Jolene and I are en route now to Long Island through New York City. With yesterday’s financial shaking, I am in awe of how God has ordered our steps. As we enter Manhattan, the Drudge Report Headline is TURNAROUND TUESDAY!

Lord we decree in Manhattan your TURNAROUND, in Jesus’ Name! You just cannot make this stuff up. Thank you Jesus for the turnaround!

Please keep us in prayer. Pray for breakthrough, for God’s power to be released. Pray for Jesus to be magnified! Pray for clarity and authority by the Holy Spirit. Stand with us for the Lord to release “council chamber revelation” and clear Throne room decrees. Word of God run swiftly, with great fire. Burning and shining lamps!

And please pray for the covenant wealth the Lord has graced to our land and people with to be protected and to increase during this time. Pray for clear wisdom for investors, especially those seeking the Lord. Pray for innovative strategies for preservation and increase, even through coming storms. He wants to give this!

Storm Riders—Prophecy
I’m going to be brief today, partly because we’re driving and partly because I am immersed in fresh revelation. New words are forming by the Spirit. Though I don’t fully understand it, one phrase keeps resonating in my spirit. The Storm Riders are coming forth!

And this very hour, says the Spirit of the Lord, I AM releasing My storm riders, who will ride with Me and accelerate My breakthrough in this season. STORM RIDERS COME FORTH! 

Some storms I will rein in and subdue. Some storms I will accelerate, and I will reign through! But I am riding on a cloud swiftly in this whirlwind season, and you will be amazed at what I do. 

And this day I declare a shift in the circuit riders movement. I am changing your course, from rotation to revolution! Some will see a literal turnaround. Hear the sound of my galloping and follow My lead! 

For many of you I am bringing you into the center of My storm, so climb the clouds and HEAR MY NEW AND PIERCING SOUND. Know that there is a new wind now accelerating from My Throne. This new wind will penetrate through to expand My fire in you and push My fire through you, so you will become My burning lamps just as you have prayed!

Assisting the Experts
Here’s what I know. Washington DC, the city on a hill and light to the nations, is facing a storm we may not even be aware of. And from what I’ve seen prophetically, our highest defenses don’t seem to be enough to stop the coming waves. But Capitol Hill is a last line of defense.

I know this has something to do with the Iranian nuclear deal. As much as I don’t want this to be true. I’m all for peace, serious. But there’s something about this deal that is inherently wrong before God’s Throne. More than I understand this academically, I know this by the Spirit.

I am convinced most experts know this in the depths of their being as well. This time especially it might not be a great idea to ignore this still, small witness.

This morning I had a dream where I was walking by burning buildings with an accredited Fire Safety Administrator. I pointed in alarm and said, “That building is going to blow!” The administrator looked at me with disdain and told me that was impossible.

Then—you guessed it—the building blew! Bricks and debris everywhere. We walked past the next building and I gave the same warning. “That building is going to blow!” She again said it was impossible. Then came the backdraft once again.

What was God saying? Our friend Abby Abildness set me straight with the interpretation. “God is giving you warnings that even the experts aren’t perceiving,” she admonished. “By God’s Spirit, you see things they don’t. Stand on what He is showing you!”

Emergency Response Prayer Bears Fruit!
I also know that the “emergency response” of strategic prayer nationwide to counter covenants with death has shifted things. Listen, we’re in a turnaround year, and your intercession is bringing a turnaround! Jolene and I are beyond grateful to the Lamplighter family and the prayer networks we collaborate with. Covenant with death annulled!

Swift Cloud and the Midnight Wave
And part of God’s response to the united, unyielding intercession is the release of these Storm Riders.

Watch this now! Because God is actually riding in on the coming storms. In fact, these storms are bringing us to the manifestation of the very prophecy upon which the Crown and Throne movement was announced! In January 2012, Rick Ridings prophesied from Isaiah 19 that God was riding on a cloud swiftly, and the gods of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt will topple in Washington DC.

Rick went on to prophesy that, just as God had emphasized the Harp and the Bowl in the previous decade, He was now emphasizing the Crown and the Throne—Kingly, governmental intercession that will shift America and the nations. This is what is being released in our hour!

And I’m coming to believe that the storm—the midnight wave—heading towards Washington DC in this season might actually be a prophetic demarcation of the Isaiah 19 “storm cloud” Rick saw and prophesied. Not that the cloud is necessarily Him. But as Isaiah 19 conveys, much like a rider on a horse, God is riding on a swift cloud! And as prophesied, His work is ultimately redemptive, but will some shaking as well.

As I have shared, what stunned me most is that it’s all in the back of our book. Crown & Throne… Midnight Wave by the Capitol. I had no cognizance of this until seeing the back cover just before we started the prayer project on 8-18. All this to say, somehow we’re coming into a fuller expression of this Crown & Throne movement. It seems as though 9-11 may even be a gateway for this.

Not by might nor power, but by My Spirit! Lets keep before the Throne on this, and again Jolene and I are so grateful for your prayers. Covenant blessings!