessors to gain healing and victory from residual trauma from 9-11. Please pray through this.
  3. The intelligence community has been very clear that ISIS represents a much greater threat to Europe and America than even Al Queda.
  4. The reality of our porous borders has been broadcast around the world, increasing our vulnerability—to Islamist terrorists, but to cartel gangs and even people carrying Ebola or other deadly diseases. More on this in a moment.
  5. Neville Johnson gave a warning in August that he feels discipline from God has been decreed for America. He felt Yom Kippur, October 4, marked the beginning of this season of discipline. At the same conference Sadhu Selvaraj and Terry Bennett warned of attacks from Russia.
  6. Many, including Senator John McCain and novelist Brad Thor, have recently warned about the potential devastation of an EMP blast to destabilize US infrastructure.
  7. Jolene and others have exposed the enemy’s intimidation, as well as sharing key warnings from Jeremiah 6 and Isaiah 5 related to DC and the nation. I have warned of shakings related to covenant breaking from Isaiah 6.

Opening the Gates of Sabotage?
Before we go on, let me point out something extraordinary and grievous. According to the Pentagon, our nation’s top leaders have been receiving clear warnings about ISIS, both its growth and its resolve against America, for at least a year. And yet throughout this same year, we have essentially advertised to the world that our southern borders are very porous. Reports have even come in that we have ceased to fully enforce our borders.

For years we have prayed that God would shut the gates of sabotage in our land. I am really wrestling through decisions made when the threat to our homeland has been so clear—if not for now, certainly for our future. How can we promote a policy to open the gates of sabotage?

Shutting the Gates of Sabotage
That said, I know also the Lord has moved this year, according to His covenant with us, to shut the gates of sabotage. Remember the initiative this March in conjunction with HAPN. As we prayed onsite in DC and at key gates throughout the nation, the Lord made clear He was preparing us for military victory, just as Gideon’s repudiation of idolatry prepared both him and his land for military victory on his watch. The gates of sabotage were being shut.

We have been warning about preparing for war since the beginning of the year. Pray for the Gideon generals to arise in this season!

New Strength for New Watch!
It’s interesting that the “iWatch” is being introduced today. I believe this is prophetic. Friends, 9-9-14 demarcates a season of time where u watch… in other words, you are being summoned to watch and pray! And this is as much for your personal benefit as it is for your cities and nation.

I began to perceive this yesterday. The presence of God swept in, and I began to pray with a strength I haven’t found in some time. When I asked the Lord this morning about it, I felt the Lord direct that He is granting new strength for a new watch.

We are in a time of spiritual conflict, but God’s very presence is now at the gates to empower you. Receive His strength! Declare your spirit is filled and strengthened by Holy Spirit. Call in a fresh anointing. God wants to shift your prayer language. I hear “overcoming tongues!” Let His overcoming tongues overtake your flow in prayer. Call in fresh tongues of fire, in Jesus’ Name!

New Timing
One of the strongest points of demonic opposition the Lord alerted us to in this season was in regards to timing. We have entered into a kairos time. We are also facing an enemy who seeks to “change times and laws” (Daniel 7).

When you are not rightly aligned with Throne Room timing, you will feel spiritually discombobulated. You will feel drained, even inverted. In other words, you stop when you’re supposed to go, and go when you’re supposed to stop.

This can really throw you off. Because instead of abiding to advance, you now feel like you need to strive and perform in order to abide. See the inversion?

Friends, this is why Isaiah 58 is so important in this season. To re-align, ask the Lord to show you where you have gotten out of His timing. Repent where needed, especially for pride, presumption and religious striving. Honor Shabbat. Break the power of any demonic resistance that has encumbered you, asking the Lord to enforce His restraining order against these powers. Pray in the Spirit. Declare as David, My times (kairos and chronos) are in Your hands!


The Seer Realm—Battle of the Eyes
We are in a battle of vision, and is vitally important to understand how this new watch impacts the seer realm. But we must receive prophetic vision anchored in the Throne Room counsel of the Lord Jesus Christ (see Jer. 23). Lets be mature, and “test all things, and hold on to that which is true.”

Isis, according to Egyptian legend, used the “all seeing eye” of sorcery to recover and rebuild.  This is an example of a demonic watch utilizing demonic vision to empower a demonic union. The argument could be made that ISIS is doing the same today to recover and rebuild an Islamist caliphate.

But it is important to resist other areas where the “all seeing eye” of demonic vision is being employed as well. All “vision” is not of the Lord. There is false illumination as well as true vision from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friends, your eyes are the primary gates to your being. What is your vision tethered to? What are you letting in? Sanctify your eyes to the Lord, spiritually and naturally. Repent for allowing enemy influence through your eye gates, and receive Christ’s cleansing from all defilement. Command that all demonic watchers be removed from your sphere. Ask the Lord to shine on you, to grant you discernment, to protect and keep you in His eyes!

New Watch Strategy—Sept. 9-11
Our watch must shift accordingly. I encourage you to pray through the cleansing of your eyes and re-aligning with Christ’s Throne. Second, I want to encourage all of you to press into the strength now being made available to you by the Spirit. Demarcate 15 to 30 minutes every day to receive “overcoming tongues.” Simply ask and pray until you sense this empowerment. And then take some more time immediately to take ownership of this gift, praying with the empowerment you have received.

Tomorrow evening—the eve of 9-11—we will again receive communion nationwide, appropriating Christ’s body and blood, as part of our prayer call. We ask that you:

  1. TODAY: Pray Psalm 91 for yourself, your family, church and your community. Ask the Lord to protect the land, exposing and disrupting terrorist plots. Ask Him to remove residual trauma from 9-11. Pray for Washington DC and Jerusalem!
  2. TODAY: Pray through the above issues and get on track. Grace is there for you. Receive your place before Christ’s Throne. Wait on God until you know this alignment has been accomplished.
  3. Between today and Sept. 11—Strength at the gates! Ask the Lord to enforce the divorcement from Baal Ask the Lord to enforce the divorcement from Baal, and restrain the enemy. Seek the Lord to direct you to key gates in your community that need prayer. Pray onsite as led. Receive communion as led.
  4. Pray for our leaders at the gates. Pray for bankers. Pray for the Secret Service. Pray for the intelligence communities. Pray for our military, first responders, police. Ask the Lord to shut all gates of sabotage! Declare that deception tied to corruption is disempowered, demonic watchers dismissed and sent under the feet of Jesus (Isaiah 28). Declare God’s light is now released to expose what the enemy is trying to cover over! Please pray in the Spirit over this.
  5. And friends, keep your watch. That is the most important strategy of all.