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Revolution DC 2016! Dec. 8-11, 2016. Make plans now! 

THIS TURNAROUND TUESDAY marks the final two weeks until election day. I’m going to ask that you really press in to the Lord, and lock into the journey we are on together. Pay close attention as we will continue to share key revelation which needs to be carried through in prayer.

As I write, my friend Apostle Mario Bramnick is opening a huge campaign gathering in Miami with an invocation. He is actually praying for God’s turnaround in the elections according to Daniel 7:22, for God’s will alone to prevail. Please come into agreement!

Remember we together received this Daniel 7:22 verdict on 7-22 at Faneuil Hall Boston, the womb of the American Revolution. We witnessed how the Lord shifted both America’s elections in 2014 and Israel’s elections in 2015 in conjunction with this verdict. In the latter, nobody thought Prime Minister Netanyahu could prevail. But against all odds—defying all polls—He won.


We knew then that as we stood with the Lord for the elections in His covenant land, He would stand for our 2016 elections.  The Lord of hosts is absolutely moving according to His Daniel 7:22 verdict right now.

In fact, I believe the “horsepower” of God’s turnaround has now been released on a national level. We prayed over Tabernacles from Maine to Florida through the east gate of our nation. We saw this movement personally as we touched three critical gateways—New York, Washington DC, and Miami—in three days. Let this message build faith in you as you contend for fullness at your own gate. PRAY FOR THE HORSES OF GOD’S TURNAROUND TO BE FULLY RELEASED, IN JESUS’ NAME!

The Horses of God’s Turnaround
You might remember my dream about Donald Trump playing baseball. I was observing him from the stands of a practice field. As the owner, coach and star player, Trump would continually hit the ball strategically to advance the runners on base.

Then the skies darkened. We all walked off the field towards the locker room. I’ll never forget how Donald Trump walked alone.

That’s when two white horses showed up from Heaven. They galloped directly towards me. One horse plunged his head in my chest playfully.

Trump then came over, nodded, smiled and said very simply, “You gotta keep praying for me.” Then I woke up.

In retrospect, I believe this dream conveyed the final phase of Trump’s journey through the elections. It’s all been practice til now. Suddenly the skies darkened while the team headed towards the locker room. Trump asked for prayer—while moving towards victory.

And the white horses came. According to Revelation 19:11, a white horse carried Jesus as He brought Heaven’s verdict of justice to bear upon the earth. “In righteousness He judges and makes war.”

Therefore the white horses are carriers of God’s verdict of justice, moving to enforce His justice in the earth. It is essential that you see this.

Because last Wednesday, rounding a corner on a country road in Berne NY, Jolene and I were forced to skid to a sudden stop. Galloping across the road were four horses!

Much to the consternation of the lady farmer, these horses had literally just escaped their stalls. They were now running free. 

That night in Berne NY marked one of the most powerful services in recent memory. God’s governmental glory literally joined Heaven to earth. Turnaround was thundered from the Empire State, which both Hillary and Trump call home. We even brought this verdict directly to New York City in a private meeting. “God forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my fathers!”

Turnaround Horses—All Tribes Gathering
On Friday morning, Jolene and I were honored to attend Dr. Negiel Bigpond’s “All Tribes” gathering on the National Mall. You could literally feel the open heaven, with a holy rumbling from the other side. And when our friend Willy Jock humbly brought a proclamation of forgiveness to the US government and the nation, the love shed abroad completely covered our land.

To our surprise, Negiel then called Jolene and me to the stage to share and pray. Jolene shared her sense that the hearts of the people, and even the heart of the nation, was being healed from this forgiveness. The stage faced the White House directly, drumbeats thundering as we proclaimed to the thrones of our nation together, “No King but Jesus!”

I then felt to pray for God’s Daniel 7:22 turnaround to be released. Judgement in favor of the saints!

Beloved we have prayed hundreds of times times for God’s glory and turnaround for Washington DC—on prayer assignments and on virtually every conference call. But I have honestly never sensed such a full gripping of Heaven’s engagement.

Or Heaven’s response.

On this sacred stage I perceived in my spirit a vast throng of galloping horses. The “horses of God’s turnaround” were actually running free into Washington DC. In real time, right through the crowd! I shared from the stage what I sensed.

Chuck Pierce Word—Turning Point Winds
A Friday afternoon flight then brought me to Fort Lauderdale to join with Apostle Mario Bramnick for a Feast of Tabernacles gathering. Similar to New York and Washington DC, the state of Florida is again such a critical gateway. God is bringing the battle to the gates!

Mario greeted me with an impassioned exclamation. “Jon, have you seen this? Chuck Pierce just released a word—the turning point winds.”

What has been stirring in Heaven will now blow in the earth.  Brace yourself!  Brace yourself!  Brace yourself! Brace yourself! For the winds that will now blow are the winds I’ve been holding back over the last eight years. Because I’ve been holding them back and you’ve been asking for them to blow earlier, NOW I will release them. I am acting on how you have sought Me in the last eight years.

“These winds will begin to gather an army of those that have been faithful and those that will now gather into a place they didn’t even know they belonged. The winds of adversity will now produce an army (of whom) people will say, ‘It is the LORD’s army that has changed the course of history!’ 

Tonight, and beginning this week, you will be bringing the turning point winds into the earth and rearranging the course of what is to become. Nations will begin now in their realignment with other nations, but I will blow off the façade that has been holding you captive. 

Because you have gathered here in this turning point state, now the turning point winds will come.  What I’ve held back for eight years, I must now release.  What goes on through May (as you begin to honor Me, and walk with Me, and gather with Me) will create a nation that has been covered over by the enemy’s hand. The winds that now blow in the earth will cause the hand of the enemy that has been controlling the movement of strategy in the earth in this nation to be seen. No longer will the enemy have an upper hand in this land!”

You know that God makes His angels winds, and His ministers a flame of fire. Chuck saw winds released. At the very same time, Jolene and I received absolute confirmation that the horses of God’s turnaround have now been released.

You know what I’m going to say. You cannot make this up.

Heaven at Your Gates
Final point. Remember how we started the year. Heaven is at your gates! This word formed last year at this time as our friend Jamie Jackson saw a vision of heaven. The war horses of the Lord were being prepared to run through the gates. Jamie wrote:

What I saw was unexpected but confirmed the times and season that we are in. My eyes focused on white horses like I had never seen before. The images of these horses were so clear and the colors, the sheer whiteness of the horses was beyond the purest of white known on earth. As I marveled I saw people everywhere and their only job was to attend to these horses. Some were putting on bridles and others where taking take of the saddles. As I continued to gaze I began to try and count the horses yet the more I counted the more I saw making them without number.  

As I sat there overwhelmed by what I had just seen, I heard the Lord speak to me these words. Heaven is getting ready to ride!

Fast forward to now, friends. Whoever wins the elections, however things go, Heaven is at your gates. And by verdict of the Lord of hosts, these “turnaround horses” are now running free.