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Jolene and I tend to lay low in the days before a conference. But on Saturday we felt a nudge to go to the Gate. So glad we did! Because the prophetic release was extraordinary, setting the course for Revolution 2014 just a few days from now.

Our prophetic friend Lynnie Harlow burst things open with the prophetic word below. She saw a huge mantle descending over DC and the nation for this time period.

You might not think this is such a big deal, but the Lord had just given us a major directive on this very subject. Lynnie had no idea that receiving His “Turnaround Mantle” was mandated as a primary focus of Revolution. I had received a word on “The mantle in the whirlwind.” Earlier Saturday, Revolution co-host Abildness had just shared with me a vision where William Penn showed up and released his mantle for establishing godly governance!

We don’t need to tell you how desperately Washington DC needs to recover this covering…

The Thanksgiving holiday bears witness that our land and government was established by covenant with Jesus Christ. Penn literally received a download from the Lord on a new prototype of godly governance—where the governance of the people reflects His covenant love. Not a coincidence that Pennsylvania was chosen by the Continental Congress as the location to both announce the Revolution and forge our Constitution!

A major reason we are gathering for Revolution 2014 in metro DC is to see the Lord release again this dimension of godly governance again, and shift our nation accordingly according to our covenantal foundations. So it’s not a coincidence that Abby and I spent an hour conversing over Penn’s mantle, and then out of the middle of nowhere Lynnie Harlow brings the following word of the Lord.

Let me hit pause for just a moment. Did I mention that the speaker at the Gate that followed Lynnie’s proclamation dedicated his whole message to declaring a new move of God’s Spirit. Jim White, of Healing Rooms, felt the Lord speak to him that the coming move isn’t a revival, IT’S A REVOLUTION.

Years ago my husband and I were speaking at a conference at Founders Inn in Virginia Beach. One of the other guest speaker’s husband was sitting across the room from me. I looked over at him and immediately went into a vision. What I saw was a Jewish prayer shawl falling from heaven and landing on him. I noticed it was turned backwards, the back was wrapped around his front and the opening was in the back. I heard the Lord say to me, “I want you to reverse the mantle, he’s been wearing it wrong, and he’s been holding himself down”.

I struggled with doing this because his wife was one of the guest speakers and I wasn’t sure how she would take it. But after wrestling with God most of the night over it, I decided to go and speak to the Hostess of the Conference. I shared with her what God spoke to me, and also shared I’d never heard of this before but knew it was God. I told her if she thought I should not do this then to tell me and I would not. She told me to do what God was telling me to do.

So that night during the prayer time I prophetically did this. I took the mantle (prayer shaw) and wrapping it around him backwards then decreed the Mantle was being reversed and I placed it on him the correct way. I told him the Lord said it the mantel had to be reversed because he was holding himself down wearing it wrong.

A few days after the conference I received an email from his wife (the other guest speaker). She was apologizing to me because she had been offended when I performed the prophetic act over her husband and had even talked to the conference host about it. But a few days after the conference, the Father woke her up and told her to go to the attic and pull out the pictures from her trip to Hawaii they had been on a few years earlier. When she did she came across a photo of her husband standing on a hill beside a rock. There was a glitch in the picture and it took a double exposure (two images of him) only one was standing above the other and he had his hand on his head and it literally looked like he was holding himself down.

Fast forwarding to last night at the GATE 11/29/2014. I was standing in the back of the room during worship. All at once I saw a Prayer Shawl falling from Heaven over the United States and I heard the Lord say the same thing he told me that day at that conference. He said, “I AM REVERSING THE MANTLE OVER THIS NATION…THE HAND THAT HAS BEEN HOLDING IT BACK HAS BEEN LIFTED”.

I felt like God was saying we’ve been wearing the Mantle He has placed over the United States of American wrong, and it is holding us back. It’s time to prophetically reverse this thing and and place it correctly on the shoulders of this Great Nation.

Lynnie Harlow

His Shofar Ministry