7-22: A Turning Point for America!

7-22: A Turning Point for America!

Turning point! Jamie Fitt, on stage left, with worship team at Faneuil Hall July 22, 2014. 


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In introducing Jamie Fitt, only one word… um…fits. He is a true REVOLUTIONARY.

We’ve been privileged to run with Jamie, his family and team, for a few years now. As director of the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David, he has been mentored by the Lord Himself in what we now call the “Crown & Throne” movement, long before any words were penned. Humility and authenticity, breakthrough praise, 24-7 intimacy, prophetic accuracy, kingly authority, covenantal community… Jamie is front and center in this expression.

And he strongly believes in the vision the Lord gave William Penn of godly governance. And that Pennsylvania has been ordained by God as the Seed of the Nation, a catalyst for Christ’s directive of godly governance in the earth.

We believe this too. The seeds are springing forth! Partly for this reason, Jolene and I are honored to partner with Jamie and Abby Abildness of Healing Tree International in these yearly Revolution convocations.

That said, Jamie recently had a dream that has everything to do with Revolution 2014. In fact, it’s a primary reason we decided to move this year from Philadelphia to Washington DC.

Covenant is the foundation of godly government. Listen, 2015 is a year to establish the covenant with God that has been restored. That said, it seems that this year, Uncle Sam has some decisions to make. Our primary job is to pray. Ready or not, here we go!

Uncle Sam: Decision Point 2015!
Late last year, The Lord began to speak about this being a jubilee season. We are coming to the end of a 50 year cycle. Even in the natural, if we look at what has happened in our nation in the last 50 years, it has been a time of sweeping change—much of it for the worse.

I believe we are coming to a time when we will have a fresh window of opportunity to see a shift in our nation on a much broader scale than ever before. In the year of jubilee debts are cancelled, and prisoners go free. However, the path the former debtors and prisoners chose to take after this time of grace is up to them. I believe we are being given an opportunity in this nation to ‘reset’ some things, but where we go from there will be largely dependent on how the church responds in this season.

Dream of Two Uncles
In December of last year I had a dream…

In this dream, my uncle was one of the speakers at a conference we were having (it looked and felt like Revolution 2013). The first time he speaks he is very timid and his speaking session, frankly, is rather embarrassing. The second time he speaks is really powerful. He is free and not at all timid. He is walking up and down the aisles of the crowd and ministering to people (praying for healing and delivering prophetic words).

At one point he starts preaching about the Moravians and I begin to weep.

The scene changes to the deck of a hotel pool, and I am talking to a different uncle. I begin to speak with him and ask him some questions, but he does not answer because he is too self- absorbed and is doing math calculations in his head.

As I realize he is not going to talk to me, I also see my other uncle, the one who had just preached this powerful message, sitting in a chair a few feet away from me. I turn to him to tell him what a great job he did and how deeply what he shared touched me. I can’t even finish saying all of that because I start getting choked up and, again, begin to weep. I walk away and wave since I am too overwhelmed to speak. End of dream

Uncle Sam in the Year of Jubilee
When I woke up from this dream, I had an immediate understanding that this dream had to do with our nation. I began to pray, and the Lord simply spoke “1963.”  Note that it was late 2013 that I had this dream.

As I continued to seek the Lord regarding this dream, it became clear to me that the two uncles in my dream were symbolic of Uncle Sam. This dream speaks of our nation in a general sense, but especially our federal government.

The Lord further explained that in both scenes the first part, the first time my uncle spoke and the first uncle I spoke to at the pool deck, represents what our nation and federal government are currently. Timid, self-absorbed, pre-occupied and a bit of an embarrassment in some cases.

However the second scene—the time my uncle preaches and moves in power and the second uncle I talk to at the pool—represents what our nation/federal government could be in Christ. Powerful, selfless, and something to be proud of.

The part about 1963 is perhaps the most interesting part.  The Lord made it clear that 2013/2014 (and the years to come) are a jubilee season for our nation.  This season of jubilee is an opportunity for us to chose how we will move forward in the years to come.

Government—Choose to Become the Right Uncle!
What does all this mean? We will progress as a nation into a new level of the fulness of what God wants us to be, or we will once again pursue a cycle of rebellion against Him, as I believe we did in the last 50 years.  We will become either the first uncle, or the second uncle. 

The course that is taken will depend on the prayers of the saints in this season.

Note: We want to be a catalyst of God’s grace invested in government! Therefore as part of Revolution 2014, we are incorporating onsite prayer through the governmental seats of three branches of government in Washington DC.