IT’S TIME! Glory Outpouring, Feb. 8-10, Josiah Center, St. Paul MN with Pastor Dave Carlson. It’s cold outside… but revival fire is blazing in Minnesota! Join us as we encounter His glory.

PATRIOTS BY THREE. Tomorrow’s Super Bowl is the talk of the town here at the Pray Georgia conference. Rams vs Patriots. Is there prophetic significance? Coming from the perspective of a spiritual Paul Revere—A PATRIOT—who sees Georgia as the reconstitution state… and Atlanta as a city of spiritual revolution… WELL MAYBE. 

OK I might just be a little biased. Speculation is running rampant. Ultimately we all know the true winner, no matter what. NO KING BUT JESUS…

Dream—Trump—Don’t Walk Away from Your Inheritance
On Friday morning I had a very significant dream, which I want to share with you today. I believe this is my fourth dream in as many years where President Trump is featured. It was so unusual I almost dismissed it. Ever been there? But in processing with Jolene we both realized just how significant the dream actually was. The interpretation came easily, and revelation just began to flow.

In the dream I saw myself standing next to President Trump by a body of water with a quaint harbor. President Trump was wearing a dark gray suit and a dark gray tweed overcoat. I was on his left side, and there were one or two advisors on his other side. We were on the top of a hill looking out over wooden docks and boats. Blanketing the hill were beautiful spring flowers, yellow and in full bloom. 

Back to the left there was a “Peet’s Coffee” near an enclosed dock area. I knew there was once an ice cream store in the area as well, and mentioned this to the President. 

“My friend had an ice cream store, a coffee house and a vineyard,” President Trump replied. “It was the founding one.” 

Trump continued. “My friend got mad at me. Let go of it all. He just walked away. Now it’s just a shell of its potential. So much potential. Too bad!”

In the dream I replied to President Trump, “Well, maybe you could reach out to him. Rebuild a bridge between the two of you.” The words escaped my mouth before I could even think. I saw Trump grimace. My mind immediately raced on how I could take the words back. But there was no taking them back! 

Still I felt that an opening would occur in this season for bridges to be rebuilt where offenses have divided. That’s part of this new season. All in His time!

The Message, Revealed
That’s when the dream ended. Crazy, right? “In this third year of Cyrus, a message was revealed.” We’ve been crying out for dreams and visions from the Lord just as Daniel received. End time dramas unfolding before our eyes. Angels restraining demons. Trump, yes. But ice cream, coffee, quaint harbors and flowers, no. Speaking prophetically to President Trump, yes. But speaking words that cause Trump to grimace—emphatically, no.

So I dismissed the dream. But I told Jolene about it just in case.

As I was sharing, revelation began to flow. The vineyard represents the vineyard of prophetic destiny, the vineyard of covenant that we had just contended for and seen Jezebel cast down from. The ice cream parlor represented how the land was flowing with milk and honey. The flowers represent the budding which occurs just before harvest.

Then there’s Peet’s coffee. What the heck? 

Coffee here represents awakening. Peet’s coffee or Peet’s coffee represents the Apostle Peter’s awakening. You remember… when Holy Spirit came! “These people are not drunk as you suppose, seeing it’s only nine o’clock in the morning. But this is what was spoken of by the prophet Joel…”

The outpouring of Holy Spirit. The mighty rushing wind. Tongues of fire. Shavuot or Pentecost!

A vineyard, an ice cream parlor, a coffee bar. What a picture! The tragic part of the vision is how a friend of President Trump became offended with him and therefore walked away from his inheritance. Just as the vineyard of his prophetic destiny was about to spring forth!

Do Not Let Offense Separate You from Your Destiny!
Dear friend. Don’t walk away from your inheritance! Don’t let offenses, either personal or manufactured from the world’s propaganda, separate you from the vineyard of prophetic destiny you are called to steward. It’s just about to break forth. The harvest the Lord has desired for you is now at hand! 

This is a word of the Lord to many. Ask the Lord now to wash you from offense. Specifically the offenses which would separate you from your inheritance. It is imperative. Repent where needed, and forgive where needed.

Lets also ask the Lord to sweep through nationally and wash away the manufactured offenses which have so afflicted the American soul. We have all fallen short of His glory. We all need to return to Jesus and experience His refreshing once again. 

Final point. Virtually all Americans were once Trump’s friend, no matter what political party they claimed. We welcomed him into our homes on reality TV star. We celebrated his colorful, brash, larger than life exploits. America loved Trump!

That is, until he declared his candidacy. 

We all know that much of the divisiveness and offense is due to the direct intent of the media. We all know as well that President Trump would do well to take ownership of at least some of the offense as well. Rebuilding bridges and restoring trust! 

But that doesn’t give you any excuse whatsoever to carry an offense. Your destiny is at hand. Don’t allow offense to separate you from the vineyard of your prophetic inheritance!