TONIGHT! 9PM ET WEDNESDAY CONFERENCE CALL with Chris Mitchell and CA leaders Billie Alexander and Audrey Pannier. Phone: (425) 436-6287 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us. Remember again pre-broadcast prayer begins at 8:45pm! 

GLORY TRAIN JACKSONVILLE! SEPTEMBER 15-17th, 7pm nightly. OVER YOM KIPPUR, Chazah Fellowship will be hosting The Glory Train with Jonathan & Jolene Hamill and Chris Mitchell. LOCATION: Old Chapel at Beaches Museum & Railroad, 381 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, Florida 32250

INVESTING IN THE GLORY TRAIN! Help us finish strong. August 8 marks the first day of Elul, where the firstfruits are presented to the Lord. Lets give generously and seal the covenant breakthrough He has granted. Sow into God’s breakthrough highway of glory, and watch Him secure your pathway in breakthrough!

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OUT OF THE WILDERNESS, GOD IS PREPARING THE WAY!Jolene and I, as well as Chris Mitchell and his wife Aletia, are now with precious friends on the far north westernmost boundary of the continental United States before returning to the East Coast. Some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is right here. Eagles are soaring. Seals are passing through the straits. What a perfect location to seal the Ancient of Days tour with you in prayer. You won’t want to miss tonight’s call! 

On our call tonight we will host a special recap with Chris Mitchell Jr as well as Billie Alexander, our San Diego host and founder of Limitless Realms, as well as HAPN CA leader and regional leader Audrey Pannier. Please join us. And lets agree together for the Eliakim shift from the east coast to the west coast!

THE TURNAROUND WINDOW IS OPEN! We saw the gates open as we moved through the Ancient of Days tour. As of August 8 we have entered 40 days of Teshuvah. And the Lord is confirming the seriousness of the hour with signs following. 

Yesterday, on “Turnaround Tuesday,” Andrew Cuomo finally announced he is resigning after documentation of sexual harassment was compiled and presented. Our hearts and prayers are with the many who suffered from the abuse of power, and their families. 

Friends we are in the beginning of a comprehensive “Eliakim shift.” God is cleaning out the halls of government. I believe this movement will impact the west coast as it has the east coast. 

Remember that covenant is the key to unlocking this freedom movement. Glory, deliverance and inheritance are all secured by covenant! All of which made culminating the Glory Train tour in San Diego literally a dream come true. What an honor to seal our Nation’s covenant with God coast to coast under a tent in a stunning wedding venue complete with a waterfall! 

And the Lord moved so powerfully. We will share more tonight. Note that the waterfall itself was a sign to us. Our ministry began with a dream in which a small trickle of water became a massive waterfall, emanating from a covenant rainbow. The Lord thundered, “THE WATERS ARE RELEASED! 

During the tour Audrey Pannier, one of our guests tonight, shared with me an extraordinary dream featuring the Glory Train and a rainbow colored with crayons. I thought we’d share it with you today. Such an incredible sign. Again, you cannot make this stuff up! Covenant with God is impacting our sons and daughters as the glory of the Lord is restored. Turnaround time!

Glory Train Dream—Sign of the Rainbow! Audrey Pannier
During a prayer nap I had the following dream. It had a few different scenes that seemed to be connected in terms of the movement and shift of focus among them. 

In the main scene I was standing next to a large train engine that was colored with crayons in a rainbow pattern and rainbow colors plus other colors including white. It was on a concrete slab inside a tall chain link fence on a grassy field with trees. The property belonged to a church that looked more like an office building or apartment building than a church. Leadership people were meeting in the building and they had assigned to me the task of taking care of the train engine. They didn’t want anything to do with it, but they knew that someone needed to do something, so they delegated that to me as they spoke among themselves. No one actually told me that it was my job, but by the spirit I knew that it was. 

It seemed like I had started at “my apartment” and as I left there, I encountered a man in a hoodie. He turned toward me and removed the hoodie which revealed that it was my “adopted son” from Ghana, a prophet and evangelist whom I renamed Joseph. His given name is Francis. He seemed to represent the glory of the anointed prophetic evangelism that he is known for, and that is common in many churches and crusades in Ghana. He didn’t say anything, but I knew that he was confirming to me that it was, indeed, my task to take care of the train engine. 

Then I found myself with some other women and we were trying to get to another place, so we came out of the place we had been in.  We went outside and started to walk toward the next place we were going to, but we were quickly surrounded by young men who seemed threatening at first. Once they found out what we were about, the Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, they turned out to be for us and they protected us. 

The train engine was a real engine, actual size, and it was decorated with a rainbow that looked like it had been colored by children with crayons. I could see the crayon strokes that went upward in a curved diagonal from the left to the right of the engine which encompassed the entire right side of the engine. It was parked and contained within a structure that made it seem like a museum item (an old move of God). 

As I was sharing the dream and praying into it on one of our daily prayer calls, I saw the engine break free of the fence and then I saw it on a train track, rolling along with a large cow catcher/plow mechanism on the front. It had all turned to golden rainbow hues and it was rolling along powerfully, breaking through and demolishing demonic strongholds in its path, and at the same time, scooping up the people along the way and tossing them lightly into the cars it was pulling. 

This represents a shift from an old paradigm of church indoors, tending established doctrine and keeping a symbol of a past move of God on the premises, but not wanting to get involved with it. God’s covenant promise is still full of life and power for those who will tend to it and embrace it with faith and expectation. God is ready to send His glory forth with the power and dynamism of a great train engine that can remove things in its way and rescue the people from the demonic strongholds at the same time. 

Those who have been praying, waiting on God, watching and expecting the movement to begin, will see their dreams come true. God will do all that He has promised us!