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Sign—Winds in the Northeast
As Jolene is so quick to smile and say—GOD IS HILARIOUS. I am still groggy because last night the howling wind, with gusts up to 60 mph winds, kept waking me up.

Which is why I was suddenly awake around 2am. I glanced over at my phone, and an email had come in from our prophetic friend Sharla at 12:59 am. She couldn’t sleep either due to the wind, so she was reading our posting instead. Sharla wrote:

When I got to the part of Bob Jones’ prophecy that said, “any time you hear a train whistle just say this in your thinking, “I’m on that train, I’m God’s glory train!” I had to turn down my soaking music because I really thought I heard a train whistle! I turned the music down, and blaring out clearly through the noise of the wind through the trees was actually a TRAIN WHISTLE!

Jon and Jolene, we’re on that glory train and it’s about to sweep DC…

Mantle in the Whirlwind… Literally!
This morning I was refraining from complaining about the incessant winds and rough night’s sleep when the Presence of God suddenly settled. He was personal, but also kingly, governmental. As the Lord encountered me, my eyes were opened and I saw the significance of this howling wind which invaded much of the northeast.

God literally released a special wind on February 14, a year to the day of Bob Jones’ passing, just as was prophesied. It was an awakening wind with blasts of snow to make all things new. As shared yesterday about yesterday, we have come to a turning point. Promises given to Bob Jones and many others are now being activated in the earth.

And this wind is a sign for us all—that it is now time to receive His “mantle in the whirlwind.”

God wants you remantled! Today and tonight you have a special opportunity to receive an upgrade in our armor. Enjoy the posting below from Yolanda McCune, and then join us tonight for prayer with Yolanda. This can change your life!

Upgrading Your Armor of God—Yolanda McCune
In this year of the whirlwind, where debris, pressure and evil are all circulating with us, we need to upgrade our armor. That which was ok in the last season will not be enough in this season.

And the armor of a Roman soldier is not so much what this upgrade looks like. It is more of a supernatural, multi-dimensional armor. And it is the right fit, protection and covering we all need for this season of battle.

Below is a visionary experience that will help you grasp how God wants to form this new armor within you and upon you. Receive all He offers you!

Rush to the Fortress
An open valley appears with a dark thick forest on the sides, sunset is imminent. Across the valley light radiates from a huge Fortress on the side of the Mountain. A horse and rider break free from the forest, running full out to the Fortress.

The lone rider wears a hooded cape, a dark color that, as the wind ripples, sparkles with light like moonlight on waves of water. Jumping small streams, the horse is “straining for purchase,” never missing a step, racing towards the light.

A watcher on the wall calls out to the tower, “Friend or Foe?” The tower responds, “Friend, open the gate!” The rider is being chased by a thick black cloud that rolls faster to overtake and close the gap. The cloud seems to just soak up all light, so dense and evil. The gates open and the rider slips through.

Remantling the Battle-Scarred Bride
Inside the fortress, a figure in iridescent robes comes forward and catches the horses bridle, stilling the animal and looking up at the rider. The rider removes the hood to reveal a young woman, covered in dirt and blood. Wounds and bruises mark her body. Her clothes and weapons show signs of battle-worn use.

The figure addresses her. “You stayed out too long.” The young woman sighs in weariness and replies, “I know, teacher, I know.” Teacher, “He is summoning you. Come I will help you to your room.”

Inside her room, she cleans up and puts on a long, blood-red dress. The front of the dress does not cover the front, only the sides and back. She is wearing red pants with boots.

She attaches a sword to her waist. Wounds and bruises are still evident. Teacher enters. Woman, “Thank you for the garment.” Teacher, “Thank HIM, He is the one that provided. Come I will show you to the Throne Room.”

Throne Room Directive
It is almost like a huge ballroom,with no discernable dimensions, with lots of colors and light. You can sense but not see others present. Three Thrones on the platform. Woman and Teacher walk in and stand before the Throne. Woman draws her sword, signs allegiance then kneels like a warrior on one knee with her head bowed, and her sword pointed into the ground.

From the Throne, the Father speaks. “Arise. You stayed out too long.” Rising, the young woman answers, “I know. I was trying to save them… but I couldn’t.”

The Father then turns to the Son on his right. “You had her heart first, will you lead her through the path again?” The Son rises and walks to her, takes her hand and leads her from the room. “I AM with you.” The warrior touches her garment and whispers, “Thank you…for providing this.” Jesus returns her gaze. “You only had to ask.”

Armor on the Pathway
He leads her on a pathway covered with a combination of nature, created walls, sounds, lights, water moving. It is as if everything is alive and vibrating.

Son leads her to the first station. He lifts his hand and turns it towards a wall that is a kaleidoscope of stones, sounds and energy. From the wall a belt starts to form, moving and being created with gemstones etc. It flows by the direction of His hand from the wall and begins to circle her waist and loins.

When he supernaturally fastens the belt together it no longer is a garment but becomes a part of her. You can see the power of that belt releasing inside of her, renewing her face and body as she straightens, becoming realigned, stable, and secure.

Re-Covering the Heart of the Bride
They came to a second station. The Son turned his eyes on her and it was like x-ray vision or spiritual vision. He saw inside of her and saw that the protective covering that guarded her vital organs—her heart, lungs etc—was tarnished and missing sections. Almost as though other things had tried to replace the covering.

She saw this too, and realized she could never cover those organs by herself, she needed His covering. He then revealed to her eyes, her perception, His own Breastplate glowing like fire. Again His hands turned to His body and began to direct a copy of His Breastplate to flow from Him to her. As the Breastplate descended to her Body, you could see it covering her heart, her organs and her spirit and soul, giving life. His breastplate slowly became part of her being. Again seeming to align all rhythms and functions with His True Heartbeat.

Shalom—No Longer Earthbound!
As they walked to the third station, a footstool appeared. The Son indicated for her to place her foot upon the stool. When she did, pieces of iridescent light that had been laying on the stool as puzzle pieces began to rise and attach themselves to her foot and calf of her leg. Her black boots were totally replaced with new boots, locking and molding into place. A perfect fit!

The Son directed her. “This is Shalom. It prepares and enables your feet to transcend and fight in the spiritual realm. You will not be bound to earthly dimensions.”

Then she placed her other foot on the stool and the same thing happened.“Try them out,” He exclaimed. “Dance, walk, fly!”

Suddenly joy and laughter enveloped the Bride as she tried her new shoes out. No longer bound by earth-bound pressure, she can now float and walk, by Him just speaking words to her.

Force-Field—Renewing the Shield
The Son then leads her further down the pathway. He lets her see scenes from her battles. Battles where she was overcome, attacked or injured. Showing her the force-field of faith that was damaged and weakened.

“Your faith is always being attacked, requiring constant attention to your shield,” He instructed. “This is why you cannot stay out to long. You must hear The Words to keep it strong. Do you believe?”

“Yes, I believe.” As she began to pray and speak Words from her spirit, the Son allowed her to see her shield of protection getting stronger, surrounding her, engulfing her whole being. This shield began to expand out from her, surrounding her completely to form a barrier.

He then allowed her to see a future battle. A flaming missile was sent directly to her but was extinguished by the shield surrounding her, leaving the Bride unharmed.

At the fifth station the atmosphere changed. She saw a battlefield, perceiving the evil forces with death, anger and hate directed towards the King’s warriors. This caused her body to respond in fear and hopelessness.

The Son then directed his hand towards a wall of water. He reached into the rushing streams and pulled out what looked to be a brain, which took the form of a helmet. He swept his hand again to place it on her head, then inside her head.

A Helmet Forms
Through her eyes you could see the change taking place. Like being surrounded by the dark and then having night-vision goggles placed on your eyes.

She began to see the same battlefield again. The evil forces were still present, the King’s warriors were now able to see the Angels of God as well. They perceived ensuing attacks beforehand, and also how to stop them.

As this helmet penetrated her being, her wounds and bruises supernaturally healed, her strength came back. The garment she was wearing began to move and change, shifting through many colors at the same time. She could see so clearly into the spirit realm, recognize paths the Son had made available to her, ways He had provided for her to receive all that He had planned for her.

Becoming the Sword of the Lord
The last station was surrounded by fire. The Son firmly directed her, “Present your sword.” She drew her battle-damaged sword from its sheath and held it high.

The Son raised his hand and touched the tip of the sword. As He spoke, fire, lightning and power came through His hand and began to travel down and through the sword. It did not stop at the sword but continued to travel down the young woman’s arm, moving to her whole body.

As it traveled you could see the transformation as the Words/Fire became a living breathing part of her.

“It is not enough for the Words to be spoken on the battlefield alone,” warned the Son. “Warriors must be tempered in the Fire so they become one with the Word. The DNA of the Word is to be tempered permanently with your DNA, just as steel is made by tempering separate things into one.

“A warrior must be tempered with the Fire/Word,” He instructed. “Then the warrior can wield the new steel of the sword with accuracy and love.”

Re-Emergence of the Radiant Bride
They returned to the Throne Room. Jesus again presented His Bride to the Father. Looking upon the young woman, He exclaimed, “Much better!”

As she turned to leave the Son interrupted her. “One more thing…”

Music resounds as singers rejoice over this restoration of the beloved. The Son dances freely with the young woman. Not as an earthly dancer, but as One who twirls, glides and spins wildly in the air.

A young woman covered in a Blood red cape and hood, again riding her horse, re-emerges through the gates. The light is so strong coming from her that it dispels the shadows of first light that surround her. She releases the horse and charges towards the darkness. The darkness parts, falling away as she rides for the Forest.

From Jon & Jolene
Beloved, the Lord is now meeting one of our most desperate needs—an upgrade to our armor. Time to make a mad dash to the Fortress, the Secret Place of the Most High! Draw close to Him. Ask Him to mantle you afresh with His armor, to heal you and infuse you with new strength. Don’t allow even the urgency of battles to pull you away from this process. Go as He sends you! And when you ride, you will ride for victory.