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WELL, WE’VE PROPHESIED a new way forward for three years now. The time is really at hand. As you know, Jolene and I are taking an extended time to seek God’s face, hear His voice, and enter into the promise He has shown.

And as of today I sense His promised season has become unlocked.

At least the beginnings. But as Chuck Pierce recently prophesied, we really need to enter into God’s process of re-ordering to fully access opportunities ahead. Look to early March for the journey to gain clarity. And all this is preparation for Passover 2021. Including for our nationwide Glory Train journey, which begins this Passover! 

Given the promise of this Freedom Movement before us, lets devote ourselves now to both spiritual and practical preparations. Below are a few steps our ministry is taking to serve you better.

Email Service Updates
In this crucial time, it is imperative to connect you with key revelation—even if controversial—as well as ministry updates. Yet many of you have complained of not receiving our emails regularly, over the last six months especially. Believe it or not I was “cancelled out” from receiving them myself! 

We’re in this together. And we are not going to back down from conveying the heart and word of God. 

For this reason we now find it necessary to enhance our email services. We have secured a new, capable delivery platform. Hopefully many of you will find LAMPostings in your inbox once again! We apologize for the delay, and celebrate the opportunity to connect with you regularly. 

We have also made it easier for you to share posts with your friends, and encourage you to do so. Simply click the Facebook or Twitter buttons and follow the directions.

Due to database complexities, it is also possible that a few of you who have ‘unsubscribed’ to our email list are again receiving them. This is not our intention. If this is you, please forgive us and extend grace to us in this transition. To unsubscribe please click the link at the bottom of the email. 

New Conference Call Number
Please note we have also been assigned a new phone number for our weekly conference calls. This coming Wednesday please punch in the new phone number, listed above, along with your regular access code. We look forward to connecting!

Entering the New Way Forward
As we’ve shared before, the true, promised Freedom Movement is still in its infancy. For whatever reason I believe it’s become unlocked today. Probably none of us could have imagined how desperately we would come to need it. Remember the Lord has promised that He is coming like an unstoppable train, a Glory Train, through our land. This movement marries the miracles of Exodus with the miracles of Acts. In other words, “Let My People Go!” Is married to the restoration of God’s glory, the release of awakening and harvest, and the birthing of the next phase of His turnaround in the earth. 

And what we perceived beforehand is even more clear now. It takes this magnitude of God’s move to dislodge the magnitude of evil that has become embedded in our land. 

The good news is that by the Spirit the movement is finally rollin’ once again. We have entered the new way forward. Love wins. Justice wins. Truth wins. Jesus wins!

In our book White House Watchmen I shared a vision of this new way forward. Again, I believe we have entered it as of today. No King but Jesus!

(From White House Watchmen, pp. 108-9)
In August 2017 I received a vision. I was at a train station, above the engine of a large train that was beginning to move forward. As with my original vision of the Glory Train, the locomotive looked like it was made of pure gold. There was a platform on either side of the train. I looked to the right of the train engine, and saw a group of people literally wearing white sheets and pointed hats, like the KKK. I looked to the left of the train engine, and saw people dressed in all black, like Antifa. All of a sudden, steam shot out from under the wheels of this gold engine. And the train began to move forward.

I believe the vision represents the Glory Train. This movement is now moving beyond both the radicalized left and the radicalized right. The passengers on this train were all aboard. And we, the body of Christ, were made up of people from every tribe, tongue and nation. 

In this new season the restoration train is leaving the station! We are advancing beyond the confines the enemy established to both divide us and define us. Instead, honor prevails. Dignity prevails. Love, strength, justice and freedom prevails. And that’s what this movement is all about.