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ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE “TRUMP PROPHETS” continue to reach epic proportions. Well-known leaders are accusing prophets, as well as huge segments of the body of Christ who have followed their ministries and directed their prayers accordingly, of embracing idolatry. The pure gospel must be restored, they say, apart from politics, party or policy. 

This message would actually enrage our forefathers, who saw the governmental structure they gave us—often at the cost of their lives—as a conduit to advance God’s kingdom on earth. It’s why they forged our nation in covenant with Christ. Of course our forefathers lived under repressive, invasive monarchies, fueled by what today would be called “a political spirit,” that persecuted anyone who dared to live out their faith according to biblical precepts. 

They dreamed for our freedom, and sowed accordingly. 

According to many leaders, prophets who declared that President Trump was God’s choice for president were actually leading the body of Christ astray. Allegedly we are the ones besieged by “a political spirit.” 

Later in the post we’re going to define “the political spirit” so that more clarity can be gained. But we perceive instead is that the body of Christ united first around biblically-centered policies, second around a very imperfect man with a strong heart and mandate from the Lord to take on overwhelming opposition—and win.

Who Was God’s Choice for 2020?
That said, if the accusers are correct, apparently Joe Biden was actually God’s choice for the presidency all along. This seems extraordinary given the fruit. 

Today closes out the first two weeks of the Biden administration. Results have overtaken the most dire prognostications. With the first strokes of his pen, the facade of unity was irrevocably shattered. Whereas the Trump administration worked tirelessly to limit abortions, the slaughter of the most vulnerable among us is now being pushed by our government unlike any time in American history. The Biden administration even announced a plan to codify abortion as federal law, preserving the practice even if Roe v Wade were overturned. Further, they re-instituted foreign policy mandates empowering abortion in other nations. 

Speaking of foreign policy, the very first priority seems to be restoring the global order and globalist agenda framed by the Obama administration. To achieve this, many of the former leaders have been reseated. 

Second on the agenda seems to be restoring the Iran nuclear deal, imperiling again both Israel and Sunni muslims across the mideast. This is followed closely by a third goal of developing policy to actually divide the covenant land of Israel. 

Meanwhile on the home front, by executive order, choices by our children on gender and sexual preference are now going to be required as early as kindergarten. 

Returning to the Precipice of National Judgement
In short, through these two weeks Biden has erased virtually all the godly gains achieved by the Trump administration to push our nation back from the biblical “red lines” of national judgement. We have now been forced to return to the precipice.

We can all agree that God’s laws are as immutable as gravity, right? The fact remains that the leaders now in power, validated by so many who gained fame by repudiating the prophets, remain in open defiance of the Lord. Further, proof that the elections were shamefully manipulated from both within and without continues to come to light. And there will be ramifications. 

Friends here’s a predictive word for you. In due time many who have shamed the prophets who stood for President Trump will themselves willingly repent for yielding our national governance to this dark agenda. It may be weeks or months. But it will happen. 

Who Were We Supporting?
It’s important again to note the body of Christ was not merely supporting a president, but an administration. And this administration was filled with competent leaders exhibiting great integrity who happened to be believers in Christ.

Through the past four years Jolene and I have been privileged to befriend many of these top leaders. To a person, they were marked by an uncommon pursuit of intimacy with the Lord, devoted to prayer, understanding like Daniel the conflict in the spiritual realm. Further they were all fiercely dedicated to the national and international spheres they were hired to advance within the administration. 

To a person each faced daunting persecution. We were honored to help in some small way to walk many through. And to a person they possessed uncommon valor, marked by a standard of holiness of heart and conduct far above what I’ve seen most ministry leaders embrace. 

Maybe this should be factored into the equations of friends who continue to make these accusations. 

There is no doubt some prophetic leaders have given words out of imperfect motivations. The implications of this are sobering, and rest assured the Lord is dealing with His people. We’ll share more in a future posting. 

But most prophets I know simply did not realize the full scope of the battle in which we were actually engaged. At stake is covenant freedom versus a veiled totalitarian rule. Our latest book “White House Watchmen” sounded the alarm on this battle with great intensity, as well as providing a roadmap through these challenges. Always remember a freedom movement is at hand. Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, says the Lord!

And that’s a point I want to emphasize here. Our nation can and will see Jesus’ redemption. But do not be naive. The road will by no means be easy. And to be honest, the entire body of Christ must gain God’s cleansing from wrong alliances with a political spirit. What the most vehement critics say is true. Our allegiance must to be to Jesus Christ alone. 

Discerning the Political Spirit
For those seeking to understand the true, biblical nature of what is now being termed “the political spirit,” I suggest reading Faisal Malick’s book by this name. Faisal shines light on Pharaoh and Herod as examples for us today. They built their empires on idolatry and subjugation to extend their rulership. The strong arm of leveraging replaced justice. 

Two other characteristics are worth noting. Both Pharaoh and Herod were dedicated to aborting babies. Unjust bloodshed remains to this day the unperceived fuel of the political spirit, and the easiest marker to discern. Another key marker is the imposition of restrictions on freedom to worship the Lord. 

Remember how Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Bow your knee to me, and all this can be yours. Nothing brings you into quicker alignment with a “political spirit” than bowing your knee to the enemy. It’s how forces of darkness still seek to leverage every political leader today. 

Did President Trump yield to this temptation? I sincerely hope not. But I guarantee he was tested. From a watchman perspective, the attempts by our supernatural enemy to leverage the President seemed ruthless and unyielding. 

Because what made Trump so dangerous to a city ruled by a political spirit is that he was leveraged by nobody. 

The Power of True Covenant
So if you want to be free from a political spirit, the first question you must ask is “Who am I owned by?” Do you have unjust loyalty to a leader, a movement or religious structure, or a political party? Perhaps to your race? To your influence?

True covenant with God means that your loyalty is to Him alone. No King but Jesus. Your loyalty to any person or institution must be sourced in Him, and remain within the boundaries He has entrusted to you through His Word. Outside these boundaries you compromise your relationship with Christ and the rule He seeks to establish in your midst. 

Once you understand this biblical principle, it becomes relatively easy to spot idolatry or corruption both within ourselves and within society. Genuine repentance can then bring a restoration of God’s covenant purpose. 

The prospect I despair over is how so many in the body of Christ have aligned with a “political spirit” through their own accusations.  Don’t misunderstand me. Again, I agree that many prophets missed it by declaring Trump to be the next president of the United States. 

But they did not miss it in perceiving the inherent darkness of the agenda now playing out before our eyes. Just to be clear, this dark turnaround is tied to the highest levels of idolatry, where truth and mutual benefit are cast violently aside for the claiming of our nation’s highest seats of power. If unchallenged, totalitarian governance will be inevitable. This is exactly what we warned about in the pages of White House Watchmen. 

Here’s good news for you, also prophesied within its pages. The Lord is concurrently raising up a freedom movement. The miracles of Exodus will be joined with the miracles of Acts. Let My People go will be married to the restoration of God’s glory. What was meant for evil will turn for God’s honor and our redemption. 

In the words of our founders, whose torch of covenantal freedom we keep, No King but Jesus.