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Jolene’s dream below, shared in brief yesterday, is amazing. A scroll has been unsealed. God is releasing a new womens movement! And in process, power is being shifted from a religious structure that has held back the release of this movement. What was carried by one will be carried by many. 

It’s no coincidence that God chose Purim 2017—the feast celebrating Esther’s “womens movement”—to governmentally erase “Ichabod” from our land. As Lori Perz shared yesterday, the restoration of God’s glory is in context with the release of His womens movement

Today we want to share with you the actual transcript of the dream. I recorded it on my iPhone, so it is almost verbatim from when she shared it with me early Friday morning, April 21, in St. Paul. Some of the content is controversial. But many details have already proven true. In Jolene’s own words:

Dream: New Womens Prophetic Movement
In this dream we’re in a conference room and I know there are four pastors, two men and two women, and the women were speaking. It was a womens conference. And a woman was choosing people to give prophetic words. Someone in the crowd spoke up and asked me to give a prophetic word to this woman who was choosing her own people to give prophetic words. And I’m literally writing the word out on the floor because a bunch of other people are speaking before me at the pastors’ choice as to who would give the word. Someone from the group said, I think Jolene needs to give her a word.

So I’m getting a full download from the Lord, which even in the dream I knew was amazing because I’m hearing from God at a clarity unlike any I have heard from Him before. It’s like I knew the exact words, I knew the prophecy in advance, I knew what the Lord wanted to say, which is very unusual because typically He just gives me one word and I have to launch out and go. The only way that I can accurately describe it is it was more than just words from the Lord, there was a weightiness and “kabod” of God that was being given as well.  The weight was so heavy that it was painful to stand under it and the timing to give it was crucial.

But it’s like an anointing had shifted. And the dream and the word I was going to give to this woman is that the anointing had shifted. THE GLORY IS TAKING US ALL TO A NEW LEVEL.  The manifested presence we have all been praying for and waiting upon is not just coming it is here and all our previous roles before this are about to change.

In the interim there were a bunch of people who were just getting up and speaking and I could tell that they just needed attention. And they represented pastors, their wives, and leaders still bogged down by old religious structures and paradigms. They were just taking up time. And it’s not just frustrating me, it’s frustrating God. I could feel the frustration of God because He wanted to DISSEMINATE what this woman had to a greater group of women. 

And the word was basically about what only a few women have carried in the past season, now many women will carry, and there will be a prophetic anointing unlike any other. And at that moment God wanted this woman to lay hands on me to disseminate the anointing to many women. 

The Lord was trying to get things done in the timing of God, and the anointing of God, but instead people were just speaking at that point to get attention. And that had been their role in the church for years. And the pastors’ wives had a notebook in their hands, and they were about to give a whole rendition, a whole story. But it was not the flow of what the Lord was wanting to do now in this season of glory. So I go to stand up to give the word because I’m still waiting on the one person to get done doing what they’re doing. And then as soon as one gets done another one steps in and becomes the center of attention.  Here my heart in this, it is not a criticism it is a role that the church has only allowed some to walk in.

So as I go to stand up to give the word it’s like there’s two things happening. One is the chabad of God that is so strong, and the glory and the anointing is so strong and it is bubbling up out of me. But there was this weight on my back, and I kept saying to someone, STOP sitting on me! Stop sitting on me! It was like I was leaning over and there was like this huge amount of bricks just laying on my back. So I could not stand up and I could not give the word.

I remember that as I went to stand up to give the word, basically the weight on my back was weighing me down and making me lean forward so my cleavage was accentuated.

And as I’m sitting here praying through the dream, God reminds me of that part and basically says to me: 

Because this weight has been on womens’ backs, the emphasis has been on their cleavage and their sexuality to get attention. And for many God has a huge call on their lives. But before their life in Christ the only thing that brought them to the center of attention is their cleavage and their sexuality. And God is going to shift that, from that part of them being the most important part. And the weight on their back has accentuated the cleavage, and as the weight comes off and they stand up correctly, the attention will no longer be on their sexuality, it will be on their anointing. End of transcript.

Seven Points from Dream
Here are a few points that stood out to Jolene and me from the dream. If you have additional insights, please feel free to share them on our website, at the “comments” area of this posting. 

1. New Womens Movement. God is bringing a new womens’ movement empowered by the prophetic and releasing His justice, especially to other women. What one carried, many will soon carry. God’s justice is that they grow and mature into full stature in their identities and lives. The weight on their backs which mandated their sexuality be emphasized to gain favor and attention will be broken. Many who have been subject to sexual abuse and trafficking will be freed from this weight of bondage.

2. Humility Precedes Honor. Jolene had a true word from the Lord that was completely overlooked by a controlled, exclusive church hierarchy centered around the pastoral gift. Many of you have been in the same situation. Just as with King David, it’s actually part of God’s character building in your life. I love how Jolene responded. Where others were standing up to be noticed, and forced their way to the front, Jolene bowed low. This is genuinely who she is, and how she responds. And the Lord always comes through for her. He will with you too.

3. Record Your Word. So many genuine words from the Lord, spoken at church, conferences etc, are lost in a void because they’re simply forgotten after the announcement is made. Note that Jolene wrote to record what the Lord was speaking to her. This is so important. If you value the word God gives you, make sure you write or record it somehow!

4. He Who is Without Sin… But writing on the floor has another meaning as well. Scriptures convey how Jesus also bowed low and wrote in the dirt. When he was rebuking the religious hierarchy about their own sin and compromise as they accused a young girl caught in adultery. They sought to stone her, He sought to heal her. Remember Jolene said that the weight on her back was like a person, and also like a load of bricks. Stones or bricks were about to be thrown from the very people who had participated themselves in her sin. Possibly even with her. He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone

5. Bricks Symbolize Slavery. Bricks were the building blocks of Pharaoh’s slaves to build his kingdom. Watch how God frees His women today from the heavy load of mysogyny, abuse and subjugation. Watch how these woman learn to stand in the full stature God has entrusted to them! 

6. Wasting Time. It’s interesting that God highlighted speaking words not sourced from His heart as a waste of time. Time wasting shifting us out of God’s appointed prophetic timing. Ultimately it’s a strategic delay from the enemy. Receiving God’s genuine word and acting on it in his timing is key to redeeming the time!

7. Pastors Empowering Freedom. Back to the controlled church hierarchy. A few pastors and their wives in the dream were conveyed by God as using their leadership to empower exclusivity and build their own “brand” at the expense of others, and ultimately the Kingdom. Both the challenge and God’s solution is as old as the shift portrayed in Isaiah 22, or the Protestant Reformation whose 500th anniversary we celebrate this year. Truly this Reformation has been going on for some time in our land. We love the pastoral teams God is empowering to shepherd His people into wholeness, community, freedom in the Spirit, and lives that make a difference in our spheres, nation and world. This is such a key foundation for your advancement in this new move.  

The beauty of the word is that he is shifting them as well into a higher place where what they carry will be disseminated to many, both inside the church and to a lost and broken world.  Isn’t that what we all desire!  

So Lord we come to you now and present ourselves to you. We apply this dream to ourselves first and repent where we all have have spent time just filling the space and the time with our many words. We want to be a ministry that conveys the weighty word of God and the full heart of God behind the words. We look forward to the full weight of your glory manifesting in our lives and in our words. We love you Lord!