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Word of the Lord—444th Day in Office
Yesterday through noon today marks President Trump’s 44th day in office. I have a prophetic word for the Trump administration and the nation. As you’ll see, this word wasn’t sought by me but initiated by Heaven. My job was literally to walk it out.

The word is this. The circle of God’s covenant prevails—and trumps the circle of Baal that has tried to capture the administration. Christ’s verdict has already been decreed. And it is now being walked out.

The Journey Til Now
Sometimes you may be called to speak a word, but sometimes you’re summoned by the Lord of hosts to walk it out. At that point the journey itself becomes an unfolding witness of His work.

For instance, it was during our 13 Colonies prayer journey that the Lord summoned us to Faneuil Hall Boston on July 22, 2014 to receive a national verdict from Heaven’s Court. Daniel 7:22, what we now call the “Turnaround Verdict.” Judgement in favor of the saints, restraining the enemy and releasing the saints to possess the kingdom.

We were sent to Israel in March 2015, carrying this verdict in prayer for the final 10 days of PM Netanyahu’s election. Jolene and I were on the walls surrounding the Old City with our friend Linda Wyatt when the Lord spoke about a turnaround in the 2016 presidential election just as with Netanyahu’s election turnaround. You’ll hear from Linda later in the post.

This was followed in 2016 by our 50 state Glory Train-Turnaround Tour, circling the nation in prayer and revival and then rolling back across the nation by train. By circling the nation we felt the Lord was granting an apostolic demonstration of the turnaround He was wanting to bring to our land. We were honored to simply make the journey and bear witness to His work.

I’ll never forget the day when the Lord spoke to us while we were preparing for the tour. The magnitude of logistical details made it seem virtually impossible. I was having second thoughts. But the heart of God broke in. “As you circle this nation in prayer and revival, you are presenting the Lord Jesus Christ with a wedding ring. America married to Jesus!”

The circle of covenant. That was enough for me. Thankfully, that was enough for Jolene too to fully embrace the journey. And we saw God’s turnaround prevail.

As most of you know, in late January, the Holy Spirit literally awakened me with His decree that we are now entering into the second phase of His execution of this Turnaround Verdict on behalf of the nation. He spoke to me that this verdict was actually being progressively enforced by Heaven for America, just as in the days when the Lord confronted Pharaoh in Exodus. And that this verdict encompassed even what men have called the Deep State.  It was such an honor to briefly share and pray into this with Cindy Jacobs during the 2-22 Turnaround gathering hosted by Dutch Sheets.

Yesterday—A New Chapter Begins
Friends, I’m rehearsing this in your hearing—for my own benefit if nothing else. It is amazing to “zakar” or remember and take to heart all that the gracious hand of Christ has accomplished!

And I wanted to give you some perspective to help you appreciate a prayer journey the Lord spontaneously asked me to embark on yesterday. For a few days now, I had an impression to to walk around the White House and pray. Last spring this was a regular habit of mine. But honestly it had been a really long time since I’d been back to walk and pray. Many months, at least. 

While praying yesterday, I felt really strongly impressed by the Lord to go. Keep in mind I had no idea it was President Trump’s 444th day in office. Nor had I any idea that Trump’s personal attorney would be raided, his work confiscated. What allegations regarding Stormy Daniels has to do with alleged Russia collusion is simply beyond me. 

But from Jolene’s dream, I did know that the Lord marked the start of a new chapter. This is so important as it was the subject of yesterday’s posting. And that the Lord was summoning us to stay home more and build and pray in Washington. To read CLICK HERE.

Circling the White House
When the Spirit of God spoke to go to the White House, I looked down at my watch—more to find out the temperature than the time. It was really cold out. Frankly I wanted to hold off walking until later in the week, when 70 degree weather finally comes!

So I looked down. And it was 12:12 pm. Very impacting as twelve is the number symbolizing government. Confirmation enough to go.

For me—and many of you—the Lord orchestrates even the smallest details sometimes to direct and confirm our path. I love this about Him! I generally leave these details out of the story, because I view them as more of a love language He is making personal to me. 

That said, it soon became clear that the Spirit of God was being very purposeful with me on this particular journey. When approaching the White House ellipse, I breathed out a simple prayer for a good parking space. Immediately I heard the Lord say, “I am giving you a space as a confirmation of your journey!” 

Moving past the hot dog stands and souvenir shacks, there didn’t appear to be any spaces. Finally the last space available before the White House guard shack—came available! A car was pulling out just as I was pulling up. I quickly glanced at the license plate as it was pulling away, and saw the numbers “2” and “7.” Not 722, but it was very close.

Only a few times on these journeys has the direction from the Lord been so clear. So it caught my attention. God was making a point.

I knew the Lord wanted me to circle the White House complex in prayer. A steaming cup of Peet’s Coffee in hand, I made the loop and declared God’s turnaround verdict—with the second phase now in play nationally, internationally, and for the administration. As the tip of your spear I prayed for John Bolton on his first day as head of the National Security Council. I prayed for breakthrough and wisdom concerning Syria, Iran and Russia. 

And closing the circle, I felt strongly impressed to declare that the circle of Christ’s covenant trumps the circle of Baal that has tried to capture the administration.

Key of David
Walking back to the car, I also felt strongly impressed to declare and pray according to Isaiah 22:22. That key of David releases the covenantal access and governmental authority intended by the Lord for this hour. He opens, and no man shuts. He shuts and no man opens. 

In short, turnaround.

Back at my car, I looked at the time. No, it wasn’t 2:22 pm. That would have been really cool. But it was actually 2:12 pm.

Pentagon Walk!
Interestingly, later yesterday evening some friends visited, and we ended up taking another walk. After dinner, we got an idea to visit the 9-11 Memorial at the Pentagon. 

Remember yesterday I shared about how the Lord was calling us to help establish a “spiritual Pentagon.” Surreptitiously we ended up at the Pentagon. All because one of my friends wanted to go on a walk!

Hadn’t been there in a while either. And what an amazing time to intercede onsite for Secretary Mattis, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and military leaders as they approach this new season. For time’s sake I’m not going to go into too many details. But lets just say I happened to be with Eric Titleman, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi, and Jonathan Friz, a prayer leader from the “covenant land” of Massachusetts—where the Revolution began. We declared the covenant alignment between Israel, our own covenantal foundations in Massachusetts, and the Revolution where the US military was forged in the cry “No King but Jesus!”

Trump Vision from Israel
And we prayed for Israel. Let me close with a vision from the Covenant Land, which our amazing prophetic friend Linda Wyatt received this Tuesday evening while worshiping in Jerusalem.  

Last night I was at my community fellowship where we meet with those that are sowing into the Isaiah 19 Highway. This is where we we share what God is doing and pray & worship together.

We started our evening with this community group with amazing worship… Praying for the timing of the Lord, that the enemy would not prematurely start anything or abort the plans of the Lord.  While continuing in this beautiful flow of worship,  I had a vision.

In the vision I saw President Trump with his ears, probably five times bigger than a normal human being. He was receiving intelligence information that was being funneled to him from many many layers and hundreds and hundreds of people till it filter down to just two or three that were talking to him. While I was seeing this vision we were singing a beautiful song and the words were “we will not be moved even if there’s storms”. I saw this war game being played out on a chess table with our president. America being extremely powerful, we were aligning with other major countries around the globe, having a ‘team’ of countries for the purpose of all becoming more powerful from these alliances. (I saw how powerful our country is which surprised me…I had no idea). I saw President Trump receive CORRECT, FULL information and the Middle East & Israel safe with enough support. 

After going to one of the leaders of community and sharing what I saw, she had me speak it out and pray. I knew that I was to pray “our president WOULD NOT BE MOVED and would HEAR CORRECTLY so that he could MAKE DECISIONS ALIGNING WITH HEAVEN regarding what is happening right now in the Middle East—especially Israel”.

I know we where heard, but would still appreciate prayers that the information that it continues to be accurate sent from all the right sources to President Trump so that his response lines up with Heaven. 

Amen, my friends. A full circle moment. No King but Jesus!