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Jolene and I are generally happy people. Redemptive… optimists… seeing the potential in a situation, and wanting people to succeed.

You know, Americans.

So when the Lord admonished us to share some of the warnings of exposure and shakings accompanying His promises, it was honestly pretty hard. But in our reader feedback, nobody even questioned the plausibility of these warnings on sabotage, shakings, and lawlessness—probably because the headlines were verifying their plausibility in real-time. ISIS soldiers blazed across Iraq unabated in American humvees, shouldering American weapons as they beheaded Iraqis and burned oil fields. On the home front, questionable emails vanished from government hard drives. Blame was shifted on all fronts.

Turning Point for Today’s Spiritual Revolution
The good news is that God has decreed a turning point for our nation. This is what the Glory Procession is all about. And our friends John & Sheryl Price, apostolic leaders from New Jersey, has chronicled a word from Chuck Pierce on this to encourage you.

The Glory Procession is joining with John and Sheryl for a gathering called “The Turning Point. As we were finalizing details to host Dutch and Chuck at Faneuil Hall—the womb of the revolution—John and Sheryl were finalizing details to host Dutch and Chuck in Patriot’s Theater in Trenton. Not too far from the spot where George Washington crossed the Delaware River and turned the tide of the American Revolution. Neither of us had any idea of the plans in the works.

But God did. Revelation 19:11 makes clear that God judges, and then makes war to enforce His judgement. Friends, this awakening is a spiritual revolution. We are gathering at Faneuil Hall for the “Appeal to Heaven” to together receive Christ’s verdict for this season—a turning point mandated by Heaven’s justice. And with a united momentum, we are then sojourning to the very turning point of the Revolution to welcome the synergy of the ages for today’s freedom battle.

Do you see how God has orchestrated the steps of this Glory Procession? So glad we’re in this together. Not by might nor power, but by My Spirit… you just canont make this up!

Below is Sheryl Price’s prophetic invitation.

A Turning Point for 13 Colonies—by Sheryl Price
Last October 2013, after ministering in worship, intercession and power evangelism in the historic section of Philadelphia for over eight months, we entered into three days of special meetings in NJ, DE & PA. The gatherings were called “Healing the Headwaters of the Nation”. Apostle Chuck Pierce led the Triumphant Reserve, represented by hundreds of Saints from the original 13 colonies, throughout the tri-state territory declaring  a new move of God had begun. In the Philadelphia meeting, which was the last of the three gatherings, Chuck prophesied these words:

“By returning to Philadelphia, a new favor is awakening upon the people, a new favor will awaken upon the church in Philadelphia, a new favor will come alive in the thirteen colonies and rest upon the church in the thirteen colonies. Father we decree right now an overcoming spirit on those who are now stepping into the next move of God!

I have set before you an open door in the year of the open door, in the time of seeing the open door, I have set before you an open door and from Philadelphia we decree the open door for the next Move of God and the changes of this nation has now been positioned in the Heavens.

You have a little strength, but you kept My Word or you couldn’t be here, you’ve not denied Me, and because of that I loose a New Overcoming Power within you. You withstood your test, now you will go through a New Door and the enemies behind that New Door, I give you victory over them NOW, saith the Lord!”

Chuck then declared, “All of the thirteen original states here, you decree right now that this move will hit your state.” Then he spoke to Linda Clark, a leader in Massachusetts, “Decree it is moving back into Massachusetts! It’s going to move in like fire and turn things upside down”.

This prophetic word states that the next move of God was positioned in the Heavens while all of us gathered that evening in Philadelphia! God calls us to certain places at certain times to fulfill His purposes and to set an order in the atmosphere. (note: please pay attention to this word related to the Glory Procession and these two gatherings). We are moving rapidly with this new move of God and loosing it everywhere we go!

Linda Clark, Apostolic leader in Mass. will be hosting the “Appeal to Heaven” gathering in Boston, Mass. with Jon & Jolene Hamill, the very evening before our gathering in Trenton—to ignite the fire and turn things upside down in Mass.

Then we move into Trenton to DECLARE THE TURNING POINT of OUR NATION Gather with us as the Triumphant Reserve along with Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets for “TURNING POINT—War Strategies for the Future of Our Nation.”

7pm Wednesday, July 23, 2014, The Patriots Theater, located in the Trenton War Memorial, 1 Memorial Drive, Trenton, NJ 08608.

One more thing. Chuck Pierce prophesied “By July 23,2014, things will turn!”  The message was given by Chuck approximately one hour, one minute into the session.Here is the YouTube link

“You kept hearing Jacqueline say we’re at a turning time,” Chuck said. “I prophesy I have a word of knowledge by July 23 there’s many of us standing here hearing, and those that will listen and respond to this, by July 23 THINGS WILL TURN!”

For Turning Point gathering, see Glory Procession Itinerary at right. Make plans now to attend!