Donald Trump Dream
Today I want to continue down the tracks with this extraordinary Glory Train journey. But first, let me comment briefly on the Presidential elections.

Donald Trump won Indiana last night, virtually securing the Republican presidential nomination. Ted Cruz gave it all he had. He bowed out with his head held high. But this turn in the “Conflict of Thrones” of American politics has left many leaders and voters discouraged, especially within the evangelical world.

Lamplighter readers know I had a dream on January 5, 2016 in which Donald Trump had won the US Presidential elections. In the dream he was actually revamping Homeland Security, even hiring back competent Christians who had been fired by previous administrations. “You’re hired!” was the slogan of the hour.

To read the posting about the dream click here

I haven’t said much about the dream since then. Even among prophetic friends, Trump has been very controversial, so I figured it’s best to just remain silent and let the scenarios play out. The posting spoke for itself, as it does today.

Please note I’m neither endorsing or repudiating Trump. Nor am I in any way challenging friends who felt the Lord wanted another in office. I am simply saying the Lord gave me a dream, and so far it appears to be playing out. Love him or hate him, the best thing we can do for Donald Trump is to pray for him. SO LETS RESOLVE TO PRAY FOR HIM!

I’ll explore this more in a later posting. For now please consider adopting Trump and Speaker Ryan, two political leaders the Lord has highlighted to me specifically in this season, for committed prayer.

Atlanta—Time for a Freedom Movement
OK now on to something exciting. Two years ago the Lord spoke to us that Georgia is the “Re-Constitution State.” I believe “underground turnaround” has already accelerated greatly here as we culminated Passover. The waters parted and we came through in victory! “I will sing unto the Lord for He has triumphed gloriously, the horse and rider thrown into the sea…”

Please keep in mind that the Glory Train is a Freedom Movement. Remember God spoke to Bob Jones about how this coming move will marry the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. The Book of Acts begins with the restoration of God’s glory. The Book of Exodus begins with God fighting a revolution against the gods of Egypt and the government of Egypt to bring freedom.

Passover and Pentecost. As Cindy Jacobs put it, a Glory Revolution!

While praying on this, I felt the Lord highlighted the time from Passover to Pentecost to pray for the full birthing of this Glory Revolution. And it’s no coincidence we culminated Passover in Brunswick GA and are starting the journey in Atlanta on the National Day of Prayer.

Chuck Pierce Word
Chuck Pierce gave an interesting word recently which I believe conveys a portion of the assignment the Lord has given us. He warned that America and Israel have entered into some of the most contentious times we’ve experienced since the Civil War.

Starting April 25, through October 20, it will be the most tumultuous, confusing time this nation has known in over 160 or 170 years. I want you to know how you are connected in the Body of Christ, and that the Body of Christ will not be the same. This is a time that America determines its future. But also understand that this is a time that the Kingdom of God and those leading it move into their next identity. 

He then went on to say:

We have entered into a time of the Tabernacle of David being exemplified and emerging in the earth. This will affect all religious cultures across the earth. We decree that we are willing to be that Judah expression that creates the prototype for the future. In Black America and the African nations, the expression of God will unseat a wrong movement that will also vie for authority in days ahead…

I believe Chuck’s warning is true. In the midst of what we’ve been calling the “Conflict of Thrones,” a new identity and mission is being confirmed within many in the body of Christ. A new mantle is forming. Glory revolutionaries are being empowered to confront the subjugation of this hour. A Freedom Movement is being born again!

Re-Constitution of a Dream
When Dr. Martin Luther King died, in my opinion the true civil rights movement largely passed on with him. We’ve seen great orators and influencers since then. But the “Moses mantle” King carried from the Lord Jesus Christ has perhaps not yet been fully passed on to ensuing generations. From what I have seen prophetically, even President Obama refused to embrace this mantle because of the corresponding path the Lord required.

It’s time for this true “Moses mantle” exemplified by Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King to be re-constituted in the earth.

Lamplighter family we covet your prayer covering these next few days as the Lord has given us a very specific prayer assignment related to this. We feel God wants His “Moses mantle” restored from the realm of Egypt. It’s why we are in Atlanta on the National Day of Prayer instead of Washington DC.

I want to emphasize again, It’s not a coincidence Dr. King is buried in Atlanta. I believe the Lord is awakening a freedom seed in this hour. From the Re-Constitution State of Georgia, the Lord is re-constituting a FREEDOM MOVEMENT in this hour because it’s time for his dream to be more fully realized. Let My people go!

Freedom Movement—Passover to Pentecost
We are among many leaders who have contended for this dream over many years. And I fully believe now is the time for God’s “Moses mantle” to settle on a broad company from every tongue, tribe and nation who have been summoned by the Lord for the Freedom Movement this hour demands.

Passover and Pentecost. Exodus and Acts married together to form a new movement in the earth. Lets watch and pray through Pentecost and see a true FREEDOM MOVEMENT, empowered by Jesus Christ, fully birthed. The body of Christ will once again emerge, speaking truth to power and redefining our world. Lamplighter family, it’s a high privilege to stand with you and pray for this together!

Again—prayer coverage is needed immediately. Here’s a final point and then we’ll close.

With the Glory Train vision, the Lord emphasized the city of Atlanta to Bob and Bonnie Jones more than virtually any other. God has targeted Atlanta for His glory and justice. Please saturate these gatherings in prayer! We are looking forward to talking with you tonight. NO KING BUT JESUS!