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NO KING BUT JESUS! Today we lift our vision higher. The Revelation Road is forming before us. Moving with God’s timing is of utmost importance. I want to remind you of two things on this which we shared at the very beginning of our project. First, it’s time to redeem the time. Second, hindsight is genuinely 2020.

For instance, as prophesied the illusion that the Biden administration would prioritize national unity has already been shattered. Yes, the 46th President of the United States emphasized unity in his inauguration speech. But his extraordinary series of executive orders completely shattered that facade. He could have ordered a “National Unity Day” and encourage Americans to seek healing, celebrate our diversity, and honor God for our freedom. 

Instead the first moments of his term were focused on reversing virtually every policy the Trump Administration worked so hard to pioneer for the American people. 

Including for the unborn. 

For instance, on the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade, the very day set apart by Trump as National Sanctity of Life Day, Biden announced his administration was going to codify abortion as federal law. What this means is that that even if Roe v Wade were overturned, abortions would remain legal. TO READ MORE CLICK HERE. 

THANK GOD A HIGHER VERDICT PREVAILS. It makes sense now why the Lord kept me from releasing the Naboth’s Vineyard word until yesterday. And by verdict of Heaven’s Court, the stewardship of this vineyard of prophetic destiny called America belongs to you. YOU HAVE BEEN GRANTED THE TITLE DEED.

Always remember there is no fellowship or unity between Christ and Belial. According to Isaiah 46, Bel bows down! And we together will bear witness that what the forces of darkness meant for evil, the Lord turns for good. 

SPEAKING OF WHICH… today I was alerted prophetically to remind us all of a promise the Lord gave on Yom Kippur 2019. Part of the deliverance of President Trump was a dramatic rescue from the proverbial swamp in which he was sinking—representing Washington DC. From the beginning I emphasized that the Lord did not refer to Trump as “President” but as “Donald John Trump.” In other words the vision by no means declared an election victory. Instead, it declared much more.

I first shared this word over Yom Kippur 2019, and have spoken and written extensively about it ever since. From White House Watchmen “20 Prophecies for the 2020s,” here is the prophecy on the Resurrection of Donald John Trump:

Finally on Yom Kippur 2019 the Lord gave me a vision which ultimately represented God’s verdict for President Trump and our nation. 

I saw President Trump underwater, struggling desperately to free himself. The water was murky and dark. His feet were chained to a large block of cement. I heard by the Spirit, “They tried to leverage him, but it did not work. So they decided to throw him overboard!”

In the vision we were able to break the chains. The President shot up to the surface and gasped for breath. I heard the Lord say, “The resurrection of Donald John Trump!” I don’t fully know what the future holds. But I do know the Lord is freeing President Trump from the traps laid for him. 

President Overboard! Yet in this baptism movement the Lord has rescued him from many waters. Including a mid-term visitation, Father to son, patterned after Zechariah 3. A fresh start! Watch how Psalm 40 becomes an anthem for his presidency.