It’s such an honor to live and intercede in Washington DC. I feel like we’re beginning to live a dream come true! President Trump’s first hundred days have laid a strong foundation for the turnaround we’ve all been praying for. From Israel and Mideast policy to a comprehensive revival of our economic capacities to renewing the the plumbline of Constitutional justice, hope and life are overcoming a culture of death which had claimed our land for decades. 

Yet we are also facing extraordinary challenges. As most of you know, the word of the Lord to us is that the next 100 days are at least equally as important as the first 100 days. We must remain vigilant in prayer! 

Trump’s First 100 Days—Jon Radio Interview
We’ll focus on this more tomorrow. For today, what are the victories of the first 100 days? What are the challenges that lay ahead?

While in St. Paul, Minnesota I was interviewed for a radio program by John Parsons regarding Trump’s first 100 days. The host of “Christian Perspectives” radio program asked me about ties with Israel and the Mideast, the Gorsuch nomination, and more. 

Then He Asked About Globalism…
John is a longtime friend. But that somehow didn’t stop him from asking a few hardball questions. Nothing like tackling globalism and the Trump administration on a radio broadcast! 

So is there really a difference between globalism and global engagement? What about reported tensions between Steve Bannon and Jared Kutchner? And what difference does our Nation’s covenant renewal with Christ make as we now approach our world?

Inquiring minds want to know. So to listen to John’s radio interview with me, please click the link below. Covenant blessings to each of you, and thanks so much for praying!