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STORM WARS. “We are in a battle for the soul of the nation,” chimed Joe Biden as he entered the 2020 presidential race yesterday. My thoughts exactly, Joe. For instance, we need to turn the tables on the baseless, abusive targeting and vitriolic intentional propaganda employed by generators of deception with the ultimate goal of wresting back control of a covenant nation that the Lord has ordained for freedom.

As Jolene says, have a good day. As I say, LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Which by the way is a fitting declaration for the final day and a half of Passover. Let me enrich you with an important observation. Pharaoh sought to recapture a freedom nation as the Passover miracle progressed. We are absolutely in a similar challenge today. In Moses’ time, a threshold called the Red Sea was before the covenant people. God’s freedom movement crossed over, then an impenetrable barrier formed. Pharaoh’s chariots got stuck in the mud! 

Storm of the Lord. Just as it was then, so it is today. Ask God now to move.

Turn the Tables! The Table of the Lord
Note once again that once God’s people entered into their Threshold Covenant with the Lord, every other threshold had to give way. I feel that the Lord desires for us to concentrate on receiving the Table of the Lord daily now through Shavuot. Lets receive communion every day, seeking the Lord to TURN THE TABLES on forces in the spiritual realm seeking to recapture our lives and nation. I am making a personal commitment to this, and compelling you to do the same.

Lets recollect some key points about this sacred interaction. Most of these points are covered in-depth in our book “Midnight Cry,” in the chapter “Turning the Tables.”

  1. The Table of the Lord is a table of covenant. It is a time to “zakar” His covenant—in other words to take to heart the depth of Christ’s sacrifice for us, the forgiveness, freedom and shalom secured by His redemption, and the unwavering love behind His covenant. The ultimate Turnaround!
  2. Intimate fellowship with Christ is the most sacred aspect of receiving communion. It is a table of intimate interaction. Lets never forget Jesus’ gift is first all about a relationship of love which forever binds us together.
  3. The Table of the Lord represents a Threshold Covenant whereby covenantally the Lord is welcomed across our thresholds, and we are welcomed across His. The veil has been torn. Access is now granted. Heaven has come to earth!
  4. The Table of the Lord is also the highest Court in the kingdom of God. From a legal perspective, the body and blood of Christ constitutes the only legitimate validation for every plea we make before His throne. As we align with God’s heart, word and covenant, His verdict is rendered and enforced. Judgement in favor of the saints! 
  5. Remember how the Betrayer was exposed by Jesus at the Table of the Lord. We are invited to see the release of His redemptive exposure and restraining of these forces today. 
  6. Jezebel’s table in its fullness is completely defeated by the Table of the Lord. From covenant breaking to covenant reconstitution, and the blessings secured by this! Remember Jezebel sought to covertly overtake the government and culture of God’s freedom nation to create a trans-national governance tied to her idolatry, deception, targeting of leaders, immorality and corruption. The prophets of Baal ate at Jezebel’s table. In other words, they were provided for by taxpayer funds channeled by Jezebel to perpetuate this all-out assault.  
  7. The Table of the Lord is your seat at His Table! Have you ever wanted to participate in a Cabinet meeting with a president or a sovereign? You possess this magnitude of access, intimacy and influence RIGHT NOW. And as you align with Him, He wants to move to turn the tables…

Destiny Redeemed From His Table!
Finally, lets remember what the Lord is accomplishing in real-time at the Table of the Lord today, as part of turning the tables your behalf. I posted on this prophetic experience a week ago Saturday. In the vision I ascended through the sea of glass before God’s Throne. As described in Revelation 15, it was mingled with fire. 

I thrust my head above the waters and saw Him! Interestingly, I immediately ducked back under the water! My immediate, intuitive reaction was actually holy fear and awe. While praying into the vision, the baptism waters of Brunswick came immediately to mind. I sense the Lord is wanting us all to experience both profound cleansing and renewed vision of His majesty. This will be a major focus of this year’s Glory Train experience.

When I looked again in the vision, I immediately found myself on the other side of a large table being used by Jesus as a desk. He had regathered a large stack of crumpled paper which had obviously been thrown away. One by one, Jesus took the crumpled balls of paper and placed them with care into the sea of glass. I kept watching as each scroll unfolded in the waters. Faded, smudged ink was restored to precision. The messages of these scrolls were literally being reconstituted before my eyes and then released through the sea to the earth.

Jesus baptizing scrolls? This may seem strange until you realize that He considers your life to be a scroll. And in your baptism is reconstitution!

“YOU are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men; being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts” (2 Cor. 3:2-3).

I also sensed the scrolls being reconstituted represent invitations and commissions from Jesus which had been thrown away. Some had been trashed intentionally, simply rejected by those who received them. Some had been trashed by people in authority over the ones who were supposed to receive them. Some were clearly sabotaged by the enemy. Some ended up in the trash bin simply out of neglect, unbelief and disobedience. Some, like Jeremiah’s title deed, were sown as seeds to establish God’s legal precedent through the future.

And some scrolls represented portions of Scripture which were rejected because they were either offensive or beyond the revelatory paradigm of those who read them. 

Whatever the case, know that the Lord is re-releasing many scrolls to the earth that had been crumpled up and rejected. Many revelations, commissions and invitations are being re-released as the Ancient of Days redeems the time on your behalf. Watch how many missed opportunities come full circle in this hour. Your reconstituted scroll is the TITLE DEED to many re-constituted windows of opportunity!

Again, the comprehensiveness of our salvation in Israel’s Messiah is simply astonishing. It’s time to again receive your resurrected deed from your Covenant King. Do not reject the scrolls of your redemption! INSTEAD, IT’S TIME TO TURN THE TABLES.