Top: View of Temple Mount from Succat Hallel. Mid left: Mosaic of Jesus carrying cross near first-century street. Mid right: Young campaigners for Netanyahu. Below left: Appeal to Heaven… answered! Below right: Prayer at Succat Hallel. 

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“Against all odds, a great victory for the Likud, for the nationalist camp led by the Likud, and for the people of Israel”—Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, 10:45 pm Tuesday, Israel time. 

Turnaround Tuesday… someone must have been praying! Because moments ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared victory in a tight election pollsters were openly predicting he would lose.

From a historic speech before Congress to a nail-biting election night, Israel’s Prime Minister faced down seemingly insurmountable opposition. And in many ways, so did each of you who interceded. Every moment of our time here in Jerusalem I was aware of your prayers and care. And as this Purim Campaign concludes, words cannot express our gratitude for taking this extraordinary journey with us!

That said, now more than ever your prayers are needed. Because though a phase of this journey has just concluded, in many ways it has only just begun.

I will report more in days ahead. But for now, please ponder that together we have watched and prayed through historic, turnaround elections in both America and now Israel. Both elections seemed to pivot on two extraordinary verdicts recorded in Daniel 7:22 and Psalm 125:3. Judgment has been rendered in favor of the saints, with an antichrist spirit restrained. Further, the scepter of the wicked is being rescinded from the land allotted to the righteous.

As we wrote yesterday, no force in heaven, hell or earth can stop the enforcement of His verdict of justice.

The thrones of the earth belong to the Lord. So grateful for this victory, and God’s faithfulness to His covenant promise. No King but Jesus!