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8-7, 8-8 SAN DIEGO! ANCIENT OF DAYS TOUR. 7pm PT/ 10pm ET both nights. With Jon and Jolene and Chris Mitchell, hosted by Billie Alexander. Culminating the Glory Train—Ancient of Days tour from Alaska to San Diego. Worship by Craig and Karlett Muster with Klee L’ Adonai dance ministry! 

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THE FINAL STRETCH of the Ancient of Days Tour is now before us.  Two years ago, August 8, 2019 in Alaska, Chuck Pierce prophesied a two year window for a “breakthrough highway of glory” to form from Alaska through Washington State, Oregon, and California all the way down the coast. And on August 7-8, 2021 we will be all the way down the coast in San Diego for the final meetings of the tour. THANK YOU JESUS FOR BRINGING US THROUGH! 

The date set for this—08-08—stopped me in my tracks. Because our ministry has been intensively focused on this date ever since 08-08-08. On that day the Lord literally reconstituted a sacred well of awakening, and forerunning prayer for awakening, forged by Daniel Nash and Charles Finney. The meetings there impacted every facet of our ministry from then on.

It was there the Lord spoke to me about the re-emergence of the forerunner spirit. About awakening and the end of abortion. And about overcoming the spirit of freemasonry in this hour, just as Nash and Finney had broken through in theirs. Our Lamplighter archives are full of postings on this. 

But when this historic well was reconstituted, one key facet of the movement gave life to every other. That was—and is—travailing prayer. 

Evangelist Charles Finney broke open the Second Great Awakening along with intercessor Daniel Nash. Finney would send Nash ahead of him into the cities the Lord had shown him for revival. Nash would gather the intercessors and enter into travailing prayer for the lost. Often he would be found on his face under a table in the morning, muttering under his breath. More than once he was mistaken for a drunk. Instead he was God’s channel to breathe life into lifeless souls. 

And when Father Nash sensed breakthrough, Finney was summoned and they together would reap the greatest harvest of souls seen since the Book of Acts.

What’s missing from our prayer arsenal these days? It’s not petitions, or declarations, or even issuing pleas before Heaven’s Court. I believe what’s missing most is our tears.

BELOVED, WE ARE ENTERING INTO A NEW SEASON OF TRAVAIL. And it is this travail at the fountainhead of our intercession that will birth sons and daughters.

On this trip the Lord really focused Jolene on Psalm 6 where “the voice of our tears” is met by God’s movement of breakthrough and vindication. And when the Lord spoke to me about this year’s Glory Train movement, He gave Isaiah 42. “The Lord marches forth like a warrior, He rouses His zeal like a man of war, He will prevail against His enemies… Now like a woman in labor (travail) I will groan, I will gasp and pant and lay waste the mountains…” (Isaiah 42:13-14).

Let me close this post with an extraordinary event which occurred on our Ancient of Days Tour. We were on a ferry in Alaska, having just departed the End of the Road, the town of Homer. The wilderness was literally our destination. 

There were maybe 15 passengers at best on the ferry. But I overheard someone talking about visiting Saint Simons Island. Jolene and I love Saint Simons, so I struck up a conversation. To my utter surprise I found myself speaking with an older apostolic evangelist who had travelled 8 million miles ministering the gospel. AND HE WAS A FATHER OF THE JESUS MOVEMENT.

Dale Van Steenis told us the story of how he witnessed the spark of the Jesus movement firsthand. A pastor in Southern California had given up all hope after his church split for the third time. Dale was coaching him to remain. He attended a weekly prayer meeting at the church, which they had facilitated for almost a decade. Only a few showed. Over much of the meeting the pastor privately prayed for the Lord to move him on. But there was an 84 year old grandma who wept and travailed and carried on, praying for lost sons and daughters. 

Not long after Dale attended the prayer gathering, a hippie in a speedo strung out on drugs and alcohol came into a sparsely-attended Sunday night meeting. To protect the small congregation, the pastor almost threw him out. But he stayed. And long story short, he got radically saved and delivered. 

Not long after, the hippie asked the pastor if he would hold a meeting on Monday evening for him. A thousand of this guy’s closest friends came in. They too got rocked for Jesus. And according to this apostolic evangelist taking a ferry into the Alaskan wilderness who caught my ear by mentioning Saint Simons Island… that meeting became the spark of the entire Jesus movement!

Travailing prayer. Let me be clear this Glory Train movement will not be fully manifested until we are re-released into this reality. Jolene and I dare you to engage. Enter into weeping for your sons and daughters. I guarantee you, your tears will be met with His.