TURNAROUND WINDOW! Prophetic audio message from this weekend. Click above to listen!

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September 11, 6:30 pm! Please join us at Whole Word Fellowship, Oakton VA for special service. Jon and Jolene will be ministering.

Turnaround Window Opens—Guess What Happened?
Welcome to September. Seems like we blinked twice, and August was gone!

Today begins our Turnaround Watch, the final phase of the 24 day “Storm Beacon Prayer Project.” We are entering into the new season in full… um… gallop. Let me explain. For the first time since winning the Triple Crown, American Pharaoh was defeated!

For those familiar with our “American Pharaoh prophetic journey,” is actually a really big encouragement. We went to Newport VT this weekend with a simple goal. God had promised He was opening a “Turnaround Window” for the nation. We decreed the Lord’s word that this window open Friday evening.

And on Saturday… in the final leg of the race… American Pharaoh was passed!

You just cannot make this stuff up. Especially as we were led by God to pray at the Belmont Stakes raceway just Thursday morning on Long Island. This is where the race horse won the Triple Crown.

Remember the Lord showed us that American Pharaoh’s triple crown was a prophetic sign of what was presently going on, and what was to come. On June 23, I awoke from a dream seeing three pillars. The Spirit of God spoke to me that these three pillars represented three foundations of global governance as well as American Pharaoh’s triple crown. On June 24, 25, and 26, we saw the decisions for ObamaTrade, ObamaCare, and Gay marriage respectively.

Needless to say, at the gates of Belmont Raceway Thursday morning, we declared that American Pharaoh’s influence must turn. On Friday evening, we felt a release to declare God’s Turnaround Window opens for the nation. And on Saturday…

Well you know. Keen Ice defeated American Pharaoh. It really is an encouraging sign, certainly a long time coming!

Turnaround Window—Special Audio Message
I have laid out the journey for you, including the “9-11 Midnight Wave” dream and God’s call for a turnaround, on a special audio message from this weekend. To hear the message click below!

Turnaround Watch
OK. From now through September 11, lets give ourselves to prayer and fasting for this turnaround window to be fully accessed. Pick up your torches!

Please establish a night watch each night through this time. Note that in Daniel 7, the prophet was “watching by night” when he saw the Court of Heaven and saw God render judgement in favor of the saints. This passage in Daniel 7:22 is what we now like to call “the Turnaround Verdict.”

Pray through Daniel 7:22, and pray Isaiah 28 throughout this watch! Let’s pray for Congress, a last line of defense for the Iranian nuclear deal. Turnaround. Covenant with death and hell annulled!

Beginning tomorrow evening, Jolene and I will be hosting special conference prayer calls throughout this time. We will share more on the call.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our audio message “the Turnaround Window!” Covenant blessings to each of you.