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“Heaven’s verdict has now become your commission!”—from the posting. 

First—hard to believe tomorrow we leave for Rome. The tour begins next week! Know that we are carrying the fire of your prayers and blessings with us. 

Thank you for covering Jolene, myself and the team for the White House tour last night. What a way to begin Yom Kippur. And Heaven’s verdict for President Trump and our nation could not have been more clear on this Day of Atonement! 

Forgiven. Accuser restrained. His accusations disempowered. Jezebel down! Grace released to complete the turnaround initiated by the Lord on behalf of this nation. 

And a mid-term visitation has been decreed. 

Below are four aspects of God’s verdict this Yom Kippur, as best I understand it. I believe this is for God’s work in our government, for Israel and the nations with Rome to Jerusalem, as well as for many of you personally.

  1. Jezebel Down. The Court cites its previous precedent in Jezebel v Naboth. Jezebel sought to take down Naboth to possess his vineyard as her own. The word Naboth means “prophetic words.” He was chosen by God to oversee “the vineyard of prophetic destiny” for his land. In the same manner, forces tied to the occult have sought to take over the United States of America and paralyze the people of God from fulfilling the prophetic destiny the Lord has ordained for the nation.

    Jezebel’s strategy to overtake the vineyard of prophetic destiny included three facets. First, occult targeting against Naboth. Second, false testimony or false accusations in the court of public opinion, especially among the most influential in the land. Third, false testimony or false accusations in the court of law. This same strategy is being employed today.

    The sincere Teshuvah, or repentance, and prayers of the saints have been considered in this case as of Yom Kippur 2018. The Court therefore receives the body and blood of Jesus Christ as atonement for the sins of the Nation and has therefore decided the Nation remains in right standing with God’s covenant. With the predication that repentance demands a course correction in personal conduct in order to remain valid before this Court.

    Just as with Jezebel v Naboth, the Lord has taken into consideration the full scope of false testimony and false accusation through both the media and the justice system of America. He who searches minds and hearts has considered not only the injustice perpetuated by accusations and slander, but the intentionality behind these accusations. The Court rules that the seditious intentions behind these actions ultimately equate to sedition against God Himself.

    According to the precedent set in Jezebel v Naboth,  God’s verdict against Jezebel and Ahab, so the Lord has rendered judgement against Jezebel and those who remain aligned with this expression of the Baal principality through covenant, word and action. The vineyard therefore must remain in the stewardship of those whom He appointed to rule under God. And the window must remain open for the turnaround initiated by this Court to be completed in all facets of the three constitutionally-ordained branches of government. Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom. Daniel 7:22. 

  2. Mid-Term Visitation. With the caveat again that these appointees must continue to align through Teshuvah, as required by Heaven’s Court. In its decision to uphold the stewards God appointed over the Nation to secure its turnaround, the Court cites the precedent of Joshua the High Priest as recorded in Zechariah 3. Joshua was set in place by God as the High Priest long before he was fully cleansed from his sins or the sins of his forefathers. When accusations destabilized Joshua’s capacities to rule, Heaven’s Court was convened. A midterm visitation was decreed. It was decided then, and is decided now, that the Accuser be rebuked and restrained. And that the filthy garments of iniquity tied to these accusations be removed from Joshua, his iniquity taken atoned for, cleansed, and removed, with a new mantle of rulership granted. Finally it was decided that Joshua be recommissioned into the high office in which he was already serving.

    According to this precedent, a mid-term visitation has thus been decreed.

  3. Teshuvah has been mandated by the Court re: accusation and defilement across the nation. In rendering this judgement the Court cites as precedent Isaiah 6. Isaiah did not perceive that he was a man of unclean lips, and that he dwelt in the midst of a people of unclean lips, until the unveiling of the King of glory. Therefore a move of Holy Spirit bringing the restoration of holy conviction has been decreed. A response of teshuvah is mandated, and fresh grace for cleansing will be released as this becomes the cry of your heart. 
  4. Rome to Jerusalem—disengagement from the roots of Roman paganism, and restoration to covenant with Jesus Christ alone. More on this in upcoming postings. For now, just know that as of Yom Kippur 2018, this verdict has been released. LET MY PEOPLE GO!