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You just cannot make this up. On last night’s prayer call we shared a “yuge” surprise with you so additional prayer can be mobilized for today. Thank you all for making such a strong stand together in intercession. 

Today President Trump did not disappoint, nor did his team. Just as background… In the 1960s, God was essentially disinvited from our public schools through unconstitutional prohibitions and limitations on prayer. But as of January 16, 2020 God has now been welcomed back—by the highest office of the land. Prayer has been welcome back. And the First Amendment empowerment of religious freedom within our nation has now been resurrected from the grave.

Re-Empowerment of National Religious Freedom
Today’s Oval Office ceremony marked not only the re-empowerment of religious freedom in schools, but so much more. Led by the Department of Justice, teams spanning nine departments and agencies within the United States government have been collaborating together on a comprehensive overhaul to empower religious freedom within respective departments. This includes restoring fairness in grant qualifications and so much more. 

I cannot help but remember the Pilgrims. Four hundred years ago, my forefathers fled religious persecution to establish a land and governance that would free successive generations to serve God as their hearts and conscience dictated. Today we have witnessed a covenantal alignment fulfilling this 400-year old dream, aligning our government once again with the covenantal foundations of our nation under God. Thank you Jesus! And thank you President Trump for making this desperately-needed stand. 

Generational Freedoms Secured
Remember the prophetic word we shared regarding 2020. That this year the door opens to complete the turnaround and possess the inheritance promised to our forefathers. We knew this securing of our inheritance in Christ would be perpetuated for generations to come. Today a huge step forward was taken. 

Twice, Trump Takes Stand for Religious Freedom
Twice, Foes Try to Impeach Him… Coincidence?
I want you to see something clearly here. Even as this unprecedented stand for religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment was being presented, the effort to impeach President Trump was being re-started, this time through preparations for trial in the US Senate.

Maybe you’ve noticed a pattern? If not let me jog your memory. Because it was just after President Trump held the FIRST-EVER convocation on religious freedom at the United Nations General Assembly this fall that Democratic leaders within the House decided to impeach him. 

Okay. Trump takes a stand for religious freedom internationally, and his foes decide to impeach him. Trump takes a stand for religious freedom nationally, and his foes redouble their efforts to impeach him.

They Cry Impeach—and Pelosi Invokes Paul Revere?
Here’s another wild story. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi formally presented the articles of impeachment to the Senate yesterday in a speech invoking the “midnight ride of Paul Revere.” Seriously?  She compelled all Americans to focus on the historic importance of the historic moment now before us, essentially acknowledging the need for a freedom movement as in the days of Revere. 

Speaker Pelosi is absolutely right, we need this! And God is moving accordingly. Similar to the days of Paul Revere, America is in a midnight crisis where our constitutional freedoms have been severely jeopardized. As in Revere’s day it’s time for our midnight cry to awaken the nation. 

Revere rode to secure freedom and justice for colonials who were disenfranchised by a global governmental structure that refused to represent them or their interests. Which is why Revere and other founders insisted upon constitutional republic empowering freedom to replace the dictatorship they had been bound by. 

Unfortunately it is now leaders within the Democratic Party who have sought to disenfranchise millions of American voters by overturning the decision of “we the people” to elect Donald Trump as president. 

A lingering question remains. How could Americans even take seriously the effort to impeach President Trump when these same leaders have sought to remove him from office for three years straight, actually from the moment it was announced that he won? This extraordinary effort, unparalleled in American history, has continued unabated from the night of the 2016 elections until this very hour. And it has been perpetually fueled by propaganda, false allegations, and the denial of justice in which guilt is fully assumed until innocence is proven. 

This includes the persecution of countless members of the Trump Administration simply for choosing to serve their country. Most have literally had to hire lawyers simply to fend off baseless allegations meant to limit them professionally and drain them and their families financially. Never in the history of our nation have members of an administration faced such resistance. 

We are a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship. No party owns either this government or this nation. This expression of our governance needs to be preserved not perverted. No King but Jesus! 

Releasing the Midnight Riders
For this reason it’s time to sound the alarm. Which is why the Reveres of this midnight hour are now beginning to ride. 

I want to close with a reminder about prophetic directives concerning these “midnight riders.” This August James Goll gave a dire prophetic warning while visiting with us. The warning came from a dream. Robbers and thieves, empowered demonically, were seeking to violate our national security by stealing information and then re-presenting this information in a way that would destabilize our government and nation.

In his dream, the Lord showed James that Heaven’s antidote for this incursion was not better cybersecurity. It was not a counter-strike. Instead Heaven’s antidote was the release of what he termed, “the midnight riders.” Holding out their burning lamps just like Paul Revere. Riding to awaken and also to shine the light of God’s redemptive exposure within our government and nation.

In prayer today, I opened my Bible searching for Daniel and found Ezekiel instead. My eyes became riveted on a passage from Ezekiel 8. 

And He said to me, “Son of man, do you see what they are doing, the great abominations which the house of Israel are committing here, so that I would be far from My sanctuary? But yet you will see still greater abominations.”

Then He brought me to the entrance of the court, and when I looked, behold, a hole in the wall. He said to me, “Son of man, now dig through the wall.” So I dug through the wall, and behold, an entrance. And He said to me, “Go in and see the wicked abominations that they are committing here.” So I entered and looked… (Ezekiel 8:6-10).

And the word of the Lord is this. The Spirit of God is anointing many “midnight riders” to see beyond the deceptive barriers erected to keep their own lawlessness concealed. It’s time to do some digging. Those who have relentlessly employed deceptive accusations will now have their own sins and corruption exposed. God will not be mocked. By the end the supplanters will themselves be supplanted, provoking many to revere God again. 

No King but Jesus…