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My heart is full of gratitude for a beautiful, breakthrough day this Valentines Day. I hope yours was too. Like the best chocolate there was a subtle, beautiful bittersweet taste to it. Because today marks the year anniversary of Marlene Brubaker’s passing. As Marlene and her husband Bill gave themselves in prayer for us and the Lamplighter family, week in and week out, they exemplified what it means to be a spiritual parents. And my heart is full of gratitude for their legacy on earth and, as you will see, their dance on the other side of the veil.

The following tribute came to me today by email from our prophetic friend Lori Perz. There is so much to it that will enrich both your heart and life. Please savor it, and remember. No King but Jesus…

Valentines Day—Celebrating Heaven’s Dance—by Lori Perz
On February 14, Valentine’s Day 2018, I met Marlene Brubaker (by phone) for the first time–as I had the honor of joining the Gideon group–and was impacted by the presence of God she carried.  This began an incredible journey with these remarkable warriors of the Lord.  Marlene and her husband Bill were not only “Mom and Dad” to the Gideons, they were “Mom and Dad” to the entire Lamplighter family. 

Marlene was the quintessential Bride of Christ–a regal, dignified and royal queen who moved so graciously in deep humility, powerful spiritual authority and great LOVE.  She was a pure and passionate lover of her Bridegroom King–and the many people whom God brought into her sphere.  She was truly a courageous patriot of this great nation.  Her intercession changed not only lives and families but our entire nation and its God-given destiny. 

Marlene was also a radiant Bride–she lit up a room with the glory of God that radiated through her continually–that’s what I noticed the first time I met her in-person.  She was a beacon of light in a dark world–a lighthouse in the spirit calling people to come into the safe harbor and arms of Father God’s love. 

Valentine’s Day, 2021 was like a full circle for me.  Three years to the day that I met Marlene, she met her King in glory, on the Day of Love.  Such remarkable timing, so fitting for this lover of God and people.  Her legacy lives on through her children and her many spiritual children.

The night of Marlene’s homegoing, I had a dream.  In the dream, the word “chariot” was in it.  I recorded the dream when I woke up and later read my devotional.  I was astonished to read the Scripture for that day, February 15: 

“Then suddenly my longings transported me.My divine desire brought me next to my beloved prince,sitting with him in his royal chariot.We were lifted up together!”
(Song of Songs 6:12, Passion Translation).

The Spirit of God landed on me as I read this Scripture, even with the word “chariot” in it!  I knew Holy Spirit was speaking about Marlene–that her divine desire for her Beloved literally transported her suddenly into His presence.  In His royal chariot He gathered His Bride and took her to be with Him in glory.  I believe Marlene was like a modern-day Enoch.  She walked so closely and intimately with the Lord.  She was and then she was not.  Her longings for Him transporting her suddenly. 

I began to read the rest of Song of Songs 6 and was absolutely awestruck.  The word “Mahanaim” has been a central piece for me prophetically for years (including the connection to Jacob).  In this passage, it refers to a bridal dance.  It’s the “dance of the two camps” that pictures the synergy of heaven and earth, moving and flowing as one.  I was struck by the progression in v. 13, how the maidens wanted to see this mature Bride come back–as we all are longing for Marlene to come back to us:

Come back! Return to us, O maiden of his majesty.Dance for us as we gaze upon your beauty.

In humility, the mature Bride says to them: 

Why would you seek a mere Shulamite like me?Why would you want to see my dance of love?

Then, the Bridegroom King declares:Because you dance so gracefully,
as though you danced with angels!

I immediately pictured Marlene dancing with the angels, and elegantly, joyfully flowing in a divine duet with her Bridegroom on heaven’s dancefloor.  God also showed me that this Mahanaim dimension is where “heaven and earth” are one–and this is increasing in this hour of history.  Marlene and Bill were an incredible apostolic spiritual father and mother to many sons and daughters–and they did this from a place of powerful covenant oneness as a couple. 

Bill boldly and humbly continues to be an extraordinary father to his two daughters and to countless spiritual children.  In addition, the powerful intercession he and Marlene released together, I believe, will now go to a greater dimension and effectiveness–because of “Mahanaim”, the dance of the two camps.  Marlene is now interceding from heaven’s camp in the great cloud of witnesses, and Bill is interceding from earth’s camp.  Gloriously one.

As an exclamation point in this prophetic encounter I had the day after Marlene’s “suddenly transport”, I received a book in the mail that I had ordered.  I was speechless and in awe of God as I opened it up to the first chapter, entitled “The Dance of the Two Camps”.  Selah.

Finally, I was on the Lamplighter call on February 17, hearing the hearts of so many of Bill and Marlene’s spiritual sons and daughters about their beloved mom Marlene.  A precious woman began to share what had transpired during the prayer portion time in Marlene’s last Lamplighter call.  There was literally a prophetic flow about dancing with Jesus–that we don’t have to wait for heaven to dance with Him.  This dear saint sang part of an anointed Paul Wilbur song called…”Dance With Me”.  I was in childlike awe and wonder once again as I heard this testimony and how it synched up with what God had unfolded for me in the past few days.

Like countless others, I am missing my friend, comrade and spiritual mom deeply–grief comes in waves.  It’s surreal to not have her and her tender, powerful intercession in my life, always inspiring me to go deeper in Jesus.  But through this profound prophetic experience, the eyes of my heart will not forget this reality of her dancing with her Bridegroom King.  Continuing her profound intercession WITH Him!  And for me, knowing that I am experiencing the dance of the two camps as I intercede with her from the earth.

This is truly a time like no other for us as the Bride to be purified and cleansed, made ready to meet our Bridegroom.  In some way that I can’t fully articulate, I believe the suddenly transporting of Marlene, in her chariot with her King, is a kind of first fruits or forerunning of what Jesus has in store for His Bride. There is a harpazo, a type of catching up that is coming.  May we have our lampstands overflowing with oil from intimacy with Jesus and be ready for His return, just as our beloved Marlene did.