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Prayer for State Department! July 24-26. Please pray for Amb. Brownback and team. Pray for intercessors we are helping to lead onsite during this time. Holy Spirit brooding, darkness restrained at the gates, angelic hosts of the Lord convened!

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“The circle of My covenant trumps, prevails against, and triumphs over the circle of Baal meant to confine you!” Prophetic word, April 2018. 

Revised Divorce Decree PDF: CLICK HERE.

THANK YOU ALL who prayed in synergy with us yesterday, 7-22! It was an unforgettable day. I will go into details later when time permits. Please cover our Gideon Group today as we continue praying in Washington DC. And let me brief you on a few amazing confirmations your petitions have been entered into Heaven’s Court, with His verdict rendered!

This morning in prayer the Lord granted a vision of His gavel coming down. It was startlingly similar to the vision I received at the Western Wall on 4-22. Awakened early by the Lord, with a full day ahead, I was praying through the Revised Divorce Decree on behalf of a friend when this occurred. 

And I “knew” in my spirit the Lord of hosts had rendered judgement regarding our petitions entered into Heaven’s Court yesterday and this morning. It’s hard to explain but I sense this now in the spirit, whereas yesterday I honestly did not. 

This is incredible news. The next phase of this Daniel 7:22 turnaround has been covenantally and governmentally released—just as He promised! Israel, America and the nations are in His sights. Friends, I believe even Tisha b’Av has turned. From a day of mourning to a day of rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord. A new movement has been birthed!

By the way, lets keep praying and contending the full manifestation of God’s for precious Esther. She made it through the dire staits! Darkness restrained. White blood cells multiply, in Jesus’ Name. L’CHAIM!

Here’s a very wild sign that this Dan. 7:22 verdict has been rendered and released. You remember my vision at the Western Wall, shared yesterday. While standing at the Wall, I saw Heaven’s Court convened literally over the Temple Mount above. While presenting to the Lord the Revised Divorce Decree from Baal, the gavel of the Ancient of Days came down with great power. It even penetrated into layers of the Temple Mount, down into the caverns. 

Well, yesterday morning, on 7-22, the Western Wall must have experienced the reverberations of the gavel. Because a large boulder in the wall suddenly dislodged—seemingly of its own accord—and tumbled down on an empty platform! The story is here:

Lets look at this again. I saw the gavel come down at the Western Wall, granting God’s Daniel 7-22 Turnaround Verdict, on 4-22. As recounted yesterday, by God’s orchestrations my prayer time spontaneously finished at 2:22 pm Jerusalem time. When I saw this on my watch, what completely stunned me is that it was 7:22 am Washington DC time.

And on 7-22 at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, a 220 pound boulder came crashing down. 

Divorce from Baal granted—for Israel, America and the Nations. Judgement rendered in favor of the saints. Spirit of adoption released as the Lord claims all offspring as His own. Enemy restrained. Atmosphere shifts. Saints released to possess the Kingdom. Amen! 

And we will see the manifestation of this next phase of turnaround as the Lord enforces His verdict. Guaranteed. Jesus we worship You. Thank you for Your covenant faithfulness! 

Thanks again for praying. You know what I’m going to say next. You cannot make this stuff up!