TURNAROUND TUESDAY! Focused intercession for sons and daughters as well as for God’s Eliakims to arise across the land (Isaiah 22:22). Take the day to pray! 

CALL WEDNESDAY! 9PM ET. Phone: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Pre-broadcast prayer at 8:45pm!

2-22-2022 TURNAROUND TUESDAY GLOBAL LAUNCH! Hosted by Jon & Jolene with Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Becca Greenwood, Chris Mitchell Jr, Trinity prayer pastors Anthony and Melissa Medina, more. Special message by Lou Engle! Registration is now open.  

Location: Trinity Church Cedar Hill (south Dallas) TX, 1231 E. Pleasant Run. Session 1: 1pm-4:30pm. Session 2: 7pm-10pm. 


FIRST—REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR 2-22—The Turnaround Tuesday Global Launch! Turnaround Tuesdays is God’s summons to prayer for a generation to return to Jesus. You will experience a turnaround! You will be equipped. You will receive impartation. You will have time to connect. We believe your life, and even the life of this nation, will change. 

BUT DON’T WAIT FOR THE CONFERENCE. Begin now! Take time today to pray for your spiritual children and natural children. Decree also that God’s Eliakims arise to positions of leadership in their spheres. Remember Eliakim’s greatest qualification was that he was a FATHER to the house of Judah—the nation—and the inhabitants of Jerusalem—the capital city.


Discovering the Power of God’s Turnaround
(Adapted from forthcoming book Turnaround Decrees)

Jolene and I have experienced miracles as we pursued God’s turnarounds, at His direction. It all began in 2014 when we were directed by Holy Spirit to a passage of Scripture we have since come to call “the Turnaround Verdict.” We gathered at Faneuil Hall in Boston on 7-22 to receive this Daniel 7:22 verdict. Historic Faneuil Hall is actually where many founders met to mobilize towards the American Revolution. And the gathering proved revolutionary for us. The trajectory for us personally, as well as for the nation, began to shift dramatically from that date forward. From Daniel 7:

I kept watching, and that horn was waging war with the saints and prevailing against them, until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the kingdom (Daniel 7:21-22).

The “Turnaround Verdict” conveys a dramatic change of events. One moment the saints are being utterly defeated, while the next moment they are being released to possess the Kingdom. Wow does that sound familiar to our world.

The process shown—approaching the Lord as the Ancient of Days, and securing His verdict in your favor—is central to unleashing the potential of Heaven’s turnaround in your life and sphere. 

So many miraculous interventions occurred immediately following the release of this verdict. Churches have come alive. Broken lives have been repaired. Physical healings have occurred. Lost people have discovered, or rediscovered, the power of their Redeemer. Longstanding promises seemingly stuck in a perpetual void have suddenly come to birth. The faithfulness of our God has become His real-time handiwork in the midst of everyday life, for all to see. Even government has shifted by God’s hand in an unmistakeable way, right before our eyes in Washington DC. 

But by the grace of God, the greatest turnaround we’ve yet experienced actually came not to the nation or to the White House, but to our own house. It answered the deepest longings of our hearts for our son and daughter. And it framed much of this new expression of the movement He is initiating in our midst. 

Many of you have already heard my son’s testimony, when it was shared by Lou Engle at the Global Prophetic Summit last November. In fall of 2014, shortly after the “Turnaround Verdict” was first released at Faneuil Hall, our hearts became strongly resolved to pursue His national turnaround. A gentle rebuke redirected our path. Before we even sought to attain His national turnaround, the Lord wanted us to prioritize family turnarounds. Malachi 4:6 makes this priority so clear. 

 “He will turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, so that I will not come and strike the land with complete destruction” (Malachi 4:6).

So on Christmas Day 2014, we started a year-long project with our Lamplighter Family called “Turnaround Tuesday.” Every Tuesday was set aside for contending prayer, framed at God’s invitation by Daniel 7:22. We prayed fervently for our own children and for the children of those connected with us for the Lord’s turnaround to prevail.

And a genuine Christmas miracle broke forth exactly one year to the day we began. For discretion’s sake I won’t go into too many details. But our son Jonathan had fallen away from the Lord during his final few years in college. In early December 2015 our son Jonathan contacted us. For the first time in years, he wanted to spend his birthday and Christmas together. 

And on Christmas morning in 2015, again a year to the date we first began to pray, Jonathan experienced a dramatic visitation from the Lord. Jesus Himself appeared to him in a vision. With hands outstretched and open arms, the Son of God compelled our son to “return home!”

You already know how Jesus rolls. The miracle we were all praying for became just the beginning of the turnaround story. We’ll save that for later. 

But Jesus wants you to know that He loves your child, your son or daughter, even more than you. He will withhold nothing in pursuit of their hearts, their souls, their lives. Your part and mine is to pray. More accurately, to contend in prayer until the miracle you and God both want is manifested before your eyes, just as it was with us.

So lets train, lets pursue, lets contend together for a generation to break free and arise to God’s true destiny. And join us on 2-22-2022 for teaching, impartation and prayer as we launch!