Today America awoke to some unsettling feedback from Iran. Millions of Iranians took to the streets, chanting “Death to Israel, Down with America!” Flags were burned, as well as posters of Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama.

The protests were not a reaction against the nuclear deal. Instead, as we shared yesterday, the most significant deadline for this deal actually converged with the day Iran designates to curse the nation of Israel. “Al Quds Day,” or “Jerusalem Day” is demarcated annually by vitriolic anti-Israeli and anti-American protests.

This year a new enemy has joined the ranks—Saudi Arabia. With marchers now chanting, “Down with the US, Israel and the House of Saud.” Tensions between Shiite Iran and Saudi Arabia have escalated dramatically as Iran continues to pursue nuclear capacities.

Esther Moment for Nuclear Deal?
Perhaps not coincidentally, Al Quds Day, this deadline for the Iranian nuclear deal, also falls on the seventh day of the Jewish season of mourning known as Dire Straits. But for now at least, it seems as though a generational curse has been broken. It appears that no nuclear deal with Iran will be closed on Al Quds Day!

Perhaps this makes today an “Esther moment” for God’s covenant land. Just as with Purim, God has seemingly orchestrated a turnaround on the very day picked by the Hamans of Iran to curse the Jews!

Zarif—You Cannot Change Horses…
A fresh expression of resolve by Secretary of State John Kerry over the nuclear deal has apparently brought much frustration to Iranian negotiators in Vienna. “Mark my words,” tweeted Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. “ You cannot change horses in the middle of a stream!”

Say what? Zarif’s allusion to horses in this deal has puzzled politicos worldwide. But to this DC intercessor, it represents an extraordinary answer to prayer. Because it is the very language God used with us to declare His intended shift!

Vision of Horses—Shifting Iranian Nuclear Deal
Below is a vision posted on May 13, recounting a vision of the nuclear deal with Iran. In the vision, the Lord used horses to represent represent the delegates driving the deal. I saw the Lord “crack the whip” over these horses and redirect the momentum of the deal.

Last night, I had a vision of horses, mostly white, pulling some kind of carriage. They were running very fast under duress. I felt immediately that the horses represented delegates who were driving the nuclear deal with Iran. 

As the vision continued, I saw and heard the Lord “crack the whip.” This whip didn’t come from any driver, but from the Lord Himself! The horses immediately and intuitively galloped to the right. In other words, redirecting the course of the negotiations into a right direction from Heaven’s perspective. A turnaround.

Beloved, lets keep in prayer. Because on this Al Quds day, converging with both the Iranian nuclear deadline and the Jewish season of Dire Straits, we might very well be witnessing an “Esther moment.” And what satan meant for evil, God might just be turning around for good.

That said, lets continue to keep President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the American delegation to Vienna in prayer. Continue to pray that the momentum of this nuclear deal shifts from wrong to right! In Jesus’ Name!