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HALLELUJAH! Welcome to day 200 of the Trump Administration. And also the culmination of our Resounding Scrolls Prayer Watch… which we began all the way back on April 14! 

Together we have prayed through an extraordinary rollercoaster ride these past 115 days. The accomplishments of President Trump and the Trump administration have been nothing less than incredible. The stock market is surging past all previous records. More than a million jobs have been added in the first 200 days alone. Our boundaries are being shored up. And key personnel alignments are already setting a stronger course for the future. 

Awesome! Now I’m a little tired and I’d like to take a nap… 

And yet… it caught my attention that I began this posting at exactly 9:11 am. The Conflict of Thrones absolutely continues. North Korea is apparently choosing to escalate tensions with the United States. Leaks continue pouring out of the mysterious cloud known as the Deep State. And reports of renewed friction between Gen. McMaster and Steve Bannon have every intercessor from Washington to Washington on their knees. SHIELDS UP!

A New Course of Breakthrough has been Set
Through this time period from Passover to Tisha b’Av and beyond, I believe a new course of breakthrough has been set for the Trump administration. Equally as important, a new course has been set for you. Take some time to be still before the Lord, and you might even feel the reverberations in the spirit realm. A new era has begun! It will be glorious, but also unsettling. 

How do we advance? Here are a few things.

  1. Take responsibility. As my commissioning dream for this project conveyed, we have now entered into a season where it is up to you to take the land—and establish your sphere as a throne of glory to the Father’s house. This clear word carries through into 5778, and is exemplified by Tabernacles this Passover. At the core of this mandate is your taking responsibility or ownership of your calling!
  2. Take the leap of faith. To possess your portion, and to take back our nation and truly make it great again, you personally must step out in faith. Get up and go through the gates—even if it means confronting the giants! What circumstances have overwhelmed you? What forces are hindering you? How has the Lord shown you to advance and defeat them? What clear leap of faith is He calling you to take?
  3. Watch against covenant breaking. The final part of my commissioning dream for this watch conveyed a woman resting on a rock, leaning forward to show her cleavage and beckoning me to come to her. I turned to Jolene and said, “That is witchcraft!” We must keep watch diligently and guard against assignments of covenant breaking and seduction. Review your relationships and strengthen boundaries meant for your protection. Pray for others. No toleration, no passivity! 
  4. Restore your giving. We are entering into a season very much defined by receiving and releasing covenant wealth. It is so important to give generously once again—from the heart! More on this tomorrow. But remember God promises to open the windows of heaven and rebuke the devourer as you obey Him in the stewardship of your supply line. You need this grace as you begin to possess the land in this season!
  5. Know the Conflict of Thrones has shifted. It’s important to know that nationally, the “Conflict of Thrones” we’ve all been praying into has now taken a positive turn. You may not be able to see it entirely in the natural, but in the spirit a blockade has indeed been broken through. May it reverberate through to your world! As we’ve said many times before, a defining conflict of this hour is nationalism versus globalism. We really need to pray into this. However, lets be careful of stereotypes. Global engagement is not the same as globalism, which is tied to idolatry and brings multitudes into subjugation not freedom. Our battle cry must remain, “No King but Jesus!”