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Chuck Pierce and team ministered in Jerusalem last night—and prophetically released God’s turnaround!

Talk about timing. It was an honor to share at Chuck’s request on Daniel 7:22, God’s judgment in favor of the saints, and the turnaround the Lord granted in America’s elections. We together prophesied the same turnaround for Israel!

I also shared briefly about God’s “Glory Procession,” which ultimately culminates with Jesus establishing His Throne on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem.

We knew a primary reason for coming to Israel was to receive a fresh commissioning and mantle for the “Glory Train”—the next phase of this unfolding Glory Procession We’ve been praying this whole time about a “mantle in the whirlwind.” We are so humbled by God’s orchestrations to grant a double portion.

Leave it to Chuck Pierce to actually mpart to us a “whirlwind mantle”…. in Jerusalem! Remember that whirlwinds often represent the restoration of God’s glory! The mantle is stunning, picturing a whirlwind in motion.

You just cannot make this up.

The next morning, Linda Wyatt and Kathy Magnusson prayed over us. Linda gave us her very own “Elisha mantle,” which she received from the other side of the Jordan river where Elijah ascended in the whirlwind, and where the mantle dropped for his protege. This is the very area where John the Baptist later ministered… in the spirit and power of Elijah.

I thought you might enjoy some photos below.

Clockwise: Rick and Patti Ridings, Norma Sarvis and others worship during Chuck Pierce’s meeting. Jon receives the whirlwind mantle from Chuck. Jon & Jolene receive a special “Elisha’s mantle” from Linda Wyatt. Steve & Taffy Carpenter lead an incredible worship session at Succat Hallel. View of Mt. Zion from Linda’s home.