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TURNAROUND TUESDAYS—Beginning June 22! Focused prayer for sons and daughters as well as God’s shifts in government across the land.

BEGINNING 7-22! Ancient of Days Tour—Alaska, West Coast, culminating on 8-8 in San Diego. 

DEAR TURNAROUND CATALYSTS, THE SUNCOAST RISING TOUR was amazing! We cherished the moments together with new friends and longtime family. Especially in retrospect we can see how the Lord weaved together intricate strands from both our personal lives and ministry world into a single tapestry, conveying the same message. America needs fathered. A door from the wilderness to the promised land has opened. Generational cycles of abuse and trauma must end. 

And therefore it is time for God’s Eliakims to arise.

As we have written, every Glory Train tour has been defined by a specific manifestation of God’s nature, character, and promise He is now releasing to His people. Through our Passover Tour in Alaska we saw how the hand of the Lord was being restored to His people, with Isaiah 54 governmentally released. Through our Pentecost Tour we saw God’s face turn towards us as a Father. Therefore present trauma tied to historic reproaches, specifically racism and the covid crisis, had to finally give way to the forgiveness of the cross and become disempowered. The threshing of our nation must be abated.

And through the Suncoast Arising Tour, we saw how the Father is now calling forth His sons and daughters! The Father is now drawing you close. He is beginning to move you out of a wilderness season into a season of spiritual growth and possession of your inheritance. This is both on a personal level and a national level. 

That said, it’s no coincidence the Lord birthed this “Turnaround Tuesday” movement in the midst of the Suncoast Rising Tour. This work is absolutely imperative. And as we engage, we will see the prophetic word Chuck Pierce gave us begin to be fulfilled. WE TOGETHER ARE LAYING NEW TRACKS FOR THE FUTURE! 

Shebna, Eliakim, and Restoration of Respect
What I’m about to share here may be controversial to some. But it’s truth. And as we perceive the Lord’s redemptive truth, we can regain vision to move beyond the limitations the enemy has placed to capture us and redefine our identities.

We wrote in White House Watchmen about a coming test to secure the rulership of the future. In early 2020, Holy Spirit warned me about a coming fiery trial, though I was not clear what the trial would be. “Whether the challenges of the first half of 2020 represent that fiery trial, or whether there are more of a similar magnitude I do not know. What I do know is that teshuvah, or repentance, is still mandated at the threshing floor of our American experience. And fathering the nation—genuinely—is a test that God is intensively evaluating for all of us (see Isaiah 22).(White House Watchmen pp. 109-110).

With this at heart, lets look with fresh eyes at Isaiah 22. The chapter describes a dire situation for Israel. A generational legacy was about to be released into judgment by the Lord. The destiny of an entire generation was at stake.

Responding to Warnings of Judgement
Interestingly enough, Iran played a part in this. The Lord warned about a coming invasion from Elam. “Elam bore the quiver,” Isaiah warned, as an aspect of His judgement against His covenant land. In case that doesn’t strike you as familiar, let me use other words. Iran was about to send projectiles into the air to strike their targets in a way that would decimate the land.

“He removed the protection of Judah. You looked that day to the armor of the House…” (v. 6). The Lord allowed this threat by Iran to unfold in order to provoke the nation’s leaders to return to Him. Teshuvah. Instead the leaders found clever ways to fortify their protection in a way that essentially bypassed the necessity of relating to the Lord. Their own cunning seemed to bring deliverance. “But you didn’t look to your Maker, nor did you have respect for Him who fashioned it long ago” (v. 11). 

“And in that day the Lord God of hosts called you to weeping, to wailing, to the shaving of the head and wearing sackcloth, instead there is gaiety and gladness, slaying oxen and slaughtering sheep, eating meat and drinking wine: Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die!” 

A Window to Return
God called these leaders to return. You know the promise. “If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray…” Instead the leaders in in that day embraced spending more and repenting less as a means to solve their problems. The covenant the people had made with their God was all but forsaken. And the fact that His covenantal protection was lifted was barely even perceived.

A steward named Shebna was highlighted as the primary example of the shameful actions of these leaders. In the midst of the crisis Shebna was busy building a monument to himself. Worshiping himself! 

Lets be plain here. The crisis of the hour uncovered the true crisis that Israel was suffering. It was a crisis in leadership. It was a crisis in fathering and mothering. It was a crisis in respect. Above all, Israel had lost respect for their God. 

Friends, we find ourselves in such a similar crisis today. This generation has literally been mentored in disrespect for God. In fact, many leaders of our watch are intensively engaged in producing laws and interjecting cultural norms that completely defy God’s heart and word. And by this they are seeking to literally tear down and replace the family structure. 

What was God’s solution? As pictured in Isaiah 22, the only redemptive prospect holding back the wrath of God’s judgment was actually regime change. It was time to flip the seats, from Shebna rulership to Eliakim rulership.

“He will become a father to the house of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. And I will drive him like a peg in a firm place, and he will become a throne of glory to his Father’s house!”

Pray for Restoration of Respect!
As part of your intercession today, pray for a restoration movement for your sons and daughters. Ask the Lord to grant them revelatory encounters from the Lord that restore their respect for Him, and for their parents. The restoration of respect is absolutely foundational for breaches to be healed, and blessing secured. 

And for America—lets call forth God’s intended regime change. It’s time to flip some seats. Whatever you do, please do not evaluate this call according to Republicans vs Democrats etc. To a large extent both parties are stuck in the wilderness cycle of abuse, fraud and disrespect. 

Instead, simply ask the Lord to expose and remove those He deems to be Shebnas. Together lets call forth His Eliakims to arise. This strategy, shown to us so clearly on the Suncoast Rising Tour, is key for America’s new season.