“Pursue, overtake, and recover all.”

With Jon & Jolene, host Lauren Main, more!
7pm Friday August 26 Jacksonville House of Prayer,
www.jaxhop.org  Address: Maranatha Church, 7550 Collins Rd, Orange Park FL. 


JOIN US IN JACKSONVILLE for a special commissioning service for the Turn the Storm Tour! This time of consecration will be sacred, holy to the Lord. Together we will draw from the well of dedication, awakening and revival forged by our forefathers, including the covenant of the first martyrs for Christ in the land, the Huguenots. The originally settled in what is now Jacksonville.

The commissioning service is being hosted by Lauren Main, who just this week returned from the land of the Huguenots in France.

Covenant of Dedication
“Remember o Lord on Jean’s behalf,” their leader Ribault began, reciting Psalm 132 to the Lord as a knife was placed to his throat on a nearby beach. “All of his afflictions. How we swore to the Lord, and vowed to the Mighty One of Jacob, no rest for my eyes nor slumber for my eyelids until we find a place for the Lord, a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.”

Psalm 132, of course, was David’s vow to build a house of prayer, literally a tent of worship that later became known as the Tabernacle of David. How profound that we are receiving God’s consecration and commissioning at the Jacksonville House of Prayer!

The Huguenots were French Protestants who were filled with Holy Spirit. Their prophetic utterances became legendary throughout the land, even as the highest seats of power were confronted. Probably that’s why they were persecuted! Like the Pilgrims, they fled their homeland to establish a new community dedicated to Jesus Christ. In fact, the first European community in the new world was founded by them, in what is now Jacksonville FL. Many others landed and settled along other parts of the east coast, the original 13 colonies. 

On October 12, 1565 Jean Ribault and his Huguenot community were martyred by Spanish conquistadores. Ribault died chanting Psalm 132, begging God to remember generationally the covenant they had made with Him, on the grounds he and his community lived and gave their lives.

This story may be familiar. But what you may not know is that many offspring of the Huguenots became heroes of the American Revolution. Paul Revere, the legendary midnight rider, in Boston. Peter Faneuil, whose hame is forever attached to historic Faneuil Hall, womb of the American Revolution. And in the south, the legendary “Swamp Fox” Francis Marion was also a direct descendent of the Huguenots. If you’ve never heard of Marion, just watch the movie “The Patriot” with Mel Gibson. It is largely based on his life.  

Clearly, without the dedication and courage of these Huguenot founders, America’s freedom may never have been attained. We are in an hour where the torch they pass to us either flickers out or begins to blaze with new strength. As we embark on this journey, WE CHOOSE TO BLAZE. 

it is profound and fitting to begin where Ribault’s journey concluded. Friend, there’s  a torch from the Lord for you to pick up. Join us! And lets together turn the storm.  

Turn the Storm Tour—Your Invitation
YOUR VISION IS BEING HARNESSED IN THIS SEASON. And your relationship with Jesus is about to catch fire.

With this at heart, Jon and Jolene are excited to announce the “Turn the Storm Tour,” coming to Virginia Beach September 4. Are you wondering what’s ahead this fall? How to respond? Come for a night of equipping, prophecy and breakthrough prayer as we see the Lord prepare the way. Please make plans to join us!

Throughami this tour we are covering the original 13 colonies over the first 13 days of September. For almost a year, we’ve been praying into a divine sense of urgency over the fall of 2022. We even wrote about it in our new book Turnaround Decrees, specifically in the chapter “Call 911.” In early August a trusted prophet dreamed that we were to engage in a 13 colonies journey over the first 13 days of September. A strong personal directive accompanied this word and others. In response, the tour was put together in a matter of days. 

Prophetically a storm is coming. It could even be of a magnitude similar to 9-11-01, and even imperil our basic freedoms. Though the storm cannot be completely averted, IT CAN BE TURNED. And God’s grace for this season can and will be unlocked.

What’s your part? How should you pray and prepare? Join us for a special service Sunday, September 4 and lets encounter God together. 

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13 Colonies | 13 Days | No King but Jesus

Note: Dates and locations subject to change. Check website and posts for updates!

“The Lord marches forth as a warrior! He rouses His zeal like a man of war…” (Isaiah 42:13). “Pursue, overtake and recover all!” (1 Sam 30:8).

August 26 Friday Special Commissioning!
with Lauren Main
7pm Friday August 26 Jacksonville House of Prayer, www.jaxhop.org

September 1 Thursday Brunswick Georgia
With Pastors Jamie & Redonnia Jackson
7pm Remnant Church, 4429 New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick GA

September 2 Friday Charleston, South Carolina, details TBA
With Judy Jackson

September 3 Saturday Jacksonville NC, details TBA
With Mary Medford

September 4 Sunday Virginia Beach VA, details TBA
7pm With Pastor Chris Mitchell Jr

September 5 Labor Day Monday Yorktown Virginia, details TBA
With Pastor Chris Mitchell Jr

September 6 Turnaround Tuesday Ocean City MD
With Randy Walter, Robert & Annette Stagmer
7pm Shiloh Ministries, 209 West St, Berlin MD

September 7 Wednesday Dover DE
With Dale & Luanne Mast
7pm Destiny Christian Church, 2161 Forrest Ave, Dover DE

September 8 Thursday Old Saybrook Connecticut
With Janet LeBoutillier
7pm Valley Shore Assembly, 36 Great Hammock Rd, Old Saybrook CT

September 9 Friday morning Providence, RI, details TBA

September 9 evening Kingston, New Hampshire
With Pastors Myles & Leza Milham
7pm Friday Kingdom Awakening, 160 Main St, Kingston NH

September 10 Saturday Boston MA, details TBA
With Rick & Robin McLaughlin

September 11 Sunday Boston MA to New York City, details TBA

September 12 Monday Trenton NJ, details TBA

September 13 Tuesday Philadelphia PA, details TBA
With Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David