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DEAR TURNAROUND CATALYSTS,TURNAROUND TUESDAY JANUARY 17, 1PM ET. SECRETS OF THE MANTLE! God is restoring the hearts of the fathers and mothers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their mothers and fathers. And He is turning a Nation back to Him! 

FIRST—REMEMBER how prayer unlocks your heart. Please pray for your sons and daughters today! 

Most of you know we have been involved in a prophetic action to “pick up the mantle of Elijah” based on a vision given in July 2022. This is an overflow from the call to launch Turnaround Tuesday last year at this time. In Tuesday’s broadcast you’re going to learn secrets of the Elijah mantle, much of which was shared on New Years Eve during Revolution 2022. So join us today!

Spirit of Elijah Tour! Plus Revolution ’22 Downloads
And please allow me to invite you to two opportunities that will help your life in God to grow significantly. First, join us April 19-May 1 for the Spirit of Elijah Tour in Israel. Jolene and I are co-leading along with Ed Watts, James Nesbit, and Jamie Fitt. I promise you will never be the same!

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Second, we are excited to make available to you the digital downloads for Revolution 2022. What we have shared in brief will be both taught and imparted to you. We are excited to offer these  teachings and moments in God at the exceptional cost of only $25. 

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