TOM SCHLUETER PRAYER CALL! Texas Leader Tom Schlueter, a strong friend of the Lamplighter family, leads a National Day of Prayer call from near Houston at noon today EST. From Tom: “Please join Texas in a national day of prayer at 11:00 am (Central) this Sunday, 9/3. We will be generating the call from Strong Tower Fellowship in Portland, Texas (near the first landfall of Harvey). The number is (605) 475-4000. Access code 933-637#. *6 to mute or unmute.” 

GLORY TRAIN MARIETTA! 10:30 am Today. With hosts Rodney and Stephanie Lord, Freedom Gate Church, Marietta Ohio. 

GLORY TRAIN LOUISVILLE! 7pm Wednesday Sept. 6 with Bunny Warlen, Awakening Church Louisville.

Lamplighter family and friends,
It is so important that President Trump called for a National Day of Prayer today. We are continuing to pray for recovery efforts in Texas and Louisiana after Hurricane Harvey. And we are adding to our intercession protection from Irma, a dangerous category 3 hurricane potentially poised to hit the east coast.

In a stunning development, we must absolutely now add the Korean conflict. Because as of this National Day of Prayer, the history of the world has changed. North Korea just detonated a hydrogen bomb in an underground test. A dangerous escalation which is propelling nations to the brink of war.

Pray for our Leaders
As we’ve mentioned previously, we are now on war footing. And we MUST enter into the challenges of this season embracing humility as one nation under God. MERCY must be our currency!

Lamplighter Ministries encourages you to devote this day to wholehearted worship of Jesus Christ, and unrelenting prayer for America. Pray for our President Donald J. Trump. Pray for Chief of Staff Gen. Kelly. Pray for National Security Advisor Gen. H.R. McMaster and the National Security Council. Pray for Sec. of Defense Mattis. Pray for Sec. of State Rex Tillerson. Pray for CIA Director Mike Pompeo and our intelligence community. Pray for South Korea and Japan. Pray for a united path forward in international diplomacy. 

Pray for the world.

Cry Mercy! Redeem the Dream! Key Meetings
Most of you know we had pivotal meetings last week. Given circumstances, and with permission, I’ll just say we were briefed on policy successes at the Eisenhower Executive Office Bldg at the White House complex. One issue nobody briefed us on came to the forefront, literally by the Holy Spirit. And that was the plight of the Dreamers. 

I will have more liberty to share more comprehensively soon. But what transpired Thursday and Friday was nothing less than supernatural. MERCY became our cry—for the dreamers and for our nation—even as we met on the same floor as the private wing of the National Security Council. Only in light of today’s events do I truly appreciate the magnitude of this opportunity.

We realized the Lord was calling us to sow mercy so we could reap mercy. By standing for these young dreamers, the dream we actually recover is our own. And there’s no better time for this recovery.

And then President Called for a National Day of Prayer…
Here’s a backstory that might inspire you. On Friday I wrote the posting on the “Dream Recovery Act” and then Jolene and I welcomed many from the team to our home. We prayed primarily over the “dreamers.” Cindy Jacobs decreed Heaven’s verdict, and I added a declaration from Daniel 7:22. Judgement in favor of the saints to possess their portion of the kingdom. 

Our friend Jay Comisky then prophesied to a key Hispanic leader to prepare immediately for a visit to the Oval Office. Quite literally two minutes after, three Hispanic leaders received a spontaneous, completely unexpected call to actually visit the Oval Office. President Trump was seeking counsel from them as they had served on his Hispanic Advisory Board during the campaign. 

And President Trump also wanted to make an announcement.

Again, I will have more liberty soon to share. But none on the team knew then that President Trump was calling a National Day of Prayer for Texas and the nation. I will say with pride my friend Mario borrowed a tie from me. I didn’t make it to the Oval Office this time… but my tie sure did! 

You cannot make this stuff up. 

Prophetic Warning—Lynnie Harlow
On this National Day of Prayer, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a prophetic warning from our friend Lynnie Harlow. Note that this was received before the North Korean nuclear crisis was escalated to a new level this morning. Lynnie released this last week.

“On Monday night I had a dream. In the dream I was asking God to protect or President. I also asked him help our President start to say things more diplomatically. I heard God loud and clear tell me “NO” to the second one. He then said, “I am using the foolish things to confound the wise. And over the next 3 months there will be a huge shaking back to back to back on a National level. But then breakthrough WILL COME. And through the hard places a CRY will come forth in this Nation and the flood of MY spirit will not cease.”

I shared this with a few people but had NO intention of putting it out until today when I looked at the news. There is another Tropical Storm that could be heading towards the gulf coast and could hit again the areas that have already been devastated. And Irma is now a CAT 2 storm and expected to gain strength with the potential to make land fall in Florida as a CAT 5 in the next 8 days. And what keep ringing in my head was back to back. 

So in light of my dream and the things that are happening I wanted to put this out and ask others to please please keep this Nation on a HIGH ALERT Prayer status. I believe our prayers can push a hurricane out to sea and change the course of potential things to come. Lynnie.

Trump is a Churchill—Prophetic Perspective
As you can see, both prophetic warnings and current events absolutely confirm President Trump’s wisdom to call this Day of Prayer today. Lets ensure that he is the primary benefactor of this call. Pray for our President! The decisions he must make right now are unprecedented. So is this season.

I remember so clearly when Holy Spirit spoke to me a year ago about the businessman called to be a father to this nation. Even then the press was accusing him of being a “Hitler.” A friend echoed to me these sentiments. While praying, I clearly heard the Lord say this. “Donald Trump is not a Hitler, he is a Churchill. And America, you must ask this question—why do you need a Churchill at this time?”

We must take this seriously. In my estimation, President Trump has stepped into this calling during these recent events. He, First Lady Melania and Cabinet members proved themselves as absolutely exemplary leaders this week, setting a new tone and a new way forward for the nation. In the midst of this tragedy, hope, love and fervent resolve have prevailed. America has been inspired. And we are a better nation for it. 

Perfect timing for a National Day of Prayer. No King but Jesus…