CALL REPLAY—UNMASK THE WATCHMEN! Dedication of our new book White House Watchmen with extraordinary prophetic release by Lynnie Harlow and Jolene. Call replay: (605) 313-5155 access code 552-690.





FIRST—THANKS TO ALL who participated in last night’s call. What an honor to dedicate our new book with you. Thank your for all your encouragement and your heartfelt prayers. A new watchman movement has been commissioned! 

SECOND—PROPHETIC FIRE BROKE OUT. Below is the word prophetic friend Lynnie Harlow shared last night towards the final portion of the call. I consider it a primary directive over the commissioning of this new movement. She and Jolene then released prophetic fire together from Heaven’s Throne.  Go, set a watchman… until the Babylon structure seeking to dominate our nation is FALLEN! 

You don’t want to miss the word of the Lord. Below is Lynnie’s word.

Lynnie Harlow Word Accompanying Book Release
Today on our Gideon call we were discussing the timing of Jolene’s book release given the extreme challenges facing our nation during the election season. We need the watchman movement they prophesy… like yesterday! Many aspects of the election seem to be in shambles. There is even a prospect that we could even lose the many gains in the Supreme Court, which right now is overall trending towards LIFE. 

As we talked I went into a vision where I saw people standing in front of the Supreme Court with LIFE tape on. I saw a hand come out of heaven and rip the tape off and I heard the Lord say, “NO MORE SILENCE!” Then I heard  “Isaiah 21.”  It was amazing to discover that in Isaiah 21:6 the Lord commands, “Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he sees!” The passage is all about setting watchmen in place until breakthrough comes. 

Here’s how the New Living Translation puts it, highlights mine: The Lord said to me, Put watchman on the city walls. Let him SHOUT OUT what he sees. He should look for chariots drawn by pairs of horses, and for riders on donkeys and camels. Let the WATCHMAN BE FULLY ALERT!” Then the watchman called out, Day after day I have stood on the watchtower, my Lord. Night after night I have remained on my post. 

NOW AT LAST—LOOK! Here comes a man in a chariot with a pair of horses! Then the watchman said, “ BABYLON HAS FALLEN, FALLEN!” ALLLLL THE IDOLS OF BABYLON LIE BROKEN ON THE GROUND!” O my people, threshed and winnowed! I have told you everything the Lord of Heavens Armies has said (Isaiah 21:6-10).

We are in our  “NOW AT LAST—LOOK!” moment. We have been threshed and winnowed over these last 6 months and even though in the natural it looks like the enemy has the upper hand ….we have to connect the spiritual dots and see what God is doing!

God is calling the watchman to rip off the mask of silence and hold our ground on the walls of victory! Though it feels like it’s been day after day, and night after night, and the battle just keeps raging hotter…WE MUST NOT STOP partnering with Heaven’s cry that “BABYLON HAS FALLEN!”

Now “LOOK” says the Lord!!! THE IDOLS ARE COMING DOWN!!!

DC Rainbow—
Confirming Charlie Shamp Word as Book Released!
Today someone posted the word Charlie Shamp released in June about the rainbow over the White House. The word was about the promise of cleansing over Washington DC with the sign of a rainbow being a canopy over the White House.

It is ABSOLUTELY no coincidence to me that on the night the Democratic National Convention started the Lord sent this sign and a rainbow became a canopy over the White House. While they are decreeing they’re taking it back, God is decreeing “I’m securing the promise!”

And the icing on the cake was the very next day,  “WHITE HOUSE WATCHMAN” was released! It’s a call for the watchman to secure their position, release your cry, and stand in our victory for this Nation!

Take Off the Mask of Silence!
I am seeing a convergence of a prophetic tapestry coming together. God is weaving  the promises of the “WATCHMAN’S CRY” with His promises of cleansing over our Nation…and Babylon is coming down! 

This has been a hard season, but God is moving in profound ways. Take off the mask of silence, let your cry mix with the synergy of the ages for all of God’s promise over this Nation to be released. Stay fully alert! The Lord of Heaven’s Armies is bring down the idols of Babylon and our promises are at our door!