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THIS POST BEGAN IN THE AIR somewhere between Washington DC and Brunswick GA, where we joined with Jamie and Redonnia Jackson, Becca Greenwood, Anthony Turner, Jimmy and Kathi Todd and others for a private evening baptism last night.

En route yesterday I read Supreme Court justice Anthony Alito’s extraordinary draft opinion on Dobbs v Jackson. The leak of the opinion came during our Home Group meeting, just after a very strategic DC prayer journey with our friends. THE LID COMES OFF!

The draft essentially overthrows federal legalized abortion, returning the determination of the legality of the practice to the states. As my friend Adam Schindler noted on the Turnaround Tuesday broadcast yesterday, the leaked opinion is not just a repudiation of the Roe v Wade decision but a restoration of the the Constitution as a plumbline for Supreme Court decisions.

Save the Day
In the baptism waters last night, the water was wild. I had an unusual prophetic experience. In the spirit eagle wings formed on me, and then I was swept up over the Atlantic coast. 

Soon after Anthony Turner prophesied “Paul Revere.” I just looked at him. He literally had no idea that the Revere word had been a prominent focus for over twenty years. He then said simply, “Like Revere you are called to save the day!”

I believe that’s a word for all of us. Time for Revere to ride… or soar… or whatever. Time for us all to advance! And from the baptism waters of Brunswick to the revival corridor of the Gate DC to the highest halls of power in DC—immediately after a breakthrough prayer journey—THE LID COMES OFF! 

Turnaround for Life! 21 Day Vigil
That said, when we wrote Sunday how God was moving to bring a turnaround for LIFE in this season, we never expected it to be confirmed so quickly. Holy Spirit alerted us not only to strengthen our faith, but also to summon us to vigilant prayer over these next few weeks. He warned us clearly about the need for prayer to thwart plans of sabotage and unholy fire. 

Rarely has such a watch been more imperative! Note that the draft Supreme Court verdict was not officially announced, so it is by no means settled law. 

So why would someone have leaked Justice Alito’s draft? Very possibly to attempt to thwart the final decision. Pressure on the Supreme Court jurists to change their minds has already increased exponentially. KEEP THE JUSTICES IN PRAYER!

And remember—this verdict is an aspect of your inheritance, as conveyed by Dan. 7:22. Turnaround! Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy, and releasing the saints to possess the Kingdom.   

As we wrote in Sunday’s post:

That said, let me share some good stuff first. We are in the final forerunning stages of an unstoppable turnaround from the Lord. Watch for breakthroughs regarding LIFE, election integrity, and more. Watch for movements of Holy Spirit revival. Again, in this season what the enemy sought to achieve from 2020 til now is being thwarted. It is being reversed. THE LID COMES OFF!

At the same time extremely evil plans are now in play right now, even to force the United States and other nations into a global governmental structure in a way we can barely comprehend…. Many of these plans are being exposed and thwarted as I write. Many are still play. Lets press in by the Spirit for full breakthrough. Because Holy Spirit knows how to pray even when we don’t. Tongues of fire to conquer the enemy’s unholy fire! 

The time for turnaround has come. And the enemy knows it. Which makes for an intense, sometimes volatile season. This is much like the days of Jesus in the wilderness, when the enemy confronted Him and tested Him to try and thwart the movement that was about to be unleashed. 

In Jesus’ day, fasting, prayer, immersion in the word and obedience to Holy Spirit brought overwhelming victory. And it will in your day too. Which is why the following admonition is so important. LETS TAKE THE NEXT THREE WEEKS TO KEEP WATCH. 

Heaven’s Trumpet has Sounded! Crossing Over into a New Era
THE GLORY OF GOD MOVED Saturday night at the Gate DC. Steve and Maryane Levine hosted a Breakthrough gathering with Ken Fish and Becca Greenwood, and we came along to support. I had the privilege of briefly sharing and prophesying over Washington DC, leading a corporate proclamation that THE LID COMES OFF.

During worship the Lord spoke to encourage Becca that He will lead her in the pathway of breakthrough for the night, and at the end the angelic hosts of the Lord for breakthrough would be released. 

Becca brought a phenomenal word. As she shared, the presence of God became weightier and weightier. Many people became overwhelmed by Holy Spirit as Becca brought us into a corporate visitation. A “holy hush” descended. Many were on their faces weeping, some in travail. At times spontaneous songs of worship broke out, returning to silent awe afterwards. 

At some point an angelic host of the Lord truly began to move. Becca, Ken Fish and I all discerned this movement at the same time. We separately became aware that an angel was sounding a trumpet over Washington DC. Ken actually heard the trumpet sounding for five entire minutes.

Why was the angel of the Lord sounding the trumpet? In retrospect, first off to alert God’s people that breakthrough is at hand. The alert was sounded that we are now in an “all hands on deck” moment.

Here’s a second reason. Becca mentioned to us that, while praying, she sensed the move of the Spirit, and the trumpet sounding, was an alert that Washington DC and our nation had CROSSED OVER into a new season. Actually the new era that had been prophesied at the beginning of 2020. 

Now that new era was confirmed very quickly with the release of Justice Alito’s opinion on overthrowing Roe v Wade. A new era! Which brings us to the third meaning of the trumpet sounding. The Courts of Heaven and earth are now literally in agreement. THE COVENANT WITH DEATH AND HELL HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN ANNULLED.

Chris Mitchell—“America, God is not finished with You!”
Which brings me to a final prophetic experience. On April 29, just a day before God’s governmental glory moved at the Gate DC and the trumpet sounded, Chris Mitchell Jr had a prophetic experience. He was at the Founders Cross in Virginia Beach, where the founders cut covenant with the Lord. This covenant was severely breached, but Heaven’s Court has clearly conveyed it has now been repaired. 

One year previously at this very gate of covenant, Chris had been given an ancient plumbline from Israel. The Lord had led him to drop the plumbline over the east gate and nation, commanding covenant alignment. 

This year he approached this historic gate with trepidation. Given the condition of America and the many words prophesying her demise, what would the Lord speak to him?

In Chris’ own words:

For many years we (countless faithful ones, some known to me others not) have contended to see the historic breaches that haven undermined the destiny of America healed. I believe we are seeing this take place. 

As I stood on the shores today, on the 415th anniversary of the first landing, that Plumbline in my hand over the Atlantic again, a bald eagle emerged from the tree line and began to circle…. And the word of the Lord came as follows. “America, God is not finished with You. THE EAGLES ARE ARISING!”