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PRAY FOR AHMAUD AUBREY HEARING! Urgent. Begins today. The multicultural body of Christ in Brunswick GA has taken a tremendous, united stand. God’s justice must prevail. Lets join them in prayer! 

KEEP WATCH OVER SUPREME COURT HEARINGS—Texas now and Mississippi hearings in early December, ultimately deciding on the constitutionality of abortion. Lets decree God’s Isaiah 28 turnaorund. Heaven’s Court prevails! 

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ONE YEAR AGO OUR BEST ASPIRATIONS were met with crushing grief as God’s promised turnaround seemed to collapse. You know our journey since. During our midnight hour, the Lord declared He is re-releasing the Daniel 7:22 turnaround, judgement in favor of the saints. Further He promised that this turnaround would manifest the promises of Isaiah 54 to His body and to the nation. 

It’s now on.

Remember Back to the Future. Time to repair the past to redeem the present and secure God’s dream for our future. His promises were confirmed by the Lord through extraordinary signs, including a rainbow over the US Capitol, a lightning strike on the Washington Monument, and even the rare descent of the Back to the Future DeLorean on the National Mall!

Though it all, the best news was that our covenant with Him remained upheld by Heaven’s Court. 

ONE YEAR FROM THE 2020 ELECTIONS, THE TURNAROUND has now begun—in our own back yard, our home state of Virginia! Even with Northern Virginia paving the way. That is a true miracle. Seriously. “No King but Jesus” has taken on new meaning!

There is so much to this story. Including the reconstitution of America’s founding covenants, cleansed and repaired from the reproach of the endorsement of slavery from Virginia. Our combined pleas for forgiveness have truly been met with mercy. Now not only has Virginia become the first fruit of God’s turnaround, but Winsome Sears has become the first African American to ever hold the office of Lieutenant Governor! Without going into detail, Chris Mitchell gave a word about this. And lets just say the word of the Lord has prevailed.

SPEAKING OF WHICH… here are a few prophetic insights from White House Watchmen that speak into this election. 

Restoring the Virginity of Virginia”—Parents’ Revolution
“I am restoring the virginity of Virginia!” This prophecy, which the Lord highlighted for our book White House Watchmen, originated from a post we put out in May 2012. Note that the “turnaround moment” for the Virginia race actually centered around an extraordinary injustice of sexual abuse in northern Virginia’s Loudon County. A trans-sexual biological male, identifying as a woman, allegedly raped a teen girl in a woman’s restroom of their high school. Astonishingly the whole incident was covered up by school officials who had embraced an extreme leftist agenda and apparently did not want the negative consequences exposed. 

The incident caused an absolute uprising, this time among parents. A genuine REVOLUTION. And this revolution is absolutely  setting the course for 2024 and beyond.

“I Will Not Allow Your Defiled Waters to Redirect the Course of this Nation!”
Here’s another prophetic word from White House Watchmen. From the book:

“Keeping watch from our perch, I was amazed to see a bald eagle soaring over the Potomac recently… Note this wasn’t a vision, it was real. Nevertheless I sensed the Lord speaking prophetically through the experience. A clear word of warning to the Democratic Party—really to both parties—followed.

“The Lord says, RETURN TO ME! Dive into the cleansing water of My blue wave. Let My revelation cleanse you. Let the current of My river redirect you from the sewer your platform is spiraling headlong into. Open your eyes underwater and let me wash all defilement from your vision. Let Me release My waters and birth you anew. 

For I desire a left wing and right wing for My eagle of this nation, pure and strong, so that I may thrust this nation higher. But know that I have already rendered My judgement against the evil intentions and immorality you have propagated even to my children in this land. Therefore I WILL NOT ALLOW YOUR DEFILED WATERS TO DIRECT THE COURSE OF THIS NATION any more.”

Hear God’s heart in this. He wants all of us—whatever political party or affiliation—to return to covenant with Him, and return to the biblical values which provide the infrastructure for our greatness. He wants a left wing and a right wing centered in Him so we can soar higher. The other option is to fly aimlessly in circles and eventually be devoured by each other. I believe the challenges of the coronavirus made this clear.

Final point. God wants the prophets to return to this same plumbline of covenant consecration to Him. We are not to be owned by the left wing, nor the right wing. Instead we are to be the EYES OF THE EAGLE. With clear vision to guide and direct the nation higher.” 

As we have said for about four years now, it’s not about right vs left but right vs wrong. It’s time for all of us to repent and return to Him! 

One more for you. This is the overarching word in which the “virginity of Virginia” prophecy was given. Again, from White House Watchmen:

Thirteen Colonies AwakeningEzekiel 43 shows how the glory of God fills the house by way of the gate facing east. Watch as the 13 colonies, the geographic “east gate” of our nation and seedbed of most of America’s original covenant roots, come alive with awakening and Kingdom advancement. A sure sign that God is now filling the “house” of the nation! 

Florida becomes a refuge of healing. Georgia, the reconstitution state, as well as the Carolinas are marked for awakening and revival. THE VIRGINITY OF VIRGINIA IS BEING RESTORED. The sword of the Lord springs forth from Pennsylvania to circumcise our government and nation. Massachusetts and New England are crossing over. Newfound freedom breaks forth as Holy Spirit again becomes the “Spirit of America” during this 400th year of covenant. The New England bride is rising!

Mid-Atlantic states, keep watch. Through this pey decade your service as gatekeepers for the nation, and even for Washington DC, comes to the forefront. Beware that an enemy at the gates is seeking the path of least resistance.

New York, please choose LIFE. Shut the gates of sabotage!