Revolution 2014! Dec. 4-6, Whole Word/ the Gate DC, Oakton VA (metro DC). Special! $39 per night at the Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax. Registration & more information at

Tonite! Veterans Day Tent Meeting, Charleston House of Prayer, 635 King St, Charleston SC. If you’re in the area we’d love to see you!


Today is Veterans Day. Lamplighter Ministries honors the extraordinary contributions of veterans in the military, the intelligence community, as well as warriors largely unseen whose intercessory interventions have turned the tide of battle for our nation. We are grateful for your sacrifice!

We are honored to be in Charleston, SC today for a special tent meeting held by our friend Gordon Cashwell. It was in Charleston that the Holy Spirit first spoke from Psalm 125 that “The scepter of the wicked must no longer remain on the land allotted to the righteous!” This verdict from the Lord literally became a turning point for our nation.

So it’s no coincidence that we’re here again—this time on 11-11, the 394th anniversary of the establishment of covenant with the Lord by the Pilgrims.

God wants to join north and south again in a blazing awakening that consumes the entirety of the east coast. Though history has recorded these moves over and over again from our nation’s founding, we have not seen north and south joined in revival literally since before the Civil War. In fact, a revival broke out in Charleston SC in 1857 that caught fire in Fulton Street NYC, and soon the entire east coast was swept into a prayer and revival movement.

We are now at a turning point again for our nation. Born again! As part of this, God’s glory is being restored by way of the gate facing east—and He’s filling the house of our nation, from coast to coast! We like to call this the “Crown & Throne” movement. The government is on His shoulders.

It is extraordinary to see how South Carolina has shifted governmentally since the Glory Procession, electing the state’s first black senator since the days of reconstruction. A Spirit-filled Republican, Tim Scott is “as fine a man as has ever been in politics,” according to HAPN/RPN leader Frank Segnius.

Please touch heaven for us through the day and for the meeting tonight. We are grateful for your prayers!

Turning Point Watch
I do feel we are being summoned to yet another 22 day watch, with forerunning prayer for Revolution 2014. So for us, tonight begins the “Turning Point Watch.” Featuring regular postings with key prayer targets regarding America, Israel and the nations.

Covenant blessings to each of you!

Jon & Jolene