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A BLOOD MOON AT MIDNIGHT, more specifically at 12:12am, marked the beginning of President Trump’s third year in office one year ago today. Across the nation and world the Lamplighter family lit candles as we prayed together in a midnight vigil. Remember how the Lord highlighted Daniel 10, with a prayer movement catalyzing extraordinary breakthrough during the third year of Cyrus’ rule. 

Together we engaged with similar passion through unceasing prayer projects in a year-long watch which carried us through to December 12. History seemed to be repeating itself. Because once again a full moon appeared at exactly 12:12am, this time on 12-12. We engaged in another candlelight vigil at midnight. The Lord granted an angelic visitation, a rapid turnaround, an international election breakthrough, the restraining of the Prince of Persia, and a declaration of VICTORY from Yorktown, the battlefield where the American Revolution was won. This breakthrough was carried through to our Revolution gathering, bringing extraordinary revelation for the new year, a Joshua commissioning, a visitation of Holy Spirit, and the sealing covenant with Christ for our nation as we launch into 2020. 

It’s been quite a year. 

Victory 2020—Free Video!
By the way, please enjoy free our opening session of Revolution where we cover this journey and align for His victory in 2020. Our way of saying thanks! Feel free to pass the video link on to your friends.

Last year a blood moon marked the third anniversary of Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s fourth year has been marked by a Senate impeachment trial fueled by leaders who have sought to bring him down since his election victory was announced. Jolene is very gifted in discerning spiritual activity, and she sensed breakthrough in the spirit this morning. Lets continue to keep watch for rapid turnaround!

Victory March Prayer Project Begins Today!
On this anniversary we are also beginning our first prayer project for 2020 which will propel us into the new year. The road through 2020 is a Revelation Road. It is a road on which you will begin to possess your inheritance, which means there may be battles. But the midnight riders are now released. By the Spirit of God we’re entering a VICTORY MARCH. 

Now through March 4, lets engage together in this 44 day prayer project. We encourage you to fast consistently as the Lord leads. Media especially! Also please make room for both morning and evening prayer each day, receiving communion as part. 

A final note. Lets continue to keep watch for any potential terror plots to be exposed. For the previous two days the Holy Spirit warned me three times to pray against attacks in Washington DC. News broke today Iran has again offered millions of dollars for Trump’s life. Lets keep watch!