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THE IMPLICATIONS ARE STAGGERING—yet you might have missed this news last week as it was vastly overshadowed by the Capitol storm incident. The unimaginable, illegal breach of the US Capitol has proven tragically self-destructive especially in light of information that is finally coming to light. Because hidden evidence of significant election fraud is finally coming to light.

The headline of the Washington Examiner on January 7 says it all. “Intelligence analysts downplayed Chinese election influence to avoid supporting Trump policies, inspector finds…”

According to the article, “Politicization problems exist in U.S. spy agency assessments on foreign influence in the 2020 U.S. election, including analysts who appeared to hold back information on Chinese meddling efforts because they disagreed with the Trump administration’s policies, according to an intelligence community inspector.

“Barry Zulauf, an analytic ombudsman and longtime intelligence official, issued a 14-page report obtained by the Washington Examiner to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, revealing his investigation was “conducted in response to IC complaints regarding the election threat issue.” In addition, he lamented the “polarized atmosphere has threatened to undermine the foundations of our Republic, penetrating even into the Intelligence Community…” To read the full article CLICK HERE.

For decades—but especially since the Obama Administration—we have seen the weaponization of government institutions once mandated to remain apolitical in order to fulfill a political agenda. Most of the time with the full backing of Congressional leaders! We have warned prophetically of this disturbing trend many times before, and documented it in White House Watchmen. 

Beloved, there is no room for this. When our government institutions such as the intelligence communities or law enforcement or any other department become weaponized against fellow Americans for political means, our role as the leader of the free world becomes compromised to the point of illegitimacy. This is the stuff of dictatorships, not democracy. 

In this sentiment I echo the declaration of our forefathers during the American Revolution. We will have no Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus.