With Prophetic Word by Mary Medford


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The skies were just getting dark yesterday as our good friend Jamie Jackson, pastor of Remnant Church in Brunswick GA, showed me the alert on his mobile phone.

Tornado watch.

So far nine tornadoes have been confirmed from the band of storms that raced through Georgia and much of the south. “We’ve already had twice as many tornadoes in January 2015 as in January 2014,” according to a Weather Channel meteorologist. Though there was some property damage, thank God nobody was seriously injured.

What is extraordinary is that we had just culminated a “Revolution” weekend focused on releasing our prophetic directive for 2015, “The Mantle in the Whirlwind.” I believe these storms were tangible a sign from the Lord. Not only confirming that this is a “whirlwind year,” but that God is releasing His mantle in the whirlwind.

I experienced this once before. In spring 2002, the Lord showed me a vision of whirlwinds and the restoration of His glory. The day after I preached this word for the first time, an outbreak of 43 tornadoes occurred from Washington DC to Missouri.

Why does the Lord give these tangible signs? He wants us to pay attention, and give ourselves to the word and work He is bringing.

Re-Constitution of God’s Justice Mantle
One of the most profound moments of the weekend came Saturday evening, while sharing this word. As background, during the Glory Procession the Lord had called Georgia His “Re-Constitution State.” I began to prophesy about a new justice movement as the mantle God gave Martin Luther King is being re-constituted in the earth. You might remember that was a primary message of our Revolution gathering in December. But it suddenly dawned on me we were now prophesying this word in the very state where King lived, and was laid to rest.

Come from the four winds, o Breath, and breathe on these slain, that they may live…

The Whirlwind is the Revolution! Mary Medford
Lets begin with another voice from the south. After the Revolution gathering this December, HAPN/RPN North Carolina leader Mary Medford shared the following:

(During the Revolution Gathering) I saw a progressive vision of a yellow-gold, glory whirlwind with the word “Revolution” whirling around inside of the whirlwind.

The LORD says, “Revolution is a whirlwind—it is one and the same.” Therefore just as it is the year of the whirlwind, this is the year of Revolution! 

For I am bringing forth my revolution/whirlwind into this nation, and it will take out and shift atmospheres, but it will also release another level of love.”

I looked again and saw that the winds of the revolution whirlwind were not destructive but restorative, and the winds of the whirlwind were gentler, but still strong and mighty, Fatherly…

And like the RPM (revolutions per minute) on phonograph records of old, its speed of this was loving, like in 33 1/3 rpm record speed. Then I saw seeds of love whirling around in the whirlwind, and the winds of the revolution/whirlwind were not only plucking out and shifting, but also casting these seeds of love and planting them into the earth.

I then saw a crown made of rows of purple gems fall from the heavens and stop directly at the top of the whirlwind, completing the vision.

Revolution, Restoration and the Emergence of Elijah Thrones

A sudden storm appeared a few weeks before the 2014 elections. The rain was falling like sheets—until droplets stopped in midair, and then floated horizontally across our porch overlooking Washington DC.

A tornado warning had just been broadcast throughout our building—unprecedented for the region. I was actually on my way to Davids Tent at the time, helping to facilitate 24-7 worship and prayer on the White House Ellipse, when the alarm stopped me in my tracks.

Not coincidentally, this storm was headed straight for the highest seats of authority in our land.

Riding on a Swift Cloud
Many have shared that 2015 is the “year of the whirlwind,” but this unusual confirmation honestly left no doubt. As Isaiah 19 prophesies, God is riding in on a swift cloud, and the gods of Egypt and the thrones of Egypt—tied to idolatry and corruption— are toppling.

In Ezekiel, God’s glory is pictured as a whirlwind. Ezekiel 43 conveys how this whirlwind of glory is restored “by way of the gate facing east.” We carry this dream for our own nation, to see His glory restored. So this summer we embarked on an “east gate” Glory Procession, modeled after Rick and Patti Ridings’ original 13 colonies prayer journey, to affirm the covenantal roots of our land.

We actually began this Glory Procession in the midst of a whirlwind! Hurricane Arthur formed just off the coast of Florida, and literally “went before us” all the way up the coast!

We’ll share later how, during the Glory Procession, the Lord granted our nation a “verdict in favor of the saints” (Dan. 7:22). Cindy Jacobs prophesied that we’d look back and understand that it was historic. Her word proved true!

That said, our personal contribution to shifting the nation began with an unprecedented whirlwind, and it culminated with an unprecedented whirlwind. In language only God can convey, He was showing us that a cycle had been brought to completion. He has heard our plea and the pleas of the saints of this nation—and is moving to redeem!

2014 Elections—A Wave Hits our Nation!
Winds stir up waves. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a week after this tornado, the “Republican Wave” came to define a historic election that dramatically shifted the governance of our nation.

The results reflect far more than a political trend. From ISIS to Ebola to government corruption, America has awakened to the serious challenges we’re now facing, as well as the grievous mis-steps in confronting these challenges. Our votes simply reflected this alarm.

In the midst of this, I believe the Lord has moved to preserve both our nation and the Constitutional balance of power that has been so jeopardized by recent administrations. The dictatorial tendencies of the Executive branch have at least been restrained. And “No King but Jesus” remains the cry of the hour!

Note: upholding the balance of power was the primary subject of “Crown & Throne: Unveiling the Unshakeable Throne,” our ACPE word for 2014. 

God’s Verdict
I personally believe this national shift reflects a dramatic verdict the Lord granted on 7-22 at Faneuil Hall Boston during the Glory Procession. He called us to this “womb of the Revolution” to receive His Daniel 7:22 judgment in favor of the saints. It’s important to understand we did not initiate this verdict, we simply gathered in obedience to receive what He initiated.

I believe this verdict has already begun to frame our future:

I kept looking, and that horn was waging war with the saints and overpowering them until the Ancient of Days came and judgment was passed in favor of the saints of the Highest One, and the time arrived when the saints took possession of the kingdom” (Dan. 7:21-22).

We presented our case at Faneuil Hall in the afternoon of 7-22, seeking the judgment He summoned us together to receive. We then waited for the gavel fall. In the evening service, Dutch Sheets prophesied a rebirth of our nation. Chuck Pierce called for a 90 day watch to protect this new birth of freedom, even as Moses’ parents had protected their son from abortion.

From this awesome time, we knew the Lord had rendered judgment in our favor, unto the preservation of His covenantal dream for our land. We also felt we needed to watch and pray in Washington DC through these 90 days for this newborn movement to be preserved. The tornado came exactly one week before the 90th day.

Resurgence of the Saints
Lets briefly look at Daniel 7:22, because it provides context for our time. The saints were contending against an antichrist spirit. In the midst of this challenge, they became vexed, isolated, marginalized, weary, and overpowered.

Then a verdict is rendered. Suddenly this same contingency of saints is released to possess the Kingdom!

Jesus judges, and then makes war (Rev. 19:11). In other words, He renders judgment on our behalf, and then makes war to enforce this verdict. I believe the election-day results reflect the first fruits of God’s judgment on behalf of our nation, and especially the saints of our nation. A window has opened for preservation and awakening. Against all odds, the time has now come for the saints to possess the Kingdom—to advance His Kingdom.

Countering the Free-Fall
I’m by no means implying that Republicans are the “saints” referred to in Daniel 7. But the 2014 election was actually primarily determined by the saints—by Christians of every race and denomination, united in resolve for positive change.

America has been in a free-fall, refusing the restraint that would save our very lives. Jolene actually saw this in a vision, shouting to a skydiver falling without a parachute. “You think you’re flying, but you’re actually free-falling!”

For at least a decade this has been the case. Christians have been intentionally marginalized, and in some cases even persecuted, both in government and society. Meanwhile extraordinary anti-biblical agendas have been imposed upon the American people.

Yet as of Election Day 2014, both political parties must again respect the values and influence of Christians in America.

We voted for economic change for sure. But we also voted for authenticity, for righteousness, accountability, justice and competence. We voted for our alliance with Israel to remain firm, and for alliances with the Muslim brotherhood to cease. We voted for our military to remain a strong catalyst for freedom, and for our governance to again reflect the Constitutional balance of power.

In short, we cast our votes in alignment with our prayers: to see God’s dream for America retained and established.

We’ve divorced Baal and seen covenant with Jesus Christ restored. Where we thought we would be overcome, a window of opportunity has opened instead! God is so generous. Now that covenant has been restored, we must take advantage of this time to see His covenant established.

Mantle in the Whirlwind—5 Prophetic Trends for 2015
The “Elijah anointing” restores the hearts of the fathers to the children, the children to their fathers, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous. Based on numerous prophetic encounters, Jolene and I see the revolutionary ministry of Elijah as a prototype for 2015.

The Emergence of Elijah Thrones. Jezebel gained a throne in God’s covenant land through ungodly alliances. Elijah’s throne, or seat of authority, was not given by man, but established by God.

Many forerunners in all spheres are being matured and promoted into fresh intimacy and authority this year (Jeremiah 1:10, Isaiah 51:16). Elijah’s throne not only countered Jezebel’s advances, it realigned Israel covenantally with the Lord and set a new course for the future. Tangible transformation and harvest, even in the darkest places, will come as idolatry is divorced and covenant with Christ is established

Watch for continued exposure of corruption. Pray for the unholy alliances our nation has made to be broken, and covenantal alliances to be empowered. Pray for the emergence of Elijah thrones!

There’s a Mantle in the Whirlwind. Note that Elijah transitioned in a whirlwind. We are in a whirlwind year, and as in the days of Elijah, mantles are being imparted through the storms of His glory. This year, watch for the mantle in the whirlwind.

Note that Elijah’s mantle parted the waters. In his day, Elijah defended the covenantal heritage and governance Moses secured for his land and people. Elijah’s mantle released the same miracles into his generation!

In a vision I received a mantle from the Lord that was originally released to establish America’s freedom as a nation. It was being released again, even to high-level military leaders, to secure Christ’s freedom in this hour.

God wants His covenantal dream to define our destiny, both personally and as a nation, during this critical time. There’s a mantle in the whirlwind—a mantle of covenant, awakening, and breakthrough—for you to receive.

Quarantine Pharaoh
Just as Elijah prevailed over Jezebel, and Moses prevailed over Pharaoh, we are being called by the Lord to prevail over seats of authority tied to idolatry, corruption, and subjugation. This is unimaginably vital to unlocking the harvest of this hour, especially in the Muslim world.

Jesus’ own mother perceived how one of His pre-eminent callings is to “bring down (unjust) rulers from their thrones.” The church of Acts prevailed in prayer until Herod was judged, “and the word of the Lord ran swiftly.” In like fashion, the church today must stand until Christ’s freedom runs swiftly here and in the nations!

That said, it is time to quarantine Pharaoh—in whatever structures Pharaoh can be found. It is time not only to deal with those occupying the seats of authority, but the illegitimate ties in the spirit realm that influence these seats of authority—the thrones behind the thrones. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

ISIS, Revolution, and Isaiah 19. The Lord fought a revolution to free His people from Pharaoh’s subjugation. Isaiah 19 prophesies that He will do it again—and will this time include Egypt and Syria as well. He is riding on a swift cloud, and the gods of Egypt will topple!

ISIS is actually the name of an Egyptian god. No coincidence this caliphate army has claimed the very regions of the Mideast that the Lord claims as His own in this passage.

To counter the birth of Israel, the enemy raised up the Nazis and swept nations into World War II. And this same enemy has raised up ISIS, sweeping nations into another world war, to counter the birth of God’s Isaiah 19 Highway.

Big mistake. Watch how God rides in on a swift cloud and topples thrones tied to idolatry and brutality. Watch the emergence of a Jesus awakening along the Isaiah 19 highway, with multitudes freed and running to Jesus Christ. LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Restoring our Hearts to the Lord. Jolene had a dream this morning in Dallas where the Lord came in power and glory. People had gathered in a home, on the dirt floor of a basement. They were worshiping the Lord through tears. They had resolved to forsake artificiality, pride and showmanship, speaking instead from the heart.

When the glory of God was restored, He came to a people resolved to remain in humility and authenticity. The multitudes soon followed! 

The Elijah ministry is released to turn both the nation as a whole and the hearts of God’s people. We are in the midst of a much-needed course correction, even prophetic ministry. In 2014 He turned the nation. And in 2015, we will see the Lord turning many of our hearts back to Him.

I cannot deny the weight of God’s presence enveloping our pillow talk this morning, as Jolene shared her dream through tears. Lets return to the simplicity of wholehearted, first-love devotion to the Lord.

As we return, He will return. No King but Jesus!