“Launching the Circle of Covenant Prayer Project!” To listen to last night’s call, please dial the playback number (641) 715-3598, access code 552-690.

“Circle of Covenant—Breaking Out of Captivity!” To listen to audio message CLICK HERE.

BREAKING NEWS—This morning President Trump decided to pull out of the summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, scheduled for June 12. Tensions continued to rise after North Korea reportedly demanded to retain nuclear weaponry, with the reclusive nation continually threatening to cancel the summit and even to engage in a nuclear war with the United States. Please keep the process in continuing prayer. 

UNPRECEDENTED. It was 4am when the final Lamplighter prayer vigilantes transitioned out of last night’s conference call. 

The call, of course, began at 9pm. I’m pretty sure just about everyone noticed an unusual anointing as we shared and prayed together. The presence of Holy Spirit just settled on us from the very first moment as we launched the “Circle of Covenant Prayer Project.” Please take some time to listen to the call. I promise you’ll gain fresh resolve to shift out of confinement and into freedom. And you’ll receive clear instructions for moving forward. 

While introducing the prayer project I shared revelatory insights surrounding the Deep State, President Trump, and the Apostle Peter’s dramatic prison break at the hands of an angel of the Lord. Most of this was along the lines of yesterday’s posting, but there were a few more keys I had not shared before. We talked about praying for our prayer lives as we would intercede for a friend or family member. 

This morning I received an amazing note from Kathy in Georgia. I don’t usually share these but I want you to be encouraged to press forward in your quest these next 60 days. Kathy wrote:

Jon and Jolene, I just wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for your diligence and persistence in hearing and serving the Lord and sharing it. The audio you posted on the ‘Release from Captivity’ and your post yesterday about Peter and making a list of those areas where the enemy is trying to confine us and define us through captivity have blessed me beyond words. This has been a tough season. There have been many assaults of the enemy and I became weary. Busyness has been a huge distraction. But I made my list and began praying over it. And this morning, for the first time in a long while I was able to sit with the Lord and meditate on His Word and pray without distraction. I have my list before me and trust that breakthrough is at hand.

Love this! Thank you Kathy for sharing your journey with us. We together are on a tangible track for breakthrough—and the circle of Christ’s covenant is trumping, triumphing over, prevailing against the circle of Baal which was meant to confine you!

Finally on the call, we shared about the Midnight Cry, which sets in motion a midnight turnaround. Note that the Apostle Peter’s breakthrough came somewhere around midnight, give or take a few hours. In Acts 12, Luke records that it was night when the angel of the Lord showed up. Peter was sleeping, chained to two guards with two others keeping watch. 

Keep in mind a group of fierce spiritual revolutionaries were pressing into the Lord through the night on Peter’s behalf. A midnight cry catalyzing a midnight turnaround—and thereby bringing the apostolic out of captivity!

As we shared on this… then prayed… that’s when one lady from Dallas interrupted and asked, “Would it be all right if the Lamplighter family prayed together through midnight? Can we use the line?”

Well… um… ok, I guess so. YES!!!

And that’s how many of our Lamplighter family spontaneously resolved to engage in a midnight watch last night. Contending for turnaround. Some of these folks didn’t even get off the line until 4am! 

I just think this is amazing. You know we’ve been prophesying about midnight watches arising in 2018. But I’m so proud of our Lamplighter fam for taking the initiative and launching this breakthrough time. To me it speaks volumes about how the Lord is moving us together into an even stronger movement for His glory. 

A midnight crisis provokes a midnight watch with a midnight cry. Unleashing a midnight turnaround where we move out of confinement into a new freedom movement.

Love it when a plan comes together. And given the breaking news, the time for sustained watches is clearly now at hand. NO KING BUT JESUS…