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“This is their greatest work in their finest hour.”—James W. Goll 

SHAVUOT MARKS THE TIME Moses ascended the mountain of God to receive Heaven’s scrolls. In his case it was the Ten Commandments, God’s marital covenant with His people. While writing our new book “Turnaround Decrees,” I knew that Shavuot 2022 would mark a similar time for the body of Christ. It’s time for you and me to ascend His mountain. And there are literally TURNAROUND SCROLLS awaiting your arrival!

And on Shavuot it’s our honor to now present to you an important book to help you gain all that God desires to give you. Take a moment now to order TURNAROUND DECREES! As you do, may the face of the Lion of Judah shine on you. May His winds resurrect your hope. And may you enter into a new trajectory to impact your life and world!

And please join us Sunday morning and evening for the Pentecost dedication and launch of Turnaround Decrees at Church on the Rock in Oklahoma City. 

Many have wanted to change their past, wishing they could “right the wrongs” but hopelessly believing it wasn’t possible,” Apostle John Benefiel wrote in his endorsement. “In Turnaround Decrees you will find the hope to change the past and prepare for the future…This is a book of proven events that will give you tools to see the Kingdom of God and His covenant destiny come into place…”

Dutch Sheets Intro—Excerpt
We are thrilled that Dutch Sheets agreed to write the introduction to Turnaround Decrees. He wrote:

Make no mistake about it, the power to change the world resides in the womb of the church, lying in wait for the spirit of revelation to awaken it.

And Heaven’s alarm clock is about to sound.

This book, and I’m sure there will be many more released by Holy Spirit, is part of Heaven’s reveille. The Captain of the Lord’s Host has issued a command from Heaven and Holy Spirit is releasing it on earth: “Wake up, church! I need you to be who you are. You’re My government on earth, My power agents, My ambassadors, My distributors.”

Jon and Jolene Hamill have given us a brilliant, compelling, practical, and captivating tool. It will stir the pregnant waters of the strongest force on earth. The power in you will be unlocked as you read it, and you will see personal turnarounds. Just as importantly, Heaven’s cause on earth will see turnarounds, as well. I guarantee it.

These words are so humbling. Please pray with us that the book will live up to these words. They are sacred to us. 

The Turnaround! 7-22-22, Boston MA
Speaking of which… DUTCH SHEETS IS JOINING THE TURNAROUND! Dutch just connected with us that he received the “green light” from Holy Spirit. It’s turnaround time!

THIS GATHERING WILL BE STRATEGIC. Dutch Sheets joined us eight years ago at Faneuil Hall when we initially received the Turnaround Verdict, setting in motion an extraordinary journey filled with God’s heart and hand in action. One of the things we discovered is that Boston marked the original city where the Appeal to Heaven flag was first flown—by the Massachusetts Navy. It was therefore all the more extraordinary to see how this Appeal to Heaven movement, spearheaded nationally by Dutch, returned to the place of origin so the Appeal for our time could be made.

And now we are returning again.

As mentioned yesterday, it was in 2014 that the Lord spoke to us about a “turnaround verdict” He wanted to grant our nation, centered around Daniel 7:22. Our new book “Turnaround Decrees” chronicles the extraordinary journey we’ve been on, receiving personal turnarounds as well as national turnarounds that have advanced God’s kingdom with consistency and precision. 

We are now entering another historic window of opportunity. Make plans now to join us. And be sure to pick up your copy of “Turnaround Decrees!” Covenant blessings to each of you.


June 2-4 Prophetic Council—privateJune 5 PENTECOST! 11am ET, 7pm ET. Jon, Jolene, Chris Mitchell speaking at Church on the Rock, OKC with Apostle John Benefiel, Pastor Rhett Benefiel. Watch at https://cotr.tvJune 5-7 Private Covenant Congress—privateJune 21 Jim & Lori Bakker Show, Branson MOJune 22 7pm New Life Worship Center, Tahlequah OKJune 24-26 Decree Turnaround! Josiah Center, St. Paul MN


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