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Greetings Throne Room Discerners,

President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was a dangerous gamble—especially in light of suspicions surrounding the ongoing Russia investigation. All Washington DC is now enveloped in a storm.

But time has proven that even Trump’s riskiest gambles are weighed towards maximum benefits. What are the benefits? Short term, not so clear. But in the longterm I believe new leadership has the potential to break free from the current partisan paralysis and revitalize the FBI and law enforcement community. 

It’s definitely time for a new beginning. 

By no means am I criticizing Director Comey or suggesting wrongdoing on his part to obstruct justice. He seemed caught in a no-win situation for much of his career. But it’s telling that Trump tweeted “#draintheswamp” last night. Let us remember the whole focus of our prayer project is draining the swamp to secure the harvest of righteousness the Lord desires in Washington DC. 

It’s why we are now engaged in this 100 day focus. Below are some insights for prayer.

Vision—White House—Dancing on Injustice
I want to begin with what the Lord is immediately conveying to me prophetically. This morning I was praying over the White House from our perch. The Lord gave me a brief vision of a large angel engaged in a fierce dance, rejoicing while treading over the White House Ellipse. He seemed Native American and Jewish at the same time. Native in that he seemed dressed in deerskin, but he was mantled underneath with some kind of Jewish prayer shawl. I saw the knotted strings of a tallit flailing in the dance.  

This angel looked over at me briefly, a resolute determination on his face, then resumed his focus. My immediate sense is that he is there to protect. And he is literally “dancing on injustice” (Isaiah 63).

With this vision I immediately sensed the Lord decreeing, “covenant with death and hell annulled.” Isaiah 28 conveys God’s verdict against covenants with death and hell—demonic powers—made intentionally by political leaders to mask over corruption and deceit. It’s God’s verdict to drain the swamp. 

“Therefore, hear the word of the Lord, O scoffers, who rule this people who are in Jerusalem, Because you have said, “We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol we have made a pact. The overwhelming scourge will not reach us when it passes by, for we have made falsehood our refuge and we have concealed ourselves with deception…

“…Your covenant with death will be canceled (legally annulled), and your pact with Sheol will not stand” (Isaiah 28:14-15, 18).

Donald Trump took a huge risk. But from this vision I believe Heaven is mobilizing to back the best intentions of his decision. I believe the lids are going to be blown off of concealed injustice in many spheres. And the Lord Himself is involved in this.

Perspective on Comey’s Actions
On July 5, Director Comey made an unprecedented decision to expose Hillary Clinton’s many security violations just before giving her a pass. Republicans strongly criticized Comey for publicly stating the case against Clinton, and then giving her a free pass. At the same time, Democrats saw Comey’s actions as an unwarranted interjection which essentially threw Trump the entire election.

Why would he do it? From my perspective, Comey’s actions conveyed that the decision to excuse Hillary Clinton had already been made—remember AG Loretta Lynch’s secret meeting with her husband Bill Clinton just a week before—but that he still wanted to clarify to the American people that crimes had indeed been committed.

It was a no-win situation. Because to validate Hillary without comment would set a clear precedent that high-level violations of national security, passing on classified information, is actually ok.

Again from my perspective, I believe Comey sought to convey that the exception granted in Hillary’s case was by no means the rule. Intentional breaches of security would still remain a crime and would still mandate commensurate discipline.

Because of these actions alone, Director Comey’s continuing leadership at the FBI seemed essentially paralyzed. He was in a no-win situation. As I mentioned before, reshaping the FBI under new leadership should prove to benefit the institution greatly.

Seven Prayer Points

1. Why Immediate Action? A big question is why President Trump felt the need to act immediately in firing Director Comey. My thought is that often actions must be taken immediately when it is necessary to secure sensitive information, or to act on sensitive information.

Prayer Point: Pray for exposure—and preservation—of all hidden information or evidence needed to secure Heaven’s justice.  

2. Continued Attempts to Undermine Legitimacy. In sworn testimony two days ago at a Senate hearing, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reiterated that there remained no evidence proving collusion with Russia by the Trump Administration. That said, the strategic attempt to delegitimize the Trump administration is clearly ongoing. 

Maybe a special prosecutor should be hired, and further investigations should be pursued. But perhaps further investigations should also be pursued regarding Hillary Clinton. Because in her case, clear violations of the law were proven. Further, any prospect of vulnerability from collusion with other nations would have been multiplied exponentially with the Clinton Foundation, considering the many nations which contributed millions to the fund. In any case, the American people decided to act with their votes when the Justice Department declined.

Prayer Point: Pray for leaders across the political spectrum to gain God’s perspective on the 2016 election. Pray that all ungodly attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the Trump Administration be disempowered. Pray for genuine justice to prevail in all spheres of government. Pray that all gates of sabotage be shut! 

3. Investigating the Leaks? In sworn testimony last week, Director Comey indicated that he was slow to fully investigate classified leaks to the media by the highest levels of the intelligence community—an investigation immediately mandated by the Trump Administration to counteract ongoing sabotage. At the same time, he seemed to be strongly pursuing the investigation into the Trump Administration’s alleged collusion with Russia, even requesting additional funds the day after DNI James Clapper testified no evidence of wrongdoing exists. 

Prayer Point: Please pray for the full investigation into media leaks of classified information. Pray for the leaks to cease, and for those responsible to be held to account. Pray for redemptive exposure.

4. Credibility of FBI and Law Enforcement Under Attack. This is small stuff compared to the intentional campaign to delegitimize the law enforcement community in society as a whole. These men and women face challenges absolutely unprecedented in history. Yet a culture of lawlessness and disrespect and even subversion as been promoted against them. 

Trump has promised to implement change—and we desperately need it. 

Prayer Point: Pray for God’s hand to be upon the Justice Department, the FBI, and your local law enforcement agencies. Pray for corruption to be exposed and rooted out. Pray for resources that have been withheld to be released. Pray for a restraint of lawlessness and a renewal of gratitude for the protection afforded our nation and neighborhoods. 

5. Pray for Director Comey. It’s clear from interviews that James Comey is very respected by both friends and opponents as a principled man. He is a family man as well. And the impossible situations he’s been thrust into throughout much of his FBI career have no doubt taken a toll. He deserves our gratitude for his sacrificial service.

Prayer Point: Pray that the Lord minister to Comey and his family as he transitions to the private sector. Pray for rest, recreation, protection and deeper connections with God and his family. Pray for the Lord to make clear his pathway forward. 

6. Pray Comey’s Successor. Ever swallow an entire steak? Assuming the leadership of the FBI is probably going to be something like that right now. This new leader must immediately secure bipartisan legitimacy and support in the midst of extraordinary divisiveness and accusations. The new leader must be able to maintain a positive collaboration with the President, Attorney General and the FBI leadership. Further, to move forward the new leader must secure the immediate respect of the men and women of the Bureau. That’s a really tall order. Good thing you’re praying!

Prayer point: Pray for the Lord to make clear to President Trump the best person to lead the FBI into this new season. And pray for this leader—for favor and vision to lead. 

7. Drain the Swamp and Secure the Harvest! Remember, Heaven’s Court has decreed “covenant with death and hell anulled.” Our most powerful intercession will always be in the Spirit, seeking for God to uphold and perpetuate this verdict across the spectrum of government. Pray for continued redemptive exposure and continued angelic activity. Drain the swamp and secure the harvest!

No King but Jesus…