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Here’s some breaking news. Last Thursday, Chuck Pierce traveled to New Jersey to release a very strategic prophetic word. He even felt that this prophetic expression will impact the future of the prayer movement. The word focused on New Jersey, the east coast, and especially on REVOLUTION!

Tomorrow we’re featuring prophetic insights on this Revolution from Sheryl Price, a high-level prophet from New Jersey who works closely with Chuck Pierce. Today, we’re going to begin exploring the word Chuck shared, putting it in context with extraordinary God-stories so that you can better perceive what the Lord is truly doing. Especially when you see the larger tapestry, it is truly REVOLUTIONARY!

New Jersey—Turning Point of Revolution
Sheryl Price, along with her husband John, hosted the “Turning Point gathering” in Trenton New Jersey last July. By sovereign orchestration, it was just a day after our “Appeal to Heaven” meeting at Faneuil Hall Boston on 7-22.

Until we talked, John & Sheryl had no idea about the Glory Procession or the Faneuil Hall gathering. That the Lord called us to “Womb of the Revolution” on 7-22 to receive a Daniel 7:22 verdict in favor of the saints. An Appeal to Heaven, with Chuck Pierce prophesying and Dutch Sheets ministering on the Appeal to Heaven Flag that flew as America’s original banner.

John & Sheryl were simply told by the Lord to go to the Turning Point of the Revolution and host a gathering—the day after ours. With all the same people.

And suddenly, by the Spirit of God, we were making our journey from the “Womb of the Revolution” to the “Turning Point of the Revolution.” Please hear this prophetically. This Revolution has been birthed! And God is supernaturally highlighting New Jersey as a “turning point” of today’s Revolution.

Fire from Heaven—Igniting the Root!
On July 23, 2014, as we were gathered at Turning Point, thunder roared from heaven and lightning literally struck an evergreen tree—the symbol of the Appeal to Heaven flag. In the Colonial Revival Garden of an estate originally owned by Richard Stockton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

According to reports, lightning ignited the tip of the tree, setting it on fire. But the trunk acted as a conduit, propelling this pulsating energy all the way to its roots. Deep underground, the lightning shot from the root system of the now-smoldering evergreen into an interconnected root system of another tree—and set it on fire as well.

God had promised Gary Beaton that His gavel would fall to confirm His “Daniel 7:22” verdict for our nation had been sealed. And like Elijah of old, we literally saw God bear witness to His verdict with fire from heaven!

Striking, of all things, an evergreen tree. In the Colonial Revival Garden. On an estate owned by a signer of the Declaration of Independence. You just cannot make this up!

Chuck Pierce—New Jersey Revolution
OK. I hope this will give you some context for Chuck Pierce’s prophetic word to New Jersey. Chuck shared that the Lord spoke to him a few weeks ago about a movement of Revolution breaking forth in New Jersey. The whole state was being invited to host this new move of the Spirit.

Chuck noted how seven years ago, the Lord caught him up in a vision while ministering at Liberty Park, NJ. The Lord warned him about a coming storm—a hurricane. This vision literally came to pass a few years later, as Hurricane Sandy smashed into Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore.

Part of the prophetic emphasis was that “Freedom Outposts” needed to arise as shelters from coming storms. The Lord spoke of a “Triumphant Reserve” He was maturing to carry the move of the Spirit in seasons ahead.

Roots, Covenant Alignment, Crazy Confirmations
During Chuck’s experience seven years ago, the Lord also showed him every state in the nation, and the true condition of their alignment with His Throne. He saw covenant roots, and also the roots of iniquity that had defiled each state, and how each state had related to Israel. In this prophecy there were warnings of judgement and invitations to realign with Him covenantally to receive His blessing. Chuck emphasized that, to receive the blessing, the roots of each state must be dealt with.

I know from personal experience this vision generated a lot of work for a lot of leaders across the nation. Because Chuck’s warning helped compel John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs to facilitate the “Divorcing Baal” project. Dealing covenantally with more than 10,000 altars of iniquity in each state of the nation. And making every effort, state by state, to align covenantally with Israel.

And it was extraordinary how God confirmed His work. You might remember the earthquake that cracked the Washington Monument. Exactly 50 days before, on July 4, 2011, we presented the Lord with the completed work of divorcing Baal, followed by a Declaration of Covenant, asking for His hand in marriage again to the land.

And on July 23, just after we received God’s verdict for our nation, lightning struck an evergreen tree in the Colonial Revival Garden. And penetrated to its root!

Seven Years Later—Harvest & Revolution
God is moving in real-time to redeem! And this brings us to the word Chuck Pierce shared last week. Seven years after the epic vision that mobilized the prayer movement towards covenant restoration, Chuck received another vision about New Jersey. He saw two scythes, or harvesting tools, moving over the “Garden State.” No ministry had yet grabbed their handles to fully labor with Him in reaping. And the Holy Spirit spoke to Chuck that “It’s now time to get a handle on the harvest!”

Chuck prophesied that as these harvesting tools were received, this move of Revolution would break forth! He felt that New Jersey would be an epicenter of this move. Delaware would be a “rear guard” to the movement. Pennsylvania would choose whether or not to fully embrace this move of the Spirit.

And Washington DC would feel the impact of the Revolution. I have no doubt that is true.

Chuck felt the word shared Thursday was somehow setting the course for the future, even as his experience 7 years ago mobilized the prayer movement. Which is really good news for all you spiritual revolutionaries. It’s truly your time to ride!

New Jersey—America’s Carmel
Let me close by sharing a few insights of my own regarding New Jersey. It’s not a coincidence that the Lord highlighted “The Garden State” last year. With fire from heaven that struck the Colonial Revival Garden.

I believe New Jersey is like Mount Carmel to the East Coast—and maybe to the Nation. You remember how Elijah gathered the people to Mount Carmel to choose either God or Baal. Carmel was the mountain of vineyards—the Garden State. But the harvest had withered as drought ravaged the land.

In Elijah’s day, when covenant was restored with the land, the harvest was restored. I believe that’s why God brought Chuck back to the “Mount Carmel” of the Garden State at this time. Seven years ago he called for covenant restoration so His blessing could prevail.

And now it’s time for harvest.

Edwards—Awakening is Revolution
Final point. I know one of the seeds God is harvesting at this time. Jonathan Edwards, catalyst of the First Great Awakening, is buried in Princeton, NJ, not far from the Colonial Revival Garden.

Edwards is the man who declared that “revival is a divine attack upon society.” In other words, AWAKENING IS REVOLUTION. And the harvest of this seed, sown into the ground of the Garden State, is now at breaking forth.